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Last Updated: June 5, 2024 - Three years ago, pro Virtua Fighter player Shiwa wrote tactical guides for the entire cast of VF5US in his Blog. VolcanoShed took the initiative to translate some of these guides into English and posted them onto VFDC. First tactical guide translated was Kage several months ago and now there are fifteen characters' tactical guides translated. For your convenience links to the original guides written by Shiwa and the translations on VFDC within this thread.
This post is a compilation of basic character tutorials by miyavi_ngos and they have been subtitled into English. Even though they are videos, this listing of content is valuable to people wanting to learn characters in VF5US.
What should you do when you are not 100% sure if your opponent will attempt a throw? A good option is to input/buffer a throw escape! In Final and Ultimate Showdown, you can only choose to escape one throw direction at a time. In "Chanchai's Throw Escape Theory", Chanchai gives his opinion on what throw escape direction you should choose. You can read his article on his Evernote Blog and discussed the topic here or in his VFDC thread.
Just when you thought Option Select in the VF2 series wasn't broken enough, along comes a discovery 20 years later that changes the game, again.
Have you ever wondered what the best throw to use is? Should you do your most damaging throw? Should you mix up your throws? Should you do the weakest throw because no one breaks it?

Fighting games are based on two players making decisions simultaneously. Different choices give different payoffs.
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