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In the Exploring Fighting Games series, episode four describes an approach one might use when learning a 3D fighting game for the first time. While it uses Tekken 7 as the game to demonstrate the approach, you'll find that most of the ideas put forward apply to Virtua Fighter as well, especially for new comers to the game!
VF History 2.jpg
You may remember recently that Sega published a short, but great piece on the history of Virtua Fighter, and it's massive boom in popularity in Japan. Obviously, there's a bigger story to tell with Virtua Fighter's illustrious history, and part 2 of this piece has just been published.
The soundtracks to every Virtua Fighter arcade game (except Kids!) have been added to Spotify -- Virtua Fighter Official Sound.
Virtua Fighter Best Tracks + One is a new VF album being released on 18th February 2015 with a selection of music from the VF series, all remastered. The bonus track is a remix of Ai Ga Tarinaize, the 2nd opening theme to the VF anime, with new recording for the vocals. There are 32 tracks altogether, but this would be one of those albums which leaves you wanting to go buy all the other soundtracks. Looks like the hype train is on the move...
Hi, folks. Are you watching this anime? Because if you enjoy Sega and really offbeat humor, you absolutely should be. It's streaming on Crunchyroll, English-subbed, as we speak, and right now subscribers can access up to the second episode which is entirely focused on VF!
So a popular youtube channel known as the "Best Friends Play" has a series called Friday Night Fisticuffs. This week they have VF5FS featured. Will the Best Friends be able to get good at this 3-button fitegame? Either way, it could be decent exposure for VF! Jump in and join the hilarity!
It looks like this week, VF5FS now has a Complete Edition available for only $19.99, at least on PSN.

For PS Plus members, the complete edition will be on sale for $14.99 starting November 20th (tomorrow).

I don't know what is being offered on XBL, but I assume the Complete Edition will be there.