Lei Stance Attacks VF5FS

Jun 9, 2014
Lei Stance Attacks VF5FS
  • Attacks from Stance- by VFnumbers (moves that will keep you in stance by Modelah)
    A list of the best attacks from each stance, including moves that will keep you in stance (*).

    1. [P][P][+][K]- +9 on guard, +21 on CH, +24 on Side CH.
    2. [K]- Good launcher at slight mid and short range, beats rising attacks.
    3. [P][P]- Safe on guard, good to use after...
    4. [P][+][K]- Good mid/long range attack, chargeable.
    *5. [P]- A 10f high punch.

    1. [P][+][K]:[P][+][G]- A hit throw (safe on guard at -4).
    2. [2][K]- A low staggering kick (depending on opponent's stagger recovery, if slow use Hai[K], if fast use Hai[P][P] to connect).
    3. [K][+][G]- Safe on guard at -5, crushes rising attacks.
    4. [P]- Effective at mid range, safe on guard, gives a side crumple.
    5. [2]/[8][K][+][G]- Although it's unsafe on guard at -18, it has very strong evasive properties that can beat linear attacks.
    6. [K][P]- A very strong attack that tracks, also safe on guard.

    1. Various stance transitions.
    2. [K][+][G]- A full-circular attack that puts the opponent into ST on hit.
    3. [P]- Fastest attack option out of this stance at 13f.
    4. [6][P]- Useful for combos, safe on guard.
    5. [P][+][K]- Guard break +12, options for [P][P], [P][2][P] or a throw from normal stance.

    1. [P][+][K]- Sabakis mids and high attacks.
    2. [P][+][K][P]- Safe on guard.
    3. [K][+][G]- Special high full-circular, safe, pushes back, and enters Koko. +20 on CH allowing Koko[2][K][P] to connect for a combo. +24 on side CH so Koko[2][K][P][P] string will connect.
    4. [P][K]- 1st part sabakis and [K] is a half-cirular that is safe on guard, +15 on CH.
    5. [2][2]- To enter Suirakan stance.

    1. [P]- Excellent mid to long range attack, safe and strong near walls.
    2. [K]- A low kick stagger.
    3. [K][+][G]- High full-circular kick, 0 on guard.
    4. [P][+][K]- Unsafe, but can crush rising attacks, if timed right avoids low attacks. A combo starter.
    5. [G]- Exits stance.

    1. [P]- Safe, sabakis a lot of mids, highs and knees.
    2. [K]- Sabakis low attacks except for low rising kicks. The fastest option from stance at 14f. Goes to Nehan, unsafe on guard.
    3. [2]/[8][P][+][K][+][G]- Transitions from Koko to Hai while evading linear non-sabakiable attacks if timed properly.
    4. [G]- Exists stance and puts you backturned.
    5. [2][K][P][P]- String. Effective after Nehan[K][+][G] CH or if opponent staggers near a wall after using [6][K] from normal stance.

    1. [P][+][K]- A special high combo starter, safe on guard.
    2. [3][K]- Staggers, +5.
    3. [P][P]- second [P] crumples on CH, safe on guard and delayable string.
    4. [6][P]- Excellent at long to mid range, vital point collapse on NH and CH.
    5. [K][+][G]- Excellent when parallel with opponent near a wall, safe on guard at -4 with pushback.

    Zenten roll
    [P][+][G]- Catch throw.
    [K]- Combo starter.

    It's best to transition stances when:
    1) you have a small advantage.
    2) you can predict when your opponent will try to evade a string and transition at the same time. For example [P][6][P][P], switch up to [P][6][P][4][P][+][K][+][G] to go from Doku to Kyo stance. (enteringKyo will grant Lei a small advantage on guard). Kyo to Nehan and Kyo to Doku are fast transitions.
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