Orange Book - Vanessa Defensive Combo Maniacs

Source - Orange Mook
Article - Kurita
Translation - Noodalls

dbK+G or bfKP first hit counter hit or while standing K counter hit or dfK maximum charge counter hit
1. fPKK
3. P P+KP+K+G
4. P fPdfK
5. ffPP
6. PPP+K+G
7. PPK
8. dP D or dbK
9. dfK

After the dbK+G on up to Lau, combo 1 will work in open stance and combo 2 on closed stance. It sometimes works on Jacky too, but isn't reliable. bfKP will not allow combos 1 and 2 to connect. Against Pai and Aoi, in open stance use combo 3 and in closed stance 2*. For characters heavier than Sarah, combos 2 and 3 are easy if you take away the P. With that you can also go for Goh and the light weights. Otherwise, go for combo 6 on up to akira in either stance. In closed stance it will also connect on heavy weights. WSK will allow combo 9 if close range. But, if you are a little more separated, you can go for strong combos. For example, against Sarah in closd stance combo 1 will connect. Also, when dfK connects on maximum charge counter hit, against Aoi combo 5 will connect in open stance, or in closed stance P dfK.

* I get the feeling he meant combo 3 and 4, but messed up? Can anyone confirm?

PdfP counter hit or dfPP counter hit or bbK+G or GuP (B1) minor counter or greater or GuordP (B2) counter hit
10. fPKK
11. fPdfK
12. dP dK+G
13. dP dfK
14. Any low throw

In defensive style, Vanessa has 5 differnt moves that will give stomach crumple. Among them, the PdfP is the move that gives the best setup. Against all characters in either foot stance, combo 10 will connect. Other conditions that will allow 10 to connect are a bbK+G on maximum range hit. Also, you can get it from GuP (B1), but it's a little unreliable depending on distance when you hit and the move that your opponent used. Against Lion in closed stance only, it's just about guaranteed, so you should go for it. Also, after GuP (B1) or GuordP (B2) you can get combo 13, and it lets you go for ukemizeme. If you're after damage use combo 12, but it's more difficult to go for ukemizeme. Throws will be completely powerless if the opponent inputs throw escapes. But, there's no doubt, when they do connect it's the ultimate damage.

BTP+K or P+KP counter hit or dfP+K or GdfP or GufP
15. P+KP DordbK
16. fPKK
17. fPdfK

At 5 varieties of head crumples, Vanessa has a plethora. Firstly, from any starter combo 16 is guaranteed. The only exception is when GufP connects on Aoi or Shun it won't work. In that case, 17 or P+KP+K+G will work. Getting the biggest damage combo 15 to connect works from the following starters - P+KP on Sarah to Akira in either stance, and Wolf in closed stance only. From dfP+K it will work on Brad, Lion and Jacky in either footstance, and on Goh, Kage and Lei in open stance.

dKP or bfP+K counter hit or successful sabaki or fK+G
18. fPKK
19. dP fPdfK
20. dP P+KP+K+G
21. dP dfK
22. Large pounce

In Vanessa's slam combos, the one thing you have to be careful of is the bfP+K combos. The combos guaranteed after a sabaki and a counter hit are different. The situation after a sabaki is better, and allows for the same combos as after dKP. In this case, combo 1** is the best damage, but it is open stance only and will work up to Lau. On counter hit, in closed stance go for 19 and in open stance go for 20, up to Akira will connect. However, the dP timing is important so you have to pay attention. It's difficult, so you could compromise with combo 22. Finally, if you start with fK+G go for combo 21.
* I assume he means 18 here, but need confirmation.

bP counter hit
23. dfK
24. PP
25. Any throw
After bP on counter hit, the distance is far but basically any 20 frame move or quicker is guaranteed. However, there aren't many useful attacks here, so your best bet might be to go for a dash throw. If they are aware of that, dashing for P throw is not bad.

Left hand hold P+G
26. dbK+G any combo
27. dfP+K any combo
The left hand hold P+G move can only be done from left hand hold, and is a powerful throw combo. After this, you have 45 frames of advantages, so many moves are guaranteed. Within them, 26 and 27 are especially useful. Dash to close the space and then execute them with good timing.

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