Tournament Archives - No Mercy Friday, Bar Fights, Railway Series, and Redemption

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    Another set of archived tournaments/results from November 9th-11th weekend from San Franscisco, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Tokyo.

    No Mercy Friday 6.2 (San Francisco, CA, USA) on Nov. 9th - Twitch Complete Archive (VF5FS portion at the beginning). For just the Final Match Set - the youtube version.
    1. Renzo (BR)
    2. Airegin (WO)
    3. CrazyDrunk (SH)

    Big E Gaming: Bar Battles 3 (Philadelphia, PA, USA) on Nov. 10th - Final Match Set / original thread link
    1.Jaxel (JN)
    2.Heisenberg (JE)

    14th VFR Season - Railway Series 1-1 (Tokyo, Japan) on Nov. 11th - 3on3 Team Tournament Part 1 / Part 2
    1. Team with Kaibutsu (VA)
    2. Team with Jin (KA)

    Toronto Top Tiers Redemption (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on Nov. 11th - Twitch Archive (VF5FS starts at 3h30m). Original Thread
    1. Yoshiki (VA)
    2. J6Commander (GO)
    3. Reno (TA)

    If you have results and/or videos of a tournament (cough, Italy, cough), let us know! This weekend there is Final Battle Audition of the Virtua Fighter 5 series!

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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Johoseph
    Awesome. Thanks akai!

    Watched a good bit of the railway series tournament. Some good shit in there, was looking for it again to watch some more!

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