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An unlisted video posted on SEGA's Official YouTube channel on June 4th. "Empower the Gamers; Be a Game Changer; We are SEGA".
For the third straight year, Ultimate Showdown was at Combo Breaker. With over 40 participants, the side tournament was ran by Dropkick Montage with the top 4 streamed live. Gentleman Thief (JN) took first, Crazydrunk (SH) took second, Tricky (EI) third, and Tenguman (AO) took fourth. Link to the Twitch Archive of the top 4.
While Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (aka Virtua Fighter eSports in Japan) will not be at Evo Japan, Tetsuko Yamada hosted a VF Party with a focus on the international VF community! The event took place at the BARReL in Yokohama with setups for casuals and a random 3on3 team tournament. Players representing Europe, North America, Oceania, and other parts of Asia was in attendance. Archive of additional information of the event within the thread.
Super Choya Cup 5 tournament began in the evening of April 6 and concluded early the following day. Organized by Ifixmachine (VFHayato) and taking place at Brooklyn Games and Arcade in New York, the community was able to contribute a prize pool of over $3000 to the top finishers! Top placement - 1st Place: Denkai (JA, SH) ; 2nd Place: Rodnutz (AK, PA) ; 3rd Place: Mold Monkey (EI) ; 4th Place: Juicebox (AK) ; 5th Place: Tricky (EI). Additional links to archive, bracket, etc. in the thread.
Global Showdown is an international community-organized event by Blessy (Europe), Harponeer (America), and Tetsuko Yamada (Japan) to gather VF players around the world for a 2-day event. After multiple setbacks, the event finally took place on December 9-10 at LevelTap in Liverpool, UK. On day 1, players participated in a single elimination tournament and team battle exhibition. The main event, a double elimination tournament, took place on day 2, with Shiwa winning it all!
It has been thirty years since the worldwide release of Virtua Fighter. When did you started your journey with VF? Have a memorable story with the game or the community? Let us celebrate the 30 years of Virtua FIghter reminiscing the good times and hoping for more good memories to come! Everyday, VFDC will also be giving away VF5US DLCs or VF5US game+DLC bundles. Check out the thread for more details.
summer jam.jpg
Summer Jam 2023 took place In the greater Philadelphia region (Cherry Hii, New Jersey) on September 1st to 3rd. Taking 1st place is VFnumbers (LE) with KDQ players Assassin (BR) and Bushido (TA) taking 2nd and 3rd place respectively. No stream was available, but matches from the tourney were recorded. Will post in thread when available online.
The EVO Community Showcase tournament for VF5US was held on August 4th. Top 3 Results: 1) Kurita (TA); 2) GentlemanThief (JN); 3) Phoxx (BL). Kurita lost to the 2022 defending champion GentlemanThief in the Winners Final, but was able to reset the tournament in the Grand Finals and defeat GentlemanThief. Links to archive of the tournament within this thread - Akai
EVO Japan 2023 will be starting soon! This ongoing thread will be updated with the stream and results for the Virtua Fighter portion of the event.
Hey guys, it's Jed. I'm really happy with how much the VF community has grown recently and so I figured it's a good time to write up a VFDC post about it in case anyone here doesn't already know what it is that we do. The VF discord is a general server for ALL VF GAMES.
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