Jean - Strategy - VF5FS

Apr 24, 2017
Jean - Strategy - VF5FS

  • Introduction(top)

    Jean's strength comes from being in a fuzzyable disadvantage after many of his strings, charge moves, superior range, and 66p setups.

    Basic character introduction and strategy video thanks to @oneida


    As any other character is, from nitaku your best choice is your characters fastest CH launcher or a throw.
    However, Jean's case is somewhat different. Because of the threat of [6][6][P], it is usually the best option to use along with throws.
    From +2: [6][P] is the best option. At 14 frames it will beat all [2][P]'s from your opponents.
    From +3: [4][K] is very useful.
    From +4 to +5: Start using [6][6][P]
    From +6: [6][6][P] or throws

    To beat an opponents LazyTE, jean has [4][6][P][+][K] guard break available to him

    Side Turned(top)

    What are this character's options for side turning the opponent with an attack or throw?
    What are the optimal follow-ups when the opponent is side turned?
    Do the options vary due to ring position?
    What are the optimal follow-ups when you successfully evade an attack that recovers standing or crouching?


    Any additional notes about combos (e.g. favouring one over another due to ring position)
    Discuss techniques that can be used for 1 frame delays

    Wakeup Strategies(top)


    Baiting and punishing whiffed rising attacks
    Guaranteed punishment after blocking certain rising attacks


    Ideal attacks to pressure with
    Option selects between attack or down attack

    Ring Position(top)

    Wall Pressure(top)

    How to induce, and follow-up, wall staggers
    How to induce, and follow-up, wall side stuns

    Ring Out(top)

    Ideal ways to ring out over half fences
    Ideal combos that carry good distance (for ring out)


    Anything else is unique about the character?
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