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The Special Cup is a one day offline PS4 tournament for VF5US. 152 participants registered for the February 10, 2024 event with an additional 32 spots available on the day of the event. The day is not only focused on Ultimate Showdown, but participants and spectators can also play the recently released VF3TB online. There will be two streams for the event: 1) a course on VF3TB online; and 2) the VFeS (VF5US outside of Japan) Final Tournament for the top 8 players.
Vol 7 Winners.jpg
VFR Tokyo Bay Area Cup is a monthly 3on3 Team Tournament using the Final Showdown arcade cabinet. In the 7th volume, on July 30th, Tetsuko no Heya Team - Homestay Akira (AK), Babukichi (AK), YOU (SA) - wins. They are the third team to have won a Tokyo Bay Area Cup monthy in 2023. They trailed behind Team Jump Kingdom and Team Shibuya. Both those teams having won three times each. Next monthly, Volume 8, takes place on August 27th.
the10th tokai cup.jpg
Tokai Cup 10 is the first 5on5 team battle for the new VFR season. These 5on5 team tournaments give one player on the victorious team seeding rights for the next Beat-Tribe Cup. The Tokai Cup is held at the Tomei Bowl within the Nagoya region. The central location of the venue, is covenient for both players from eastern and western Japan to converge. Tokai Cup 10 will take place on July 16, 2023, 12 pm Japan time.
After a 4 year absence, the Beat-Tribe Cup is coming back on May 14th, 2023. One of the most revered event for Virtua Fighter, VFR's 18th Beat-Tribe Cup is a 5on5 team tournament.
This interview of Harada and Aoki took place in June 2022, published in September 2022. Lots of interesting comments were made in the interview. Here are some notes taken from the article. As always, some meaning or context may have been lost in translation or interpreted incorrectly. Please check out the original article on 4Gamer (Japanese, writer Shinichi Yamoto, photos Ohsu Akira).
vf5 logo.jpg
This video from @Khanage contains information about every single release of Virtua Fighter 5 in chronological order. From the first location test in 2006 to the most recent release - Ultimate Showdown in 2022, nothing is left uncovered!
This post is a compilation of basic character tutorials by miyavi_ngos and they have been subtitled into English. Even though they are videos, this listing of content is valuable to people wanting to learn characters in VF5US.
The Virtua Expo 2022 is a collaboration between OReikhalKos and Tetsuko no Heya (Tetsuko's Room). It is a combination of online and offline events that includes same character tournaments and a 5on5 team tournament. Translated from Tetsuko no Heya's Website, "It may not be like the Shibuya Virtua Expos of the past, but I hope someday the Virtua Expo 2022 will be a step toward offline events in the future."
A new year so let's try again to summarize the VF tournaments/events around the world! We celebrate the new year with a massive 5-person online team tournament organized by Tetsuko's Room. January 2022 also marked the beginning of the 2nd Challenge Cup series and North America had its first major offline event at the Frosty Faustings!
Many of the events, but not all (apologies!) that occurred from August 6 to August 23. Whether the event is offline or online, small or large, please share your events that you organized, participated in, or watched!
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