Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) 2011

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    [​IMG]Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) - October 1-2, 2011 VF5 tournament in Melbourne, Australia as part of the 2-day Couch Warrior's BAM weekend long event. The Virtua Fighter 5 tournament will begin around 1 pm on October 2nd, 2011.

    » BAM Stream URL

    1st: AlexMD
    2nd: El_Twelve
    3rd: Berzerk

    » Stream Recording (VF5 starts at 49 minutes)
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. El_Twelve
    Here's the archived footage. VF starts at 49 mins.

    I have to apologise, my play was absolutely shocking against Alex. I'm not the best player even on a good day, but today was extra fail. Thus the grand final is just me getting my arse handed to me over and over. :p
  2. akai
    Thanks for the archived video - El_Twelve!
  3. Myke
    Just watched the stream. Sorry again that I couldn't be there, but good showing nonetheless! Just want to say to you guys that you snould never apologise for the way you play. Sure, you might personally feel like you're capable of better, but it's a tournament and them's the breaks! People don't like what they see? Fuck 'em! It is what it is! My hat goes off to you, and anyone else out there, still carrying the VF torch.

    BTW, El_Twelve, did I also read somewhere that you won the SF3 Low Tier Hero tournament? If so, congrats! [​IMG]

    Massive thanks have to be given to Couchwarriors, Shadowloo, Bugsimus, and anyone else that helped with BAM for accomodating the VF5 tournament, despite the traditionally low turnout!

    Shout outs to DYoshii for his commentary assistance, and Mooseking and his "back throw" calls [​IMG]

    I look forward to Shadowloo Showdown 2012 in May 2012 - who knows, maybe we can a Final Showdown preview there!?
  4. ShinyBrentford
    I'm just happy to see VF tourney outside of Japan again.
  5. El_Twelve
    Thanks for the encouragement Myke!

    The SF3 thing was a community award since I'm one of the more well known low tier character players in 3rd Strike in Melbourne. My main is Twelve. Don't normally place high in tournaments, but I pull off some upsets from time to time. I didn't realise they'd voted me in until I read your post. lol

    Much thanks to the Melbourne 3S community.

    Forgot to add, after the tournament, me and THK spent more than an hour experimenting with Shun's raft and the different ways to fall off. Kage running K with opponent jumping over him was one of the best. Wolf calf branding was pretty good too. We also found out if you back off to opposite corners of the raft, 1P side can't see himself because the camera doesn't zoom out far enough. Totally inane stuff. :p
  6. Mooseking_Lion
    Pretty sure everything is a back throw Myke. [​IMG]

    Grats to everyone that participated over the weekend and special thanks to Berserk for being one of the only folks in the Melbourne FGC to show Adelaide some love.

    Still feeling like ass and for once feeling like I should have spent more time with VF. Enjoyed getting back into it after I had previously been missing.....

    Much <3

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