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VGM Robot arcade is hosting a team tournament livestream on YouTube, going on right now! Come check out some of VF's finest players from the greater Tokyo area.
There are two types of people in this world. Those who think online petitions are a waste of time, and those who think that however slim the chance, there's no harm lending their voice to the cause. VFDC user @cmase1989 has taken some initiative to start an online petition to let SEGA know that We want Virtua Fighter 6! It'll literally take you a few seconds to fill out if you feel so inclined. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?
REMINDER: The team tournament is now on Friday. It will start at 6:00 P.M.

Once again, New York City prepares to host the Western World’s most hype VF event: the New York Gathering.

This year one of our own hosts the tournament; NYC_VF’s own Hayato will be holding the event in his shop ifixmachine . This is a great venue with arcade cabinets, a complete stream setup, and outdoor space for a barbecue! We always strive to bring the best hangout experience to VF every Summer, and are excited to eat, drink, and play VF with you all!
Occurring in the same event as the All-Star Budokai tournament and the Tenshoushin Battle between Chinpan and Homestay Akira last week, this is the replay of the Stormlord (轟雷神) and Magmalord (爆焔神) round robin battles, the third and second highest ranks possible in VF5FS.
This past weekend, Chinpan, one of Japan's best Jackys, put together a 32-man double elimination singles tournament full of killers, including popular names like demae (Wolf), Shishamo (Eileen), Shark Vanessa (Vanessa), SHU (Shun), Puuta (Jean) and the one and only VF God himself, Chibita. Do we even need to say anymore? If there's a video of Japanese VF to watch, its this one!!!
This weekend, we were able to witness a new Tenshoushin battle! Hit the jump to come and watch the replay of some of the highest level of VF play in action.
Sega Nerds reports that Japanese figure manufacturer, Max Factory, are now accepting pre-orders for the Virtua Fighter Figmas that were previewed a few months ago. The default Akira and Sarah figures are reportedly available for 4,500 yen ($38.11 USD). Be sure to follow the source links for some hot poses!
SEGA recently tweeted about a survey they're running, and want to hear from you! While the questions have a very "mobile gaming" theme to them, there's plenty of opportunity to let SEGA know what you really think, as well as reminding them that interest in the Virtua Fighter brand is still out there!
This past weekend saw the running of 2016 Tokyo Bay Area Cup Volume 2, as well as the traditional exhibition of ranking battles. Of particular note was the 轟雷神 Gouraishin (Storm God) ranking battles that featured Yoppii (JA), Puuta (JN), Shishamo (EI) and Esupi (JN). The character that breaks through is probably not who you'd expect!?
OzHadou, Australia's largest and original FGC, invited myself and @MadeManG74 as guests to their "I Don't Even (Listen to this) Podcast" to talk about the game that everybody respects but is too scared to touch – Virtua Fighter. The VF talk starts around 34 minutes into the (approx) 2 hour gab fest and includes mentions of the resurgence of the Canadian VF scene, NYGX, and much, much more!