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Only by a Ninja-like tricky movement, can you effectively exercise Kage's strengths. One of Kage's trademarks is the usage of his Jumonji stance. In this version, Kage is now able to attack from a back turned Jumonji, and he now has moves that will allow him to go into back turned Jumonji. It is from this new stance that you can create a complex set of attacks. Since you can counter a variety of possibilities, Kage is able to apply a large amount of pressure. With his large set of quick movements, the key to winning with Kage is to bait the opponent with your movements, and decide the match with his powerful set of throws.

Change Moves

A1 Yougeki

Upper class speed floater attack. In the previous version you were able to float the opponent on mC, but now it requires LC or above to float. On normal hit, Kage has small advantage, on mC Kage is at a large advantage.

A2 Ganzanha

Also an upper class speed attack. This attack forces crouch on normal hit, and gives Kage small advantage. On hits more than mC you can float your opponent. It is important to remember, however, that the follow up combo is dependent on each opponent. Although Kage is at disadvantage on guard, the move is uncounterable.

B1 Uratsumujigeri

This move is a half circular special high that leaves Kage backturned. Although the execution is quite slow, it will give Kage advantage on guard, and also can be followed with a combo on counter hit. You can hold the button down to go into back turned jumonji, from which you can set up many kinds of offensive options.

B2 Doukudaki

On counter hit, it will cause a vital area crumple, which can be combo'ed with dfK+G. The execution is fast at knee class speed, but it is throw counterable on block. This move should be used at a nitaku option at large advantage.

New Moves and Key Changes

fP . The motion for the elbow is changed a little, and the hit detection is now stronger. (Longer reach I think.) Moves like Akira's DfP+K can no longer go through this move, so you can use it safely.

bK (hold K) - The hit detection phase for the kick is now shorter, and disadvantage on block has been made greater. Holding the K allows you to go into backturned jumonji.

P+K - On normal hit this move now causes a head crumple. If the move is guarded, now it will cause a stagger.

fP+KP - The execution of the first part is made shorter to upper class speed, and the command for the second part has been changed.

fddfP+KPKK - A new string from which can be done after the first hit is guarded or on hit. If you can connect all 4 hits, it will get you a nice chunk of damage. Each hit must make contact with the opponent and inputed at that time for the next hit to execute.

dP+KK (hold K) - You can now go into back turned jumonji after this move. Since the recovery is very large, it's meaningless to use this move outside of combos. By going into back turned jumonji, you now have more variations if the opponent TRs.

dfP+K - This move doesn't do anything special on hit, but the recovery on guard is rather small. Since it's a two handed attack, it's useful to beat sabakis.

dfK+G (hold K+G) - You can go into back turned jumonji, same things apply as dP+KK.

(Jumonji Stance) ff (While running) dfK+G (on hit) P+G - A sliding low attack that can be executed from the Jumonji run. There is a large recovery on guard, but on normal hit you can get the hit throw, so it's a large risk/reward move.

(Backturned Jumonji) P - A fast high attack from backturned jumonji. It's basically the same move as P from jumonji and can be followed up by the same sequence as such. The move that had the same command in the previous version is now changed to P+K.

(Backturned Jumonji) u or d - A side flip that leaves Kage face forward again. Since this move has a very high evasive property, you can use it even at disadvantaged situations to avoid linear attacks from the opponent. However, the execution of the move is rather long, so in many cases, Kage is at a disadvantage after the move.

HCB P+G - Command change for TFT. Since the input for the throw is now much longer, it is harder to do the throw in an instant.

bP+G - The new throw from the old TFT command now results in a much weaker throw with small damage. There is no reason to use this throw over the TFT if you have a choice. Furthermore, the throw escape animation is the same as the TFT.

Other Notes: On back turned jumonji, you can do a catch throw (P+G) or a guard crushing attack P+GP. Kage now no longer have a low back throw as before, so you must now do something else after guarding Kage's bbK+G.

Execution Frames for Key Moves

P 12
bP 13
fP 14
DdfP (A1) 15
DdfP (A2) 15
fP+K 15
fddfP+K 15
dfK 16
dK+G 16
K+G 17
bfK (B2) 17
dfP+K 18
bK 19
bbK+G 21
dfP 23

Source: Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned Master Guide

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