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Virtua Fighter 5 (Ver.B)

Select a character to view.

Guide to Reading and Using the VFDC Command Lists


When viewing a Command List, you can choose between a number of display formats from the View sub-menu located in the upper right:
Tabs Each command category is displayed in a tab, where the commands of the active tab are displayed in the main content. Select a different tab to view the commands for that category. This view is ideal for quickly navigating to specific categories without having to vertically scroll.
Flat List All the commands are displayed in a flat list within their respective category. This view is ideal for printing.
Icons This format displays thumbnail images for each command, grouped (tabbed) within their respective category. This view is ideal for visually navigating, or looking up, a particular move when you don't know the input command.
Registered users may select their default view within their User Preferences.


Clicking on a column heading will sort the display by that column's data. When a Sort is applied on a particular column, an upward (↑) or downward (↓) arrow will be displayed in the column header to indicate the direction of the sort, ascending or descending, respectively. Clicking again will toggle the sort direction.

The default, or natural, sort order is the Command column.

Command List Legend

Commands are displayed in the following format:
The major elements are explained in further detail below.


The name and input command of the move is shown here. All inputs are shown assuming your character is facing to the right (i.e. on Player 1 side).

Clicking on the command name will bring up a dialog window with a more detailed view of the command's properties.


The base damage value of the move.


The hit level of the move. Possible values are shown below:
HHigh attack
MMid attack
LLow attack
H*Special high attack: able to defeat low attacks when timed
M*Special mid attack: can be crouch guarded without taking damage
L*Special low attack: can be guarded while standing
HTHigh throw
LTLow throw
HCTHigh catch throw: can defeat standing attacks when timed
LCTLow catch throw: can defeat crouch attacks when timed
ATAttacking throw: throw follow-up to an attack
TCThrow combo: follow-up to a successful throw
DADown attack: an attack performed against a downed opponent
DTDown throw: a throw performed against a downed opponent
RevReversal: a motion with deflecting properties
SabakiSabaki: an attack with deflecting properties
SpecialA special type of attack, usually movement based, that inflicts no damage

Execution (Exe)

The number of frames required to execute the move and enter hit detection.

Active (Act)

The number of frames hit detection is active for, during which the opponent can either be hit by or guard the attack.

Total Duration (Tot)

The total number of frames of the move from start to end.

Guard (Grd)

The frame difference between you and the opponent after the attack is Guarded.

Normal Hit (NH)

The frame difference between you and the opponent after the attack lands as a Normal Hit.

Counter Hit (CH)

The frame difference between you and the opponent after the attack lands as a Counter Hit.

Frame Difference Values

The values shown for frame difference in the Grd, NH and CH columns are as follows:
xA positive number indicates advantage by the amount of frames (x) shown
-xA negative number indicates disadvantage by the amount of frames (x) shown
0A zero value indicates an even situation
downOpponent knocked down
staggerOpponent staggered
Note: these values assume hit detection occurs on the 1st active frame. For moves that contact on later active frames, the frame difference is offset accordingly.

Escape (Esc)

The direction, relative to the opponent, to successfully escape (or evade) the attack.
anyA linear attack which can be evaded in any direction
backA half-circular attack which can only be evaded to the opponent's back
frontA half-circular attack which can only be evaded to the opponent's front
(blank)A full-circular attack, or throw, which cannot be evaded.

Sober (Sob)

The amount of drink points that will be removed, or sobered, from Shun Di.


Additional notes or properties pertaining to the move. Common notes include:
[G] cancelThe move may be cancelled during execution by pressing the guard button.
Has same options as XThe move has the same follow-ups available as move X.
ChargeableThe move may be charged by holding down the input button(s).
Super ReplayInvokes a "super" (triple) replay when used as the knock out blow.
Opponent crouching (X: ±Y)Frame difference variation against a crouching opponent. X indicates the hit type, Y indicates the frame difference value.
Recovery CH: ±XFrame difference variation during Recovery Counter Hit. X indicates the frame difference value.
DP ± X(Applies to Shun Di only) The move results in Drink Points being added/subtracted by X.
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