Orange Book - Vanessa Offensive Combo Maniacs

Source - Orange Mook
Article - Kurita
Translation - Noodalls

dfP(A2) or dbK+G or bfP+K counter hit or dfP+K
1. P fPPK
2. fP+K dfKK
3. fPP+K+G while standing P
4. fPP+K+G fK
5. bfPPPK
6. P fP+K dfK
7. P dfP+KK
8. P dfKK
9. PPK

There are four kinds of floats, but the especially powerful one is dfP(A2). In open stance 1 will connect on Sarah and Vanessa, or combo 2 for Pai~Vanessa in open stance. If you take the P off combo 1 it will connect on Brad and Goh and the damage is over 70. Combos 3 and 4 utilise her switch moves. They work up to the lighter middle weights, with 3 for clsoed stance and 4 for open stance. After the combo you are in defensive style, so you can mixup your okizeme options. Against characters other than those mentioned above, combo 7 in open stance and combo 8 in closed stance. However, if you get a counter hit on the opponent when they are crouching the float height is not very high, so they may not connect. In that instance, you can remove the standing P or go for combo 9, changing the combos on the fly. After the dbK+G there are many characters on whom the standing P will whiff, so in this instance use combo 5. However, against Aoi and Lion depending on the hit conditions it won't connect, and depending on the character the fourth hit tends to whiff,. In this case, combo 8 without the standing P can be relied upon. After the bfP+K against up to Brad combo 8 in open stance and combo 8 in closed stance can be portioned off. Heavier than that you can try the combos without the standing P, but on characters heavier than Lion the combos won't always be guaranteed. After dfP+K go for combos 7 and 8 on light weights. The merits of using it on middle weights and above is limited.

bbK+G or dfPP(A1) counter hit or PdfP counter hit or KP counter hit
10. dfP+KK
11. dP dfKK

Also, there are four moves that give stomach crumple, but you can get by with two combos. Furthermore, these combos are guaranteed in either condition.

With combo 10, if the opponent fails to tech you get a down attack, which brings the damage above 11. Combo 11 puts you a little bit away, but you do have the advantage that you can go for ukemizeme.

FK medium counter hit or above or BTP+K
12. fPPK
13. fPP+K+G DordbK
14. dfP+KK
From head crumple, the big damage ukemizeme capable 12 is the basic combo. However, if the initial hit connected at range, the combo may whiff after the second hit. In this instance, switch to combo 14, which works from any range. Further, connecting up to Lau combo 13 has the special trick of ending in defensive style. If you want to put a change on your okizeme use this one.

fP+K or bdfP+K
15. fPPK
16. bfPPPK
17. dP dfP+KK
18. dP dfKK

After the bdfP+K has slammed the opponent into the ground, the biggest damage you can go for is combo 15. There are a few requirements to remember, connecting in open stance on all except Aoi, Goh, Brad, Shun, Akira and Jeffrey. Combo 16 is a reliable combo that connects up to middle weights in either stance. It will only work on heavy weights in closed stance, so it's a good idea only to go up to the third hit. Also, if the bdfP+K hits from a little far away, you should use the same combos listed below for the fP+K.

For fP+K, in closed stance combo 16 will hit on all characters, in open stance 16 will hit up to middle weights. In closed stance, combo 18 will connect up to middle weights, so you should vary your usage accordingly. Note though, that you need to delay the dP properly. If this is difficult, go with 14, fairly much guaranteed up to middle weights.

19. dP ffP
20. Large pounce.

Combo 19 works after a fK+G only in closed stance.

bP counter hit
21. bdfP+K
After bP you have 20frames of advantage, so bdfP+K is the most reliable, as it will just connect. If you want to go for a string, bfPPbP is interesting, but there are a few characters it won't connect on.

While standing K counter hit
22. P+KP
23. dfKP+K+G
24. ffK
After the while standing K 22 gives the best damage. However, on normal hit you are -1, so overall 23 is a little better. In terms of possible damage, you can get a fP+K during the stagger of 24, which makes it the best damage if you can connect it all.

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