Arcadia Issue 58 - Wolf

Writer - Astro
Source - Arcadia 58
Translation - Noodalls

Incorporate the dP+Kb

Attack with efficiency from dP+Kb. After dP+Kb in normal situations, there are some characters for whom the bK+G hit P+G follow up is not guaranteed. However, depending on the situation, it is possible to follow up with a different move.

That situation is when you have a wall right behind you. In this instance, instead of going for the bK+G hit P+G, you can swap for the bK and have it connect on all characters. Also, if it connects on there back and they go on to hit the wall, wall stun will also occur and you will be at a very advantageous situation.

If you go for a bK+GhitP+G from here you can expect some good damage. Or, if you do the bK+GK instead, they will fall and be unable to tech-roll. From there you can go for a large pounce or any of his ground throws.

Although it is quite difficult due to the situational requirements, if you intentionally go for a dP+Kb in those limited circumstances, it will act to broaden your attacking options a little.


- There are characters on whom the bK+GhitP+G will not hit
- Limited to certain conditions, you can change your follow up attack and get some guaranteed damage.
- And, if you have a wall you can get some big advantage from a wall stun. Use this a lot in your attacking.


- There are no guaranteed moves after getting a wall stun from a wall hit, but you can mixup between bK+GhitP+G and throw. Also, against opponents who are slow in recovering, bK+GhitP+G will connect.

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