<<Team XLP (Xiao Long Bao)>> {NYC VF} thread.

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by kungfusmurf, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. VFhayato

    VFhayato Well-Known Member

    Last saturday gaming stream! with ST! lets go!
  2. VFhayato

    VFhayato Well-Known Member

    4 cabs are set for IFM! [​IMG]
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  3. Harpooneer

    Harpooneer Well-Known Member

    Beautiful! You got the harnesses yet or they are still coming in? Let's get some Naomi2 in there!
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  4. VFhayato

    VFhayato Well-Known Member

    harnesses all set. We just have to recap 3 monitors and plus put speakers and lights but everything is ready!
  5. VFhayato

    VFhayato Well-Known Member

    Calling the NYC VF guys! come down this saturday as we are gonna have an interview for the pre NYC about VF and we also need you guys to play VF and help us out. This will be also be calling out sega so that we may see a new VF game I FIX MACHINE
    128 32nd Street suite 114
    Brooklyn NY 11232
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  6. Oioron

    Oioron Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Can you host an online room too for former NYC VFers like myself? :)
  7. Mold_Monkey93

    Mold_Monkey93 Well-Known Member

    Got a job opening. Won't make it on the 7th. Tell Sega that there are young fans like me!

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