Lei - Move Analysis - VF5FS

Oct 17, 2019
Lei - Move Analysis - VF5FS

  • Lei-Fei's Top Moves (in no particular order)(top)

    1. Hōsui Shōheki (Hai Shiki) [P][P][+][K]: Hōsui Shōheki is one of Lei's best moves because the first [P] is a 10-frame punch; it's very fast - his fastest. Additionally, the complete move set leaves Lei +9 on block, +9 on regular hit, and +21 on counter hit (CH), which, on CH, allows for Lei's [1][P][+][K] launcher. Hōsui Shōheki is one of Lei's staple combo enders and can be used to connect combos in certain situations.
    2. Tōshō [6][6][P]: Tōshō is one of Lei's faster moves. At 14 frames this move is relatively safe; it allows for you to fuzzy guard ([3][3][G]), as it is -5 on block. Additionally, the move is a mid attack and can wall stagger, so it should be part of one's wall mix-up strategy.
    3. Hairenkyaku (from Kyo Shiki) [K][+][G]: Hairenkyaku is a great move to use from Kyo stance and has some similarities to Haishin Sentai ([K][+][G] from back turned). This move is 16-frames, will turn the opponent sideways (ST) on hit, and puts Lei in his Hai stance. On hit, Lei gets a guaranteed [P][P][+][K], and depending on distance after Hōsui Shōheki, Lei can add a guaranteed Sōryū Shukkai ([4][3][P][+][K]). Furthermore, a ST opponent is preferred as it allows for ST crumples (use [4][K] or [4][6][6][P][+][K]), which give high damage.
    4. Rigōtai [6][K]: Rigōtai is a 15-frame, full-circular, high kick that will enter Koko Shiki stance. This move is -1 on block, +5 on hit, and +17 on CH. It is very useful against players who evade often, so watch opponents who like to evade, as a failed evade on hit give CH, giving Lei a free [K] from Koko ([K] from Koko will put Lei in his Nehan stance). While Rigōtai does well against the uninitiated, because it is a high full-circular, opponents can evade dash cancel and duck it, leaving Lei open to serious punishment. In addition to the foregoing, it is good to use this move after a successful evade of a high move by the opponent. Using Rigōtai after a succssful evading maneuver can result in the opponent ST or even BT, which gives Lei a guaranteed Kasō Rensen Hōsui ([2][K][P][P]), and wall splats.
    5. Kochōheki / Successful Sabaki [2][3][6][P][+][K]: Kochōheki is a 19-frame sabaki, and is only (as a sabaki) effective against high and mid hand techniques (e.g. punches and elbows); however, Lei players get decent damage (27) and a combo from this move. Additionally, this move will push the opponent away a decent distance to help recover from block. Use Kochōheki against opponents that habitually fish/poke with [P]. Kochōheki is an important part of Lei's options in Nitaku situations (-6 to -9).
    6. Sōhikyaku [9][K][+][G]: Sōhikyaku is a 16-frame mid crusher, punisher, and combo starter. Sōhikyaku should be used against opponents that use a lot of lows (e.g., [2][P], [2][K][+][G]). In addition, this move is one of Lei's go to moves to punish blocked lows where Lei is +18 or above. Use this move wisely, as it leaves Lei open to punishment if evaded; it leaves Lei -10 on block, so throw escape (TE) is a must. Sōhikyaku crushes rising low[K], so incorporate this move into Lei's Okizeme (Oki).
    7. (a) Kakushu Suigeki [6][P]: Kakushu Suigeki is a 16-frame, quarter-circular mid, and is one of Lei's staple moves. On block, this move leaves Lei at -6 (Nitaku); however, this move is deceptive in that it has an option select to Kyo. By going to Kyo, the otherwise -6 on block becomes +4, which allows for many options. A popular one is Sōrenkyaku [2][K][K]. The Lei player can select any of the commands from Kyo or quickly move between 5 other stances (Doku, Hai and Boku, Nehan and Suirakan) to utilize their properties. (b) Chūtenhō [3][P]: Similar to Kakushu Suigeki, Chūtenhō is also a 16-frame mid; however, it is linear, and on block leaves Lei at -5. Additionally, this move has an option select into Kyo. By going into Kyo, Lei gets +3 on block. Use Kakushu Suigeki and Chūtenhō interchangeably, and be aware of the 1-frame difference between the two.
    8. (a) Kaisei Tento [1][P][+][K]: Kaisei Tento is Lei's main combo/launcher, i.e. [1][P][+][K] -> [6][P][+][K][P] -> [G][+][P][+][K] -> [6][P] -> [4][P][P]. The move is 20 frames and can duck highs and mids. Kaisei Tento is also a combo linker. (b) Hanshōda [2][P][+][K] (from Bokutai): Hanshōda is a 15-frame special high, and another combo starter that is similar to Kaisei Tento in two ways: (1) it allows for the same foregoing combo (and modifications thereof for heavier cast members), and (2) it also ducks highs and mids. Both Kaisei Tento and Hanshōda are options in Lei's Oki to punish rising [K].
    9. Senshin Tōshō (Doku) [P]: While Senshin Tōshō is a simple input, it is in this list for a couple of reasons. Senshin Tōshō is a 17-frame hand technique (-4 on block, +5 on hit, and +9 on CH). It's relatively quick and has two uses: (1) Senshin Tōshō has very good reach; it can be used to keep opponents at bay and should be used in one's Oki. (2) Senshin Tōshō will cause wall stagger, leading to wall combos. Doku can be entered quickly, leading to Senshin Tōshō quickly. If you prefer the mid game, this move can help you keep distance.
    10. Kyūho Sōfūken [4][6][P][+][K]: Kyūho Sōfūken is 25-frame high, double fist, hand technique and causes head crumple (combo starter). While this move has a slower execution, and floors the opponent on hit and CH, on block it is -5, so it is pretty safe on block. Kyūho Sōfūken ducks highs, so use it against rising attackers for Oki. This move is particularly good against characters, such as Aoi, and others who have reversals and sabakis. Depending on the character's weight class, this move can lead to considerable damage.
    11. Senpūkyaku [6][6][K][+][G]: Senpūkyaku is a 27-frame, half-circular mid kick. This move is great for crushing rising attacks and evasive maneuvers. Use this move for Oki and this move works great after a blocked Hōsui Shōheki ([P][P][+][K] in Hai) to close the gap it causes, and catch evasive maneuvers. Furthermore, Senpūkyaku will put Lei in Koko stance, where multiple options are available.
    12. Tōkū Tenshinkyaku [8][K][+][G]: Tōkū Tenshinkyaku is a 21-frame, quarter-circular (towards his back) mid kick. This kick puts Lei at -5 on block, so it is safe. This move cause wall splat, so memorize Lei's foot positioning.
    13. Haisenkyaku [K]: Haisenkyaku is a 14-frame, quarter circular (towards his chest) special high kick that puts Lei in his Hai stance. This move is -10 on block, -2 on hit, and +4 on CH. It is worth mentioning because this move shines on block. That being said, use this move to bait your opponents. The greatness of this move is Lei's ability to enter Boku immediately (after block and hit), and his other stances immediately thereafter. By entering Boku and then another, say, Doku, Lei is able to negate the negative frames he would otherwise be bound to.
    14. (a) Rakuho Gekitō (Doku) [P][+][K]: Rakuho Gekitō is a 17-frame hand technique from Lei's Doku stance. This move is -4 on block, -1 on hit, and +3 on CH, so it is a safe move. This move is good for maintaining pressure on opponents in general and good for Oki. (b) Tenren Hanka (Doku) [P][+][K] (hit) [P][+][G]: Tenren Hanka is Lei's hit-throw and follows Rakuho Gekitō.








    Open/Closed Stance
    [2][3][6][P][+][K] sabaki High Punch, High elbow, Mid Punch, Mid elbow

    Hai Shiki

    [2] ducks under high attacks, mid side kick. dependent on open or closed stance may cause mid elbows to whiff.

    Dokuritsu Shiki
    auto parries high Punch, mid Punch, high elbow, mid elbow, low punch.

    Nehan Shiki
    Nehan [P][+][K] sabaki high Punch, high Kick, mid Punch, mid Kick,rising mid half-circular kick, high elbow, mid elbow, knee
    Nehan [P] sabaki high Punch,high Kick mid Punch,mid Kick,rising mid half-circular kick, high elbow, mid elbow, knee

    Suirakan Shiki

    Koko Shiki
    from Koko [K] sabaki low punch, low kick, double feet low kick. Also causes high attacks to whiff.
    From Koko [P] sabaki high Punch,high Kick mid Punch,mid kick,rising mid half-circular kick, high elbow, mid elbow, knee

    Kyo Shiki


    Throw Combo that can only be escaped if first part is escaped

    solid damage

    A throw that leads into a combo followup

    great throw to setup wakeup strategies

    Throws opponent forward if it hits a wall can followup with light down attack

    [6][6][P][+][G](opponent back towards wall)
    leifei wall combo +10 in style points
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