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For the third straight year, Ultimate Showdown was at Combo Breaker. With over 40 participants, the side tournament was ran by Dropkick Montage with the top 4 streamed live. Gentleman Thief (JN) took first, Crazydrunk (SH) took second, Tricky (EI) third, and Tenguman (AO) took fourth. Link to the Twitch Archive of the top 4.
Last Updated: May 21, 2024 - Three years ago, pro Virtua Fighter player Shiwa wrote tactical guides for the entire cast of VF5US in his Blog. VolcanoShed took the initiative to translate some of these guides into English and posted them onto VFDC. First tactical guide translated was Kage several months ago and now there are ten characters' tactical guides translated. For your convenience links to the original guides written by Shiwa and the translations on VFDC within this thread.
VF2 Vinyl.jpg
Virtua Fighter 2 music will get the vinyl record treatment! Last year, the original Virtua Fighter soundtrack was released as a vinyl by Cartridge Thunder. Cartridge Thunder will be doing the same for Virtua Fighter 2. Two records: one for the arcade soundtrack and the second one for the SEGA Saturn mix.
Storm Collectibles' Jacky Bryant action figure was first announced to be in development in March 2022. Now after 2 years, VF Official has posted an update for the figure with "Coming Soon". We can likely expect a pre order for this item sooner than later. This is the 3rd figure in Storm Collectibles' VF5US/VFeS series. The 2nd figure, Wolf, is now expected to be released in the 2nd Quarter of 2024.
While Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (aka Virtua Fighter eSports in Japan) will not be at Evo Japan, Tetsuko Yamada hosted a VF Party with a focus on the international VF community! The event took place at the BARReL in Yokohama with setups for casuals and a random 3on3 team tournament. Players representing Europe, North America, Oceania, and other parts of Asia was in attendance. Archive of additional information of the event within the thread.
While VF5US (VFeS) will not be at EV0 Japan 2024, Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle will be returning to the event as a side tournament. VF3tb Organization will be running the side event with well known players, like Chibita and Ryan Hart, participating!
Super Choya Cup 5 tournament began in the evening of April 6 and concluded early the following day. Organized by Ifixmachine (VFHayato) and taking place at Brooklyn Games and Arcade in New York, the community was able to contribute a prize pool of over $3000 to the top finishers! Top placement - 1st Place: Denkai (JA, SH) ; 2nd Place: Rodnutz (AK, PA) ; 3rd Place: Mold Monkey (EI) ; 4th Place: Juicebox (AK) ; 5th Place: Tricky (EI). Additional links to archive, bracket, etc. in the thread.
The Special Cup is a one day offline PS4 tournament for VF5US. 152 participants registered for the February 10, 2024 event with an additional 32 spots available on the day of the event. The day is not only focused on Ultimate Showdown, but participants and spectators can also play the recently released VF3TB online. There will be two streams for the event: 1) a course on VF3TB online; and 2) the VFeS (VF5US outside of Japan) Final Tournament for the top 8 players.
Update 1.51 is out for VF5US and it is mandatory for online gameplay. This update should fix the game from freezing at the VS screen that was accidentally introduced in Update 1.50 a month ago. Official patch notes from virtuafighter.jp.
With 2023 coming to an end, Japanese gaming news sites, 4Gamer and Famitsu, gives game creators an opportunity to comment on a variety of things, including what their aspirations are for the next year.
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