Arcadia Issue 56 - Vanessa

Source - Arcadia January
Writer - Kurita
Translation - Noodalls

From the investigations in the orange mook, we can pickup some information relating to frames. Using her Heavy straight and stopping after the first hit has some value to it!!

Strengthen your ukemizeme with the heavy straight

The first hit of a powerful string, the heavy straight bfP, the total frames are very short. This means that even if you are evaded, the opening is very small, so if you use it heavily on techrolling opponents, even if they evade you will be at an advantage. You can pressure the evaded opponent with nitaku, often if you input fP+K as quickly as you can you'll get a counter hit. It's an excellent way to go for high damage.

One thing you have to be careful of, getting to an advantaged position with the heavy straight requires good timing. Think about what to do if you do it too slowly.

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