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The Australian Virtua Fighter community is very proud to announce that VICTORY ROAD will return anew in 2017! After an outstanding year of community growth and improvement in the inaugural 2016 season, the Victory Road league is returning, bigger and better than ever. Beginning in February, this time the league will be Inter-State, being run in NSW, Victoria and Queensland!
Many of you might be glad to see the back of 2016, and ready to take on 2017! But, do you know what you're getting yourself into? Happy New Year VFDC!
I still remember the first issue of Sega Saturn Magazine I ever purchased. It was the Feb 1997 edition, emblazoned with incredible cover art of Akira Yuki, and the title ‘Fighters Megamix’ in the corner. A new fighting game from AM2 was just about the most incredible thing that a Sega fan could ask for in ’97 (and in my opinion, it still is), and this was the first sighting of something that would become a very special game in Sega’s history.
I chose Virtua Fighter and Sarah Bryant.

Hopefully choosing Virtua Fighter will help the series get more demand.
YouTube user Jed Hudson recently revealed some unused character models in the original Virtua Fighter. While you may have long known about the character Siba, who was later used in an official capacity in Fighters Megamix, the two other character models certainly warrant some discussion or speculation around what could have been. The SEGAbits channel have put together a little review on this new finding.
Famous VFer from Japan and long time friend of VFDC, Kamaage, along with Shironuko and Kissa were recently in Los Angeles for the League of Legends World Championship 2016. While in town, Kamaage posted a call out to any LA locals for a VF gathering and that call was answered by @adamYUKI, @L_A and @Shidosha. To keep things interesting, the "casual" matches had a twist. Push ups were involved. Lots and lots of push ups.
A couple of months ago we learnt that VF5FS was making its debut on the PS4 console, via Yakuza 6. According to this recent tweet by Orange Man (@oojinjahime), it also has online play!
WatchMojo recently published a Virtua Fighter vs Tekken comparison video. It compares both series in the categories of story, characters, legacy, lasting appeal and combat. What do you think of their assessment?
Remember when this happened? Well, this just happened, too.
Via majornelson:
Bound by Flame, The Maw & Virtua Fighter 5 FS are coming to Xbox One Back Compat today

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