Starting out with VF5FS Jean #2

Jun 9, 2014
Starting out with VF5FS Jean #2
  • Hi, I'm Ōtsuka Jean. Here's my post on starting out with Jean, and as it's meant for people new to the game I may have over simplified a few things here and there so please accept my apologies in advance.

    Jean's Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses(top)

    Jean has a good all-round moveslist, particularly when fighting at mid range. When players get used to using Jean's unique [6][6][P] attack they can unlock his true attacking potential. A lot of Jean's basic moves are above-average in terms of damage, and with technical moves like his sabakis and guard break he can be a really strong, rewarding character to play.

    As for weaknesses, Jean's throws are rather below-average, and he doesn't have a lot of moves to deal with an opponent's abare.

    Basic Skills(top)

    Mid Attacks(top)

    [6][P], [4][K], [3][P][P]- At close range you should be trying to put your opponent in nitaku between these a throw as these fast moves have a better chance of countering their abare attempts.

    [3][3][P][K], [6][6][P], [3][K]- These have great range, and I think it's safe to say that Jean doesn't have many problems dealing with backdashers.

    [6][K], [3][P][+][K]- Slow but will launch on normal hit, these are for opponents who try to abare against your throw attempts. Use them wisely and try not to lose the 'damage race'!

    Low Attacks(top)

    Jean has great low attacks with good reach, and quite a few of them are half-circular attacks. Use these to put the hurt on opponents who just stand and guard.

    [1][P]- This recovers crouching. If you do it after a backdash it's an excellent choice of attack as it can beat your opponent's high attacks, standing guard, and evade.


    [4][P][P], [9][K][P]- Useful high half-circular moves. The second attack of both moves hit mid and aren't too bad on guard so use them often.

    [2][K][+][G]- Slow and punishable on guard, but as it's a low full-circular it's effective against evade and standing guard. Get the opponent to block this and go back to your mid attacks.


    Jean's throws in order of damage from highest to lowest are:
    • [6][6][P][+][G] (60)
    • [4][P][+][G] (50)
    • [P][+][G] (40)

    Other useful moves(top)

    [6][6][P]- On hit this move leaves opponents unable to guard standing or crouching for a short time, and any hits that follow will register as counter hits. After this move connects follow up with another [6][6][P] or [2][K][K] for a mid/low nitaku mixup. Even if either of the follow-up attacks are guarded the pushback is enough to keep you safe, making [6][6][P] an extremely potent weapon in Jean's arsenal. [6][6][P] (hit), [6][6][P] will knockdown the opponent, so be sure to follow with [3][3][P][K].

    [4][6][P][+][K] (guard) [K][P][P][K][P] (hit) [K]- A guard breaking move that allows you to get in multiple hits on your opponent. To get the final [K] to connect be sure to input it just as the preceding [P] hits. This does more damage than [6][6][P][+][G], so if you're feeling confident use it to break down opponents when you catch them standing around guarding. This is the perfect move to use after opponents are conditioned to guard against Jean's [6][6][P].

    [4][P][+][K][+][G]- This will sabaki your opponent's high/mid punches and elbow attacks. Upon a successful sabaki inputting [P] will put the opponent in a stomach crumple allowing you to combo them. Not only does this move make punch attacks against you risky, if you are hit by a move that can't be sabakied it will not register as a counter hit. Use this often from disadvantage to narrow your opponent's offensive options.

    [3][3][P][K](charge)[P]- Execute this by holding [K] to charge the kick, and then hitting [P] during the charge. Tricky to do at first but practice it until it becomes second nature. This is much better than [3][3][P][K] on both hit and guard, and is a very powerful tool unless it is crouched. It has great speed and range so when you're unsure how to counter attack this move is one of the better choices.

    Basic Strategy(top)

    Jean's core strategy revolves around trying to put your opponent in nitaku between throws and mid attacks, and utilizing his guard break.

    Jean's throws are quite weak and his mid attacks are strong, so when your opponent starts trying to evade so use his half-circular attacks and [2][K][+][G] to stop them. Once they stop evading, you should have more luck getting your mid attacks to hit.

    The key to Jean's offense is [6][6][P]. As it's a low-risk and easy way of putting your opponent in nitaku use this move to dictate the match from mid-range.

    On defense use [4][P][+][K][+][G] with standing guard to take the initiative and turn the tables when defending.

    Basic Combos(top)

    1. Combo
    2. [6][K], [9][K][+][G], [3][3][P][K]
      for everyone except Taka
    3. [6][K], [9][K][+][G], [2][P][+][K], [3][3][P][K]
      for up to middle weight characters
    4. [6][K], [9][K][+][G], [2][P][+][K], [3][3][P][K]
      for Taka

    1. Combo
    2. [3][P][+][K], dash, [P], [4][K][K][P]
      for everyone except Taka
    3. [3][P][+][K], dash, [4][6][P][K]
      for Taka

    1. Combo
    2. [4][P][+][K][+][G](successful sabaki)[P], [9][K][+][G], [3][3][P][K]
      for everyone except Taka
    3. [4][P][+][K][+][G](successful sabaki)[P], [4][6][P][K]
      for Taka

    From the author(top)

    That's all, folks! If you're on PSN look for 'mach3441', and see you in the arena! Good luck!

    Ōtsuka Jean

    Source: Ōtsuka Jean's VF5FS Beginner's Blog post
    Author: Ōtsuka Jean
    Translator: Modelah

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