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Hey guys, it's Jed. I'm really happy with how much the VF community has grown recently and so I figured it's a good time to write up a VFDC post about it in case anyone here doesn't already know what it is that we do. The VF discord is a general server for ALL VF GAMES.
Sega New Year message.jpg
New year, new expectations. 2023 is the 30th anniversary of the Virtua Fighter series. What is everyone's wishes and expectations for 2023? Here are some of the shared messages from the official VF twitter account and also a message from Seiji Aoki on his expecations/goals for 2023 (famitsu article). Happy New Year everyone, and happy VFing.
This interview of Harada and Aoki took place in June 2022, published in September 2022. Lots of interesting comments were made in the interview. Here are some notes taken from the article. As always, some meaning or context may have been lost in translation or interpreted incorrectly. Please check out the original article on 4Gamer (Japanese, writer Shinichi Yamoto, photos Ohsu Akira).
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This video from @Khanage contains information about every single release of Virtua Fighter 5 in chronological order. From the first location test in 2006 to the most recent release - Ultimate Showdown in 2022, nothing is left uncovered!
What should you do when you are not 100% sure if your opponent will attempt a throw? A good option is to input/buffer a throw escape! In Final and Ultimate Showdown, you can only choose to escape one throw direction at a time. In "Chanchai's Throw Escape Theory", Chanchai gives his opinion on what throw escape direction you should choose. You can read his article on his Evernote Blog and discussed the topic here or in his VFDC thread.
Hey guys, It's Jed. At the request of @MadeManG74 , i'll be writing a short post on something major that happened to VF recently.

Some new advancements in Naomi 2 emulation have recently been made by Flyinghead, the same guy who brought rollback netcode to VF3tb last year. VF4, VF4EVO, and VF4FT are now all supported by Flycast which has built in Rollback Netcode, Training Mode, and some nice QOL features that make getting into VF4 much easier and more fun in 2022.
Kurita and kbj had a lengthy Dengeki Online interview with Seiji Aoki, producer of VF5US (VFes in Japan). This was posted at the end of last year, December 28, 2021. It covers a wide range of topics related to Virtua Fighter. The original article is in Japanese, but there is also a good twitter thread translation by GSK. Below is a full translation of the interview:
According to SankeiBiz news article, it was revealed on October 14th and published in an "integrated report" by Sega Sammy Holdings, that the cumulative sales of the Virtua Fighter series is over 18 million units.
Which characters are being played the most? How many people are playing the game online? Those are some of the questions I tried to address by collecting and summarizing data from the in-game PSN ladders. This article is divided into three parts: 1) Survey of the characters used; 2) Survey of the player accounts; and 3) Now that free PS+ period has ended, what is next?
For veterans of the VF series this is going down memory lane; and for a new generation of VF fans, a story worth telling. This is about the Tetsujins in the 1990s before the internet and the term "esports" was commonly known. Sega officially named Shinjuku Jacky, Kashiwa Jeffry, K.K. Yukikaze, Ikebukuro Sarah, Bunbunmaru, and Kyasao as Tetsujins. The latter 3 had a roundtable discussion with Den Faminico Gamer (in Japanese) about a week after the release of Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (Virtua Fighter esports in Japan).
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