Victory Road Season 2: Brad

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Top Rank: Min Value: Date: to
Date Event Players Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
2019-Jan-12 Victory Road XXX - York Street Battles #65 12 9th ARC | AsurasAbyss 450 AsurasAbyss AsurasAbyss
2017-Jul-22 Victory Road XVII - York Street Battles July '17 15 13th xyz 281 xyz_ xyz_
2017-Jun-24 Victory Road XVI - York Street Battles June '17 19 13th xyz 356 xyz_ xyz_
2017-May-27 Victory Road XV - York Street Battles May '17 17 17th Nyotera 26
2017-May-14 Battle Arena Melbourne 9 23 17th Luthadel 35
2017-Feb-17 CouchWarriors RanBat Feb 2017 7 4th Burnout 656
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