Kakutou Shinseiki VI Event - March 2012

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    <span style="font-size: 20pt">Kakutou Shinseiki VI </span>
    Official website specifically for the event - link

    [​IMG] Main Stream (embedded) / Cabinet A / Cabinet B (direct feeds from two of the 4 cabinets used in the event)

    - This topic summarizes the Kakutou Shinseiki VI tournament. The main tournament was held on March 17, 2012, with "Virtua God" Chibita (LI) taking home the coveted KSVI trophy and the special title: ä¸æ•—神話 (Fuhai Shinwa, "Invincible Legend"). Another version of the bracket Challonge Bracket.

    The bracket above (edited/modified with the English translation) is from the KSVI website. The position in the brackets were randomly drawn from two boxes (First Box - the preliminary qualifiers took up the normal tournament slots (black font); Second Box - the special slots are taken up by Tomarion and Chibita (blue font)/Pre-KS VI (red font)/ Final Battle Audition slots (green font)).

    64 players qualified for the final event by different routes:

    Kakutou Shinseiki V Winner and "Virtua God"- (blue) KSV winner Tomarion (LI) will automatically gets a spot in the final tournament (A8). The "Virtua God" Chibita (LI) also gets an automatic spot in the tournament (D1).

    Battle Audition 4th Season - (green). Become "star players" through the 4th Season of Battle Audition tournament series(first tournament in July 2011 and last tournament "Final Battle Audition" in February 18, 2012)

    Winners of the current Battle Audition Tournaments (Star Player Cadets) will play against the 3rd Season Star Players in the Final Battle Audition (FBA) event. This will determine the 4th Season Star Players. In addition, three star players from the FBA event will get a spot in the KSVI tournament (green).

    2011-2012 Star Players
    三闘士 (san toushi...The Three Champions)
    Tomarion (LI) - Since the start of Battle Audition. é­”é¾ (Maryuu) "Demon Dragon" / è–é¾ (Seiryuu) "Holy Dragon" Special Titles
    Fullswing (LI) - Since the start of Battle Audition.
    Fuudo (SH) - Since Season 2 (LI) å¤©é¾ (Tenryuu) "Heavenly Dragon" Special Title

    闘士åå‚‘ (toushi juu ketsu...The Ten Great Fighters)
    Senningiri (KA) - Since Season 2. ç™½é¾ (Hakuuryu) "White Dragon" Special Title
    Monkichi(VA) - Since the start of Battle Audition
    Joseph (AK) - Since Season 3, ä» (Jin) "Virtuous" Special Title
    Itabashi Zangief (SH) - Since Since Season 3. 義 (Gi) "Righteousness"
    Kanzen Nitaku (WO) - Since Season 3. 智 (Chi) "Wisdom" Special Title
    Anaguma (JA) - Since Season 3. 礼 (Rei) "Thankful" Special Title
    Morimoto Leotard (VA) - Since Season 3. ä¿¡ (Shin) "Truth" Special Title
    Shindou Jacky (LA) - 1st Season and 3rd Season. 考 (Kou) "Thought" Special Title
    YOU (SA) - Since the start of Battle Audition
    Chootaro (JN) - Since Season 3

    Battle Audition 4th season Winners
    Mukku (TA) - Nagoya (Jul-31-11) Tournament Video [​IMG]Part 1/ Part 2 Awarded 開山祖師 (kaizansoshi) title. "originator"
    Kurobo~ (LA)- Osaka (Sep-03-11) Tournament Video [​IMG]Part 1/ Part 2 (Final Match) Awarded 快刀乱麻 (kaitouranma) title. "swift/skillful problem solver"
    Gorgeous (GO) - Tokyo(Ikebukuro) (Sep-25-11) [​IMG]Tournament Video Awarded 難攻ä¸è½ (nankoufuraku) title. "impregnable"
    Umecchi (EI) - Okayama (Oct-23-11) [​IMG]Tournament Video Awarded 怪力乱神 (kairyokuranshin) title. "supernatural"
    Yosui (SH) - Miyagi (Nov-06-11) [​IMG]Tournament Video Awarded 心身一如 (shinshinichinyo) title. "body and mind as one"
    Byakko (PA) - Hokkaido (Nov-20-11) [​IMG]Tournament Video Awarded 移山倒海 (izantoukai) title. "conqueror of nature"
    Malcolm X (Aoi) - Kyushu (Dec-11-11) [​IMG]Tournament Video Awarded 破邪顕正 (hajakenshou) title. "crush evil/spread truth"
    Kakurikon (AO) - Tokyo(Akihabara) (Jan-09-12) [​IMG] Tournament Video Awarded 臥é¾é³³é››ã€€ï¼ˆgaryouhousuu) title. ""unrecognized/hidden genius"

    Final Battle Audition - Feb. 18, 2012 Three sets of Round Robin (two trial leagues and one star player league) tournaments.
    [​IMG]Trial League (Blocks A and B) - A (Main) / B / C / D
    [​IMG]Star Player League - A (Main) / B / C / D

    2012-2013 The Three Champions:
    01st Anaguma (JA) - é£›é¾ (Hiryuu - Flying Dragon) Special Title, Shiga Qualifier Champion
    02nd Tomarion (LI) - KSV Champion
    03rd Fullswing (LI) - Nagasaki Qualifier Champion

    2012-2013 The Ten Great Fighters:
    04th Kakurikon (AO) - Pre-KSVI Tokyo Champion
    05th Choutarou (JN) - Osaka A Qualifier Champion
    06th Joseph (AK)(E1) - Qualifies for KSVI
    07th Senningiri (KA)(G1) - Qualifies for KSVI
    08th Kanzen Nitaku (WO)(H8) - Qualifies for KSVI
    09th Byakko (PA)
    10th Umecchi (EI)
    11th Mukku (TA)
    12th Malcolm X (AO)
    13th Fuudo (SH) (by default)

    Pre-Kakutou Shinseiki - (Red, Italics) Winning one of the 5 regional pre-Kakutou Shinseiki tournaments in December 2011. The 5 winners get the 天下布武 title -
    Puuta (JN)(H1) December 3rd - in Nagoya [​IMG]Tournament Video (guest: Bun Bun Maru and Chibita - extra Kumite Video)
    Jun (SA)(F1) December 4th - in Fukuoka [​IMG]Tournament Video (guest: Bun Bun Maru and Tomarion - extra Kumite Video)
    Kakurikon (AO)(A1) December 17th - in Tokyo [​IMG]Tournament Video Part 1/ Part 2 (guest: Asami Shimoda aka Asapon - extra Kumite Video)
    Wage (LI)(B1) December 18th - in Miyagi [​IMG]Tournament Video Part 1/Part 2 (guest: Asami Shimoda aka Asapon - extra Kumite Video )
    Kurobo~ (LA)(C1) December 23rd - in Osaka [​IMG]Tournament Video Part 1/Part 2 (guest: Ikebukuro Sarah, Kyasao, and Shinjuku Jacky - extra Kumite Video)

    Preliminary Qualifiers - (black, italics) Winning preliminary qualifiers by prefectures beginning in January 14, 2012-March 4, 2012.

    Youtube Playlist of Final Matches
    Shiwa (PA)(D5) - Tokyo A Jan-14-2012 [​IMG]Tournament Video [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Doujima-sama (LE)(E8) - Fukui Jan-14-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Super Zeus (BR)(G7) - Shizuoka Jan-14-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Tane (AK)(F3) Kyoto Jan-14-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Shindou Jacky (LA)(H6) Hokkaido Jan-14-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Kejiko (GO)(D2) - Ishikawa Jan-15-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Yogo Kage (KA)(H2) - Aichi A Jan-15-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Rodeo (AK)(F4) - Tochigi Jan-15-2012
    Yawatasutaa (AK)(A7) - Fukushima Jan-15-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Kanburi (TA)(B6) - Tottori Jan-15-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Fullswing (LI)(E6) - Nagasaki Jan-15-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Kingujoo Oto (JA)(E5) - Okayama - Jan-21-2012
    Ferikkusu (KA)(H3) - Oita Jan-22-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Hitsudi (BR)(D6) - Saitama Jan-22-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Chootaro (JN)(E3) - Osaka A Jan-22-2012 [​IMG] Tournament Video [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Jackyman (JA)(F7) - Ehime Jan-22-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    The Big Katada (AK)(G4) - Aomori Jan-28-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Chou Mokkoriyocchan (SH)(D4) - Miyagi Jan-28-2012 [​IMG]Tournament Video [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Tonchan (LA)(A3) - Fukuoka/Saga A Jan-28-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Parankun (LA)(D3) - Toyama Jan-28-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Gemu (WO)(F5) - Hiroshima Jan-28-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Chibitarou (JE)(E5) - Akita Jan-29-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Serori (KA)(D7) - Ibaraki Jan-29-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Kentaro (EI)(G2) - Wakayama Jan-29-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Googyan (GO)(A5) - Yamanashi Feb-4-2012 [​IMG] Youtbue Final Match
    Niia(EI)(H7) - Okinawa Feb-4-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Puyo (SA)(G8) - Fukuoka/Saga B Feb-4-2012 [​IMG] Tournament Video [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Yatsuki (JA)(B2) - Nagano Feb-5-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Anaguma (JA)(D8) - Shiga Feb-5-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Rokugi Akira (AK)(G3) - Shimane Feb-5-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Hima Jean (JN)(C6) - Kanagawa A Feb-11-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Maichi (EI)(B4) - Osaka B Feb-11-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Mukki Akira (AK)(F8) - Aichi B Feb-11-2012 [​IMG] Tournament Video [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Orochi Poppo (JA)(B5) - Miyazaki/Kumamoto A Feb-11-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    ☆ No Hikaru (JA)(C4) - Iwate Feb-11-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Auru (AO)(A2) - Gunma Feb-12-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Kashin (TA)(F2) - Kanagawa B Feb-12-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Makoto (AK)(A6) - Nigata Feb-12-2012
    Kotetsu (SH)(G5) - Yamaguchi Feb-12-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Mahha Katou (LE)(C3) - Kagoshima Feb-12-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Shounen (TA)(B7) - Kagawa Feb-19-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Tsukemen Banchou(BR)(B3) - Gifu Feb-19-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    23 (SH)(C7) - Nara Feb-19-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Basutaa (LI)(E4) - Tokyo B Feb-25-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Jin (KA)(C5) - Kouchi Feb-25-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Tara (JN)(G6) - Chiba Feb-26-2012
    Chinobrad (BR)(F6) - Mie Feb-26-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Jaga (GO)(C8) - Hyogo A Feb-26-2012 [​IMG]Tournament Video [​IMG]Youtube Final Match
    Dabu (VA)(H5) - Tokushima Mar-03-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Koedo (JN)(A4) - Tokyo C Mar-04-2012 [​IMG] Tournament Video [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    YOU (SA)(C2) - Hyogo B Mar-04-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match
    Toyochin (TA)(H4) - Miyazaki/Kumamoto B Mar-04-2012 [​IMG] Youtube Final Match

    Momokuro Mameta (JN)(B8) - Appointed Day Qualifier 3-17-2012

    Note #1 - Yamagata Qualifier (Feb-25-2012) - had no representative. The E2 Slot was given to the second place finisher (Pacha (AO)) from the appointed day qualifier.

    Note #2 - Okinawa Qualifier Representative - Niia (EI) - could not participate in the event. His H7 Slot was given to the third place finisher (Ekimae (AO)) from the appointed day qualifier.

    Note #3 - Pre-KS Winner Kurobo~ (LA) could not participate in the event. His D1 Slot was give to the fourth place finisher (ChinpanJ (JA)) from the appointed day qualifier.

    Note: There are most likely mistakes from the Japanese translations
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    In VFTV Live Episode 8 - They went over the KSVI bracket and later posted it in their website. Translated version of the bracket posted in the first post. Non-italics are the players' names and italics is a spot still undetermined.
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    Updates made to the Topic Post:

    Pre-KS Tournaments - Last month's Pre-KS Tournament footage from Toyko and Miyagi are now available to watch! I think there must be a month delay to events in which Asapon is present.

    Battle Audition - All the normal Battle Audition 4th season tournaments are over. What remains is the Final Battle Audition tournament in February. This will have all the current Star Players (13) plus the Star Player Cadets (the 8 BA-4th season winners) play amongst each other to determine the next roster of Star Players (their names/profile in the game will be displayed as yellow or gold). In addition, the top 3 ranked players in the Final Battle Audition tournament will get a spot in the KSVI tournament. Tomarion (KSV champion) and Kakurikon (Pre-KS Tokyo champion) have spots guaranteed in the KSVI tournament already. The actual format of FBA is unclear. I assume a round robin format with all 21 players. The past FBA had two round robins - one amongst the current star players. The second one is between the star players (minus the top 3 from the first round robin) and the star player cadets.

    Preliminary Qualifiers - starts in January 14th, 2011. Updated post listing all the times they will start. At the moment, whether any of these tournaments will be stream is unclear.
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    First post - updated with the winners of the KSVI qualifying tournaments from this past weekend. 64-player bracket also updated.

    So in the first round of KSVI, some of the players already know who they will have to face.

    In the first round,

    Yawatasuutaa (AK) vs Tomarion (LI) in the A Block
    Chibita (LI) vs Kejiko (GO) in the D Block
    Tane (AK) vs Rodeo (AK) in the F Block
    Puuta (JN) vs Yogo Kage (KA) in the H Block.

    Next week, we will have 5 more players qualifying for the final tournament.
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    <object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" width="560" height="345" id="utv52489" name="utv_n_777549"><param name="flashvars" value="loc=%2F&autoplay=false&vid=19881265&locale=en_US&hasticket=false&v3=1" /><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="src" value="http://www.ustream.tv/flash/viewer.swf" /><embed flashvars="loc=%2F&autoplay=false&vid=19881265&locale=en_US&hasticket=false&v3=1" width="560" height="345" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" id="utv52489" name="utv_n_777549" src="http://www.ustream.tv/flash/viewer.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" /></object>​

    From VF TV Live Episode 12 -

    In this episode hosted by Shinjuku Jacky and Manshi - they showed the final matches of all the KSVI qualifiers held on Jan. 14th-15th. The Final Matches starting with Aichi A does not have any sound.

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Code:</div><div class="ubbcode-body ubbcode-pre" ><pre>
    Prefecture Final Matches Ep. 12
    Hokkaido Byakko (PA) vs Shindou Jacky (LA) 23:30
    Tokyo A Joseph (AK) vs Shiwa(PA) 25:15
    Shizuoka Super Zeus (BR) vs Irori (TA) 27:50
    Fukui Poronkun (LA)vs Doujima-Sama (LE) 31:20
    Kyoto Tane (AK) vs Ryootaro (GO) 33:56
    Fukushima Shunia (BR) vs Yawatasutaa (AK) 37:35
    Aichi A Yogo Kage (KA) vs Uraoosu (LA) 40:48
    Ishikawa Kabukimono Akira (AK) vs Kejiko (GO) 42:51
    Tottori Kanburi (TA) vs Kurohige Lau (LA) 46:05
    Nagasaki Fullswing (LI) vs Tacha (JA) 48:45

    Final Battle Audition - 4th Season Information -
    There are some changes to the format compared to the Final Battle Audition - 3rd Season

    The event will start with the Trial League. The eight 4th Season Battle Audition tournament winners plus the 闘士åå‚‘ (toushi juu ketsu...The Ten Great Fighters) will be divided into two 9-player blocks. The 三闘士 (san toushi...The Three Champions) does not participate in this event (they are Tomarion, Fuudo, and Fullswing). This will determine the new Star Player Roster. After the Trial League comes the Star Player League which will determine the new 三闘士 (san toushi) and also determines who will participate in KSVI finals.
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    The winners from this weekend Qualifiers based on Sexy Saito and VF_Official twitter:

    The Big Katada (AK)(G4) - Aomori Jan-28-2012
    Chou Mokkoriyocchan (SH)(D4) - Miyagi Jan-28-2012
    Tonchan (LA)(A3) - Fukuoka/Saga A Jan-28-2012
    Porankun (LA)(D3) - Toyama Jan-28-2012
    Gemu (WO)(F5) - Hiroshima Jan-28-2012
    Chibitarou (JE)(E5) - Akita Jan-29-2012
    Serori (KA)(D7) - Ibaraki Jan-29-2012
    Kentaro (EI)(G2) - Wakayama Jan-29-2012

    Bracket in first post updated. So Chibita's block D1-D4 and Fullswing's Block E5-E8 is completely filled.

    In addition, added Youtube Playlist of Final Matches. They are usually shown in the VF TV Live numbered episodes first and then added to youtube. Expecting the end of this week to get January 28-29th Preliminary Qualifier Final Matches to be uploaded by Sega.

    Finally, 31 players are in the 64-man bracket. The character tally so far is:

    Lau, Akira, Lion: 4 each

    Kage: 3

    Brad, Jacky, Jean: 2 each

    Aoi, Taka, Goh, Pai, Jeffry, Lei, Sarah, Eileen, Wolf, and Shun: 1 each.

    Vanessa and Blaze only characters not represented atm.
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    Final Battle Audition Information (VFTV Live Episode 14)

    Random drawing of players for the A and B Block Trial Leagues determined. I'm not entirely sure of the exact date for the Final Battle Audition, but I think it will be on the Feb. 18-19 weekend!?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Code:</div><div class="ubbcode-body ubbcode-pre" ><pre>
    Final Battle Audition Trial Leagues

    A Block B Block
    YOU (SA) Morimoto Leotard (VA)
    Kanzen Nitaku (WO) Choutarou (JN)
    Joseph (AK) Senningiri (KA)
    Itabashi Zangief (SH) Anaguma (JA)
    Monkichi (VA) Shindou Jacky (LA)
    Kakurikon (AO) Mukku (TA)
    Gorgeous Eileen (GO) Yosui (SH)
    Umecchi (EI) Kurobo~ (LA)
    Byakko (PA) Malcolm X (AO)

    Final Battle Audition Star Player League
    Tomarion (LI)
    Fullswing (LI)
    Fuudo (SH)
    A Block 1st Rank Player
    A Block 2nd Rank Player
    A Block 3rd Rank Player
    A Block 4th Rank Player
    A Block 5th Rank Player
    B Block 1st Rank Player
    B Block 2nd Rank Player
    B Block 3rd Rank Player
    B Block 4th Rank Player
    B Block 5th Rank Player

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    Akai JC

    Confirmed that it will be at the AOU on February 18, 2012. Exact time (somewhere between 10 AM - 5 PM JST) and streaming information is unknown.
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    Akai JC
    Sega uploaded their youtube page with all the Jan.28th-29th Preliminary Qualifiers Final Matches. See first post for direct links or click on the Youtube Playlist of Final Matches link for playlist with brief English description.
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    Updated the bracket with the Feb. 4-5 Qualifier Results (VF_Official Tweet):

    Gookyan (GO)(A5) - Yamanashi Feb-4-2012
    Niia(EI)(H7) - Okinawa Feb-4-2012
    Puyo (SA)(G8) - Fukuoka/Saga B Feb-4-2012
    Yatsuki (JA)(B2) - Nagano Feb-5-2012
    Anaguma (JA)(D8) - Shiga Feb-5-2012
    Rokukagi Akira ??(AK)(G3) - Shimane Feb-5-2012
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    Final Battle Audition News - Fuudo (#2 rank Star Player) will not be participating in the Event. Due to the format of FBA, The "Three Champions" (San Toushi) from last Season are guaranteed their Star Player status. Because Fuudo will not be able to participate in the Star Player League (to determine new ranks) - he will automatically lose his San Toushi status and received the "10 Great Fighters" (Toushi Juu Ketsu) special rank status instead. At this moment, exact time/stream information are still not available.

    VF.TV Live Episode 15 - February 10, 2012 3 PM JST. If you have time, the episode will likely show final matches of the Feb. 4-5 qualifier tournaments. If you do not have time, they will most likely within a week post it on youtube.
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    Final Battle Audition News - Like last year, a short video preview introducing players that will be competing in the event on Feb. 18

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    VF.TV Live Episode 16 - February 24, 2012. Went over the final matches of the last two weekend Qualifiers. The three Final Battle Audition slots were randomly chosen by the three star players that qualified (Joseph, Senningiri, and Kanzen Nitaku). KSVI bracket updated.
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    Akai JC
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    Updated the KSVI Qualifier Youtube Playlist with 4 more final matches from the qualifiers on Feb-25 to Feb-26.

    Kakutou Shinseiki VI Main Event Info - Saturday, March 17th - Tentative Scehdule, subject to change (in Japan Time - JST)
    9:00AM Qualifying Tournament (to fill in the 3 remaining spots and reserves for any last minute player cancellations)
    1:00PM National Finals Tournament!

    Guest Hosts at the tournament -
    Asapon - Pop Star and VF hostess

    Kyasao, Bunbunmaru, and Shinjuku Jacky: three of the original Tetsujins (Iron Man or Strong Man)

    This will be streamed on both Ustream (Likely VF TV Live ) and also Nico Nico Live.

    Edit: It appears there will be a plan Blu-Ray and/or DVD release (unsure if I translated the info correctly).

    I am planning to be staying up to watch this. For those that are planning to watch it - any suggestions on making it easier for (non-Japanese literate people) to view it? As tourney is progressing, I was planning on periodically update bracket in the news topic thread (will make one beginning of next week). The other thing I plan on doing is typing what matches are currently up and playing in the shoutbox (similar to what I did with the 3rd Shinsei Cup). Updates on tourney on Twitter?
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    Wait Chibita is in the finals of a tournament?!?!
  17. supergolden

    supergolden Well-Known Member

    Tuned in just in time, glad I didn't miss that!
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    Kamais Ookin
    Amazing tournament, really great. Had a great time with others in the shoutbox, and chibitarou's performance with 90% Jeffry brought a tear to my eye, really changed my perspective of thinking Jeffry sucks.

    Also nice to be tuned in live to history in the making, worth staying up so late!
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    Yeah, after many months keeping track of everything, a great stream to conclude the event [​IMG] . I will tidy this thread a little bit more and off to do something else.
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    6+ hours of youtube video of the KSVI event [​IMG]

    Embedded is the main stream.
    [​IMG] Main Stream / Cabinet A

    First post updated. If the additional cabinets will be uploaded, I will update the thread.

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