Starting out with VF5FS Jeffry

Jun 9, 2014
Starting out with VF5FS Jeffry
  • Hi, I'm Manshi, a Jeffry player based in Yokohama's Club Sega Tsunashima. Though I've been using Jeff exclusively for over 10 years I still consider myself a mid-level player amongst the legends of Virtua Fighter!

    I'm writing with a great deal of individual subjectivity here, so if you have any complaints feel free to address them to 'Manshi'.

    Jeffry's Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses(top)

    Jeffry has a full range of general-purpose tools, and is a great choice for beginners learning the basics of VF. He doesn't have many unique or tricky moves so he's quite easy for just about anyone to pick up and use. When you can get a good read on your opponents his destructive power is easily top class, and thanks to his heavy weight he gets away with a lot less damage after being launched. However, with a lot of single-blow strikes and big swinging moves it is often difficult to take the initiative on offense.

    Basic Skills(top)

    Elbow class(top)

    By definition elbow class attacks execute in 14 frames, but here I'll list Jeff's fastest mid attacks. My opinions here will likely differ from that of other writers.

    [6][P]- A 14f mid elbow strike. Your main mid attack when at small advantages. Only -5f on guard so it's safe from punishment. Has a mid follow-up with [6][P][P]. Requires a fast input to execute the string, so it's very difficult to hit confirm (I certainly can't do it) but if [6][P] is guarded the follow-up [P] will often beat out the opponent's counterattack. It's also effective to use the string as guaranteed punishment. On counter hit or against crouchers you'll be at +5 so you can continue your offense.

    [4][K]- A 14f mid knee-kick. Will knock opponents down on counter hit, if you're quick enough you can hit them with the follow-up hook ([4][K][P]). As expected on counter hit you can do damage with this but on guard you'll be at -8f disadvantage, and on normal hit and crouch hit you'll be at -5f.

    [P][+][K]- A 15f mid strike. As expected, it's slower than [6][P] but on counter hit the follow-up will connect ([P][+][K][P]). On counter hit you'll be at a considerable advantage with +8f, so if you've got a good read on your opponent or feeling confident you can stop at [P][+][K] and try to put your opponent in nitaku.

    [2][P][+][K]- A 15f mid elbow strike. Good because it's only -3 on guard. If it's guarded and the opponent tries to retaliate with a slow move you can most often beat them with [P] or [2][P]. Leaves you at advantage on normal hit so if it connects you can continue your offense.

    Upper class(top)

    At small advantages it's easy to be beaten out by your opponent's counterattacks, but here I'll list some good moves to use at large advantages (+5f).

    [3][P][+][K]- A 16f mid strike. Launches on counter hit, is safe on guard and gives advantage on hit.

    1. Combo
    2. [3][P][+][K](CH), [6][6][P][P]
      for all characters

    [6][6][P]- A 16f mid strike. Has a mid follow-up with [6][6][P][P] which is a natural combo on normal hit; the second hit is also safe on guard so you should be using this often. [6][6][P] will stagger crouching opponents, so going for a throw instead of finishing the string is also quite effective.

    [3][K]- A 16f middle kick attack. Knocks down on hit so it's excellent for setting the pace of the match in your favor. It's also quite damaging, and using this to hit your opponent into a wall gives you a chance to follow up with more attacks. It's also safe on guard so when you've got the opponent near the ring's edge keep throwing this at them.

    [4][P][+][K]- A 17f mid headbutt. Alarmingly, Jeff uses his head as an actual weapon. There are quite a few characters that have sabaki moves to counter punches and kicks. When there are matches that have you saying, 'This dude's trying to sabaki everything I do, WTF :mad::mad::mad:!!!!' this is the move to use. Gives advantage on hit so use it often on offense.

    Knee class(top)

    Introducing Jeff's knee launcher.

    [6][K]- A 17f mid knee attack. Launches opponents high on normal and counter hit for a mid-air combo opportunity. Note that on crouchers it launches only slighty. Highly punishable on guard so watch your opponent closely and use it against their abare attempts.

    1. Combo
    2. [6][K], [P], [4][6][P][+][K], [6][6][P][P]
      for everyone except Wolf, Jeffry and Taka
    3. [6][K], [P], [6][6][P][P]
      for Wolf and Jeffry
    4. [6][K], [4][6][P][+][K], [6][6][P][P]
      for Taka


    [K][+][G]- A full-circular high kick. Slow but devastatingly powerful, this kick can help turn the tide of a round when used against an opponent's evade at the right time.


    Throws and damage values:
    • [4][1][2][3][6][P][+][G]- 65.
    • [6][3][2][1][4][P][+][G]- 60.
    • [6][P][+][G]- 50.
    • [P][+][G]- 40.

    When a wall or the ring's edge is behind you- [4][4][P][+][G]
    This throws the opponent behind you. While the throw itself doesn't inflict any damage, it's useful for ring outs and causing wall staggers when you throw the opponent into a wall. Even if the opponent doesn't hit the wall [3][K] is guaranteed to hit.

    When a wall or the ring's edge is to your left or right side- [4][P][+][G][8] or [2]
    [4][P][+][G] alone will lift the opponent and throw them forward. Inputting [8] or [2] during the command will throw the opponent to Jeff's left or right side. Though you won't be able to do much follow-up damage depending on the timing of the opponent's ukemi, when used to throw them against walls you can follow up with a combo.

    1. Combo
    2. [4][P][+][G][8] or [2], wall hit, [P][K][P], [2][K]
      for all characters

    Other useful moves(top)

    [3][K][+][G]- A half-circular mid kick. Though ridiculously slow, if this monstrous move connects you can take up to a third of the opponent's health bar. When at frame advantage you can blow up backdashers, evaders and crouchers with this, and even at disadvantage you can throw this out when you think the opponent will try to throw you. Basically, look for ways to use this when at advantage or disadvantage.

    1. Combo
    2. [3][K][+][G], [4][3][P][+][K], [K][P][K]
      for all characters

    [6][6][P][+][K]- A slow mid shoulder attack. Advances quite a way forward, so it's useful when you want to close the distance between you and your opponent. On hit you can follow up with [P][+][G] for a hit throw. Don't wait to see if the shoulder connects before attempting the throw, be sure to always input [6][6][P][+][K][P][+][G].

    Basic Strategy(top)

    Attacking when the opponent is able to fuzzy guard:
    • [6][P], throws, crouch throws, [P]
    When using strikes, use the ones mentioned above in the elbow class section. Each has their pros and cons but you should always base your offense around [6][P]. If you find your [6][P]'s being guarded go for a throw. Against advanced players who use fuzzy guard to avoid your throw and mid attacks crouch throws will defeat them. When you're unsure of what the opponent will do test them; get them guarding with [P] (you'll still be at advantage if it's blocked) to see how they'll react.

    Attacking when the opponent is unable to fuzzy guard:
    • [3][P][+][K], throws, [6][K]
    When opponents are unable to fuzzy try to put them in nitaku between a mid and a throw. Center your offense around [3][P][+][K] as it's safe on guard. When you've got a good read on your opponent's abare habits use Jeff's signature [6][K] to blow them up.

    From the Author(top)

    Contrary to first appearances, we Jeff players are a friendly bunch of guys! Feel free to ask if you have any questions. My online GT is 'manshi0711' though I rarely play online now. Though there's more than a few Jeff players out there our numbers have dwindled since our average age is extraordinarily high... the Big Jeffry Corporation really needs your help to stay in business!

    So, everyone... 'C'MON!!!' ([P][+][K][+][G])


    Additional Q&A(top)

    No. 96
    This post has been very helpful, thank you! However, doesn't Jeffry have any good lows?
    No. 108
    Hi, Tarō, Jeff's [1][K] is a low with good reach. However, it leaves you at disadvantage even on hit so you can't use it as a tool for pressuring the opponent. I really only use it as a ground-scrape move.

    [2][K][+][G] is also good, but basically only against standing guard. It can be a strong oki tool and also useful against standing guard/abare.

    Though not a low in the typical sense (the first hit is a special low) [1][P][P] is excellent for ducking under highs.

    Source: Manshi's VF5FS Beginner's Blog post
    Author: Manshi
    Translator: Modelah

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