Lau - Move Analysis - VF5FS

Jun 15, 2018
Lau - Move Analysis - VF5FS
  • Top Moves

    1. [6][P]
      Lau's fastest mid is safe and hit-checkable into its high follow-up if it hits a crouching opponent or if it CH's.
      After [6][P][P] Lau has the option to enter Kokei, this is particularly good if Lau got the first part of the string blocked.
      Lau can input [6][P][P][P][+][K][+][G] > KOKEI [6][6] and this will cancel much of the follow-up recovery making it impossible to punish the whiff on reaction.
      The stance enter isn't too good if the follow-up hit on NH as the opponent can backdash all of Kokei's not delayed options from this advantage, that's not the case if follow-up hit on CH.
    2. [4][6][P]
      A fast high single palmlauncher that is safe if blocked. It beats high and mid abare (unless the move used to abare has evasive properties) and it has a great range so it can be used to beat backdash or to punish whiffed highs and mids during spacing situations.
    3. [2_][3][P][P][+][K] or [2_][3][P][P]
      A fast high punch that guarantees its follow-ups on Recovery CH, basically the best high whiff (or lows standing recovery) punisher in the game.
      [2_][3][P][P][+][K] is -16 if blocked so you better be sure you reacted in time if you want to go for it as [2_][3][P]'s follow-ups can't be delayed at all in order to be guaranteed after a Recovery CH.
      You can go for [2_][3][P][P] if you weren't confident in your reaction speed. This follow-up is high but leaves Lau at a small advantage if blocked and gives Lau decent pressure if he enters Kokei after it. Again Lau has to decide whether he wants to enter the stance or not before seeing if the move hit or not.
      So [2_][3][P][P][+][K] is for when you're sure you're going to punish the whiff while [2_][3][P][P] is for when you're not sure about it, it's good the latter launches if the punish was missed and the opponents abare'd.
      Both standard 2_3PP and 2_3PP into Kokei can be followed with damaging combos after the CH.
    4. [3][P]
      A fast and safe ex_mid punch. This move gives no reward if it's crouch blocked or if it NH's but it can be hit-checked into its high follow-ups after hitting on Recovery CH or CH. It can be jab punishable if evaded but its follow-up has great tracking properties to avoid giving the opponent too much liberty of using high and mids after evading it. [3][P] has a good ranges so it fills the properties of catching a backdash done from not too far with a relatively safe and fast mid poke and is also a nice punisher for whiffed moves during spacing situations.
    5. [3][3][P][P]
      Lau's best long range tool, has insane reach and is easily hit-checkable in its follow-ups. It's mid high but the first punch jails into the second if it was blocked. Lau can enter Kokei right after [3][3][P][P].
    6. [1][P]
      A double handed ex_low, which means that it gets blocked by standing and crouching guard. But it has a long range and gives good advantages on hit and it's safe if blocked or evaded.
      It's basically usable as [2][P] to interrupt strings with highs with the difference that [1][P] won't be backdashed in that situation.
    7. [3][K]
      Lau's side kick has a longer range than the usual side kick and is followed by [4][K] for 100ish points of damage.
      Its high follow-up isn't good with or without entering Kokei but it at least prevents the opponent from having a guaranteed possibility to take his turn back.
    8. While Standing [K]
      A fast mid kick, Giving Lau a good knockdown on any hit, While Standing [K] is the most rewarding fast mid that Lau has. It's not too safe but it's not punishable if blocked either. It's fairly punishable but mainly not launchable if evaded.
    9. [4][P][+][K][P][+][K]
      A very high damaging launcher Lau can use to abare against throws when he can't fuzzy them.
    10. [4][P][+][K][P]
      A slow mid that jails in its follow-up if blocked, leaves Lau at advantage if blocked. Easily hit-checkable in its follow-ups. Lau can enter Kokei right after [4][P][+][K][P].
    11. [6][6][P][+][K]
      A relatively fast two-in-one punches half-circular move that covers Lau's stomach and leaves him Back Turned. The fact it's a two-in-one move means it can easily track even after it was properly evaded, unless it was evaded late (if Lau was at a big advantage) where it becames really unsafe because it turns.
      [6][6][P][+][K] beats high and low jabs up to -6 depending on the situation so the move becames another way to beat an eventual opponent's low jab after getting [6][P] or [3][P] blocked.
      The mix-up after the move hits and leaves Lau Back Turned is tricky as all his Back Turned options can be evaded to one side but there still are ways Lau can get around it.
    12. [2][K][+][G]
      A half circular low sweep that causes a knockdown on NH, covers the opposite side of [6][6][P][+][K].
    13. [6][P][+][K][+][G]
      A Guard Break, relatively fast compared to other moves of this kind. If blocked, it guarantees [4][6][P].
      It's relatively safe on NH and CH but it's easily punishable if crouched under.



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