Victory Road Season 1: Kage

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Top Rank: Min Value: Date: to
Date Event Players Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
2016-Nov-26 Victory Road XI: York Street Battles November '16 13 1st Iron Myke 1950 Myke Myke
2016-Oct-29 Victory Road X: York Street Battles October '16 17 1st Myke 2550 Myke Myke
2016-Sep-23 Victory Road IX: York Street Battles September '16 11 1st Myke 1650 Myke Myke
2016-Aug-28 Victory Road VIII: OHN14 (Finals) 4 2nd [NSW] Myke 3500 Myke Myke
2016-Aug-27 Victory Road VIII: OHN14 (Group A) 7 2nd Myke 0 Myke Myke
2016-Jul-23 Victory Road VII: York Street Battles July '16 14 1st Iron Myke 2100 Myke Myke
2016-Jun-25 Victory Road VI: York Street Battles June '16 14 1st Myke 2100 Myke Myke
2016-May-28 Victory Road V: York Street Battles May '16 10 1st Iron Myke 1500 Myke Myke
2016-Apr-29 Victory Road IV: York Street Battles April '16 15 1st Mike 2250 Myke Myke
2016-Feb-27 Victory Road II: York Street Battles - Feb '16 14 1st Myke 2100 Myke Myke
2016-Jan-30 Victory Road I: York Street Battles - Jan '16 10 1st Myke 1500 Myke Myke
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