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Announced at the Amusement Expo 2023, the Virtua Fighter 3tb Online PREMIUM MUSIC COLLECTION will be available for purchase on December 14. 2023. In this two disc collection, the first disc consist of the original soundtrack. Compared ot the Virtua Fighter 3 Official Sound album, there are 12 additional tracks. THe second disc consist of: the rearranged soundtrack from the Yakuza DLC pack for VF5US; music specific to VF3tb: Online; and unused music from 1996.
Wolf Action Figure.jpg
Following the release of the Storm Collectibles 1/12 scale Akira action figures, the second character to get a highly articulate detailed ABS / PVC figure is Wolf Hawkfield! It was recently spotted as a preorder in the online webstore Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS).
First announced at the end of the Season 1 Pro Championship 2023, is the release of a vinyl soundtrack for the original Virtua Fighter game. Both the Arcade and the SEGA Saturn versions of the music track are on the vinyls produced by Cartridge Thunder.
Oasyx x Virtua Fighter NFT.jpg
Under the category of "nobody saw this coming / asked for this", and just when you thought NFTs had all but been exiled from the domain of professional gaming / esports, we learn that Yu Suzuki is working with blockchain company Oasys to publish a set of Virtua Fighter NFTs.
To celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, VFDC will be giving out the Yakuza or Tekken 7 DLC--pack only or game bundle codes--every day until the end of June!
At the Anime Boston convention, Discotek Media--a Boutique DVD/Blu-ray publisher of Japanese anime and Asian cinema--announced that they will released the SD version of the entire Virtua Fighter anime on Blu-Ray!
At the end of the Challenge Cup, various Virtua Fighter related products--action figure, beer, and more t-shirts--were announced. As for how people outside of Japan can get these, I'm not sure.
If you missed out on the free game offer of VF5US to PlayStation Plus subscribers, the game bundled with the Legendary Pack is available for a discount until the end of September. This is part of the PlayStation Plus Double Discounts Promotion.
VF X FOTNS 2.jpg
Yet another Virtua Fighter crossover, this time with mobile game Fist of the North Star Legends ReVive.

Check out the new trailer from Sega that reveals Akira Yuki battling with Kenshiro of the legendary Fist of the North Star Franchise and get more details by hitting the link to the full article!
Clothing store 'HardCC' or Hardcore Chocolate has launched a range of Virtua Fighter 1 themed T-shirts and hoodies.
Known for their apparel based around pink, movies and pro-wrestling, these polygonal designs fit the aesthetic nicely!
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