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OzHadou, Australia's largest and original FGC, invited myself and @MadeManG74 as guests to their "I Don't Even (Listen to this) Podcast" to talk about the game that everybody respects but is too scared to touch – Virtua Fighter. The VF talk starts around 34 minutes into the (approx) 2 hour gab fest and includes mentions of the resurgence of the Canadian VF scene, NYGX, and much, much more!
Remember my moments compilation videos? Good old days, but today I've come up with something else for you guys! Here it is, the ancient history of our favourite polygonal button smashing simulator! It won't be a casual look at it though, I will try to analyze a mechanical growth of the series and compare it to whatever the other 3D fighting games have come up through all this time. Also there is something special I'm preparing towards the end of the series, so stay tuned!
In just a few hours, one of the most exciting stops on the Virtua Fighter Relationship tour will be underway -- The 2016 Tokai Cup(2016東海杯)!

The Tokai Cup is a 5v5 character-locked tournament; teams must consist of at least three different characters. 165 players in 33 teams will be travelling from all across Japan to Club Sega Nagoya, where they will compete among the nation's best.
The Video Game Museum Robot arcade, located in Saitama (in the outskirts of the Greater Tokyo Area), held the first VF5S tournament of 2016 on January 2nd. It was a 6v6 random team tournament - 48 players divided into 8 teams competed, including players like Hama Lau (LA), tara (JE), Shark Vanessa (VA), SHENRON (GO), Satoshi (SA), Serori (KA), Chinpan/Chimpanzee (JA), and many more -- Over 5 hours of VF action!
Happy New Year to all VFDC members for 2016! Can't picture yourself winning? Life won't go easy on you? A new year signifies a new beginning, so be ready for it and break through any obstacles that get in your way!
The latest in the Virtua Fighter Relationship series of team tournaments, volume twelve of the Tokyo Bay Area Cup featured stiff competition from many of VF's top players, including Yuutenji(LE), Chinpan(JA), SHU(SH), Entan(AK), Aopai(PA), Satoshi(SA), Wasakon(LA), Joseph(AK), Magnum(JE), Reorao(GO), and alot more!
BunBunMaru(ブンブン丸) and Ohsu Akira(大須晶), both icons of the Japanese VF community, were filmed on the show "e-Sports MAX"(eスポーツMaX), which played on the Japanese television network Tokyo MX back in July 17th. These guys show off top level VF2, with studio commentary (in Japanese). In a second video, BunBun and Ohsu also analyze the replay of their match(also in Japanese).​
On December 5th in Tokyo, Ikebukuro Sarah, one of the legendary Tetsujins (Ironman) of VF1 and VF2, was honored for his 50th birthday celebration by holding special event featuring a 100-man kumite. It was held at one of the most famous arcades in Japan, Mikado Arcade.
To all our VF'ers in the Southeast United States, the one and only Lisle Wilkerson will be appearing in person at the community-run all-SEGA fan convention, Sonic & SEGA Fan Jam. It will be taking place this Saturday, November 14th, 2015, at Savannah, Georgia.
An article on a First Look at Figma Virtua Fighter Figures was recently published on ToyArk which is worth checking out for any VF collector enthusiast. It has a preview (unpainted) prototypes of two characters - Akira and Sarah - in their original polygonal glory! The images and original source is courtesy of the hobby news site amiami.jp.