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  1. kamaage

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    Hi All,
    Thanks for the chat and would have been nice if I could talk to Myke as well(well next time..)!

    Through the chat, I realized that I can do few things for people in here and I decided to do the followings.

    1: VF5R console
    Without doubt, this is something you guys really want to have and I strongly thing Sega should proivde it. Fortunately, I have chance to talk to Sega directly probably next week so I tell them about this face to face. But SAYING only is weak. If you can prepare a document that will be a big help.

    I believe number is a power.Also, I do not know any vf site better than virtua figher.com even in Japan(I truely respect Myke for his hard and constant work). We should put them in the document. So the document should be like
    1:Document Purpose
    2:About the leader(surely Myke)
    2:About Virtua fighter.com(how long its been,the number of members,past activities,monthly PV,etc in detail)
    3:Why we need VF5R console
    4:Names and Location of people who wants to play VF5R)
    For example
    - Bob Dylan USA Los Angles
    - Kim Yonha Pusan Korea
    I think we should put as much name as possible.
    5:Real messages of people
    For Example
    - Bob Dylan's Message
    I love VF and played for 5years now. I always see the VF5R movies in Youtube but I can never play. Please give us a chance to play this wonderful game for us.
    I think we should putas much message as possible.

    I will print this and pass to Sega. Not only just passing but also strongly tell them how much we need it.The document will be the real prove for this. If it becomes over 100pages with people's message,Sega should feel something about it.

    but this is merely a my idea and If its too much,then please do not worry about it.

    2:Setting an online interview with Famous Players.
    I talked to Homestay and he happily acceped to have a online interview. Live is fine. Also, if you send questions before hands, he can perhaps answer it more considerably. We can think together. I would like to know Myke's opinion if possible.

    If first one successes, I can surelly ask other people like Koedo or Hauru.

    3:The most important skills and technics in VF
    This gonna be a huge job but I talked to Homestay and decided to make a document of important basics, statics and skills of vf. That would help everybody(including me!).

    This one I need someone to translate to English. I wish someone help me with this.

    Thats all for now. Hope to hear from you.
  2. Mackfactor

    Mackfactor Well-Known Member

    1. Document purpose: a great time to release fighters since so many is coming out. alot of ppl seem to be turned off with the new tekken. xbox live community/ gaming in general is becoming bigger. Even if VF doesnt make it big or sell lots. VF is very credible and respected worldwide. I used to be a tekken player, even before i played it.. I knew VF= SEGA. VF= best indepth fighter. I dont really respect sega for most of the games, but I always had respect for VF, and im sure alot of ppl who dont play VF also have a great respect for the game. Sega has sonic which is mainstreem, and sega needs an underground game thats credible, if not for sales, for marketing the sega brand as a producer who makes games not only for the masses but also for the loyal. Even if VF5r isnt coming out, we would like to hear future plans with VF so it gives us reason to keep playing VF. But regardless for me, ill keep playing.

    2) I been actively playing for VF for 8-9 months from Vancouver BC, im half jap/chinese 25 yrs old real name NObuyuki. Not only do i love VF, but im addicted to this game. Im so addicted ppl think im building a bomb when i bring frame data to work, when im sleeping im thinking of flow charts, Ive watched thousands of VF CLIPS. I love vf so much that me and my gf fight about my vf addiction. I risk fighting with my gf just so i can play couple games a day. I may be new to VF but i dont see any other game even coming close to taking its spot. We need vf5r because its the best game period, plus the die hard vf fans have been loyal to the game, and its time that sega listened.

    -from Canada
  3. Libertine

    Libertine SUPER NICE GUY Content Coordinator Silver Supporter Content Manager Brad

    I started playing Virtua Fighter with Virtua Fighter 4. I had a limited interest in fighting games before I started playing, and this game made it so it was my favorite genre. I've spent a lot of time trying to learn what I could about the game, reading documents released in Japan and translated on this web site, and watching Virtua Fighter videos from Japan's top players. When Virtua Fighter 5 was going through play testing, I saved every video that I could get on my computer until there were too many to keep track of. I spent my time learning what I could about the game, and when Virtua Fighter 5 released on the Xbox 360, I had the chance to play against other players online. I became even more into the game, and when Virtua Fighter 5R released, I studied all of the videos that I could featuring my favorite character trying to learn everything about him, devising my own gameplan should I have the opportunity to play Virtua Fighter 5R. Unfortunately, there was never any announcement of any plans to release this game on a console, or even outside of Japan in the arcades. It would be great to finally have the opportunity to play it.

    -Matthew, United States
  4. MAtteoJHDY

    MAtteoJHDY Well-Known Member

    I started playing Virtua Fighter with VF3 on the Dreamcast. At the time I just played VF by myself, and did not understand the game very well. In 1999 I went to Japan on holiday and I spent a long time watching people play VF3 in the arcades. I was so impressed that immediately VF3 became my favorite game. I was so excited when Sega announced VF5 for Xbox because finally I could play with other people from all over Europe. Since VF5 came out I have been playing regularly and enjoyed this game more than any other I ever bought. I was expecting R to come out last year, and I was really disappointed that it didn't. R might not sell millions, but for a VF and Sega fan as myself it was so painful to only be able to watch replays on Youtube and not be able to play. Please Sega help a VF fan out!

    Matteo Fabbretti, Wales, United Kingdom.
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  5. Brisal73

    Brisal73 Well-Known Member

    Sega if you release a port of VF5R DO NOT DO IT HALF ASSED.

    There is a lot of potential to make money and to save money.

    * If you want to save money make it available to download onto XBL or PSN
    * Release the game at a reasonable price... $30 or $40
    * Have content items available to download online
    * Have the community give you ideas on how to promote the game in the specific regions.
    * Have a GREAT demo... Ideas.. have 4 characters available with online support... test the network at the same time.

    If you have plans for VF5FT or anything similar then wait. Nothing would suck more than finally releasing VF5R and then announcing VF5FT soon after. At least make a home version of VF5R upgradeable to the latest version.

  6. Krye

    Krye French Star Player

    Krye NL
    Hey Kamaage, very awesome that you want to do this for us!

    My message to SEGA:

    I started playing Virtua Fighter in December 2007, when Virtua Fighter 5 was released for the Xbox 360 system. Having never played a Virtua Fighter game before this, it took me a while to get used to the game. This put me off at first, and I put the game away, but a month or so later I picked it up again, determined to understand it and I never looked back. Virtua Fighter is amazing.

    During the 2 years that I have been playing now, I have had many big highlights that really made playing this game even more fun than it already was. Besides the small highlights like finally being able to beat a certain player, or being able to execute a proper technique (escaping throws!), the opportunities I've had to play Virtua Fighter face-to-face with people not from my own country have been very inspiring.

    The Grand Finals of the World Cyber Games 2008 in Cologne, Germany was the first of these opportunities. Being exposed to the strength of the players there, really inspired me to get better myself and play the game with even more passion than I already was doing.

    In March 2009, me and some of my fellow Dutchmen made a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, to seek out and fight some of the strongest players in Europe. We got humiliated and didn't win a lot of matches, but it really was another stimulation to get better and fix our weaknesses.

    Then me and another guy from Holland organised an event for European VF players. This got a lot of people interested, but not many were able to make the trip in the end. Regardless of this, the people that did make it all immensely enjoyed playing the game.

    Between these events, I have played lots of matches. Offline, at the home of a friend, where players from all over Holland gathered to train and get better. And also online, from my own home, playing a lot of players I would otherwise never have played.

    Since September 2008, the playerbase has been gradually getting smaller. This has one major reason: Virtua Fighter 5: R. Player not in Japan look at the videos on youtube and all think the same thoughts: 'We want to play this!'. The lack of a release has been really frustrating for everyone and his given a lot of players reason to abandon Virtua Fighter altogether. I have talked to a lot of players here in Holland and they all feel that Virtua Fighter is the best game, but when you're not able to play the latest version, what's the point?

    One more reason the lack of a release has been so frustrating is that virtually every other fighting game has seen the release of a new installment, or has had a new installment announced (Street Fighter even got two new installment AND the announcement of an update), while us VF players just get to look at the videos and be upset.

    I hope Sega will rethink their standpoint of not releasing Virtua Fighter 5: R for consoles, it is the best (fighting)game there is and a lot of people (even those playing other fighting games) think so. I've heard a lot of people say that they would love to buy and play R, but if the game doesn't get a console release, they'll never get the chance to. They'll just play Street Fighter, Tekken or any other fighting game.

    So please Sega, release Virtua Fighter 5: R on consoles, so we can show the world which fighting game really is the best.

    - Wouter, the Netherlands

    Some links:

    Euro VF Gathering 2009

    Dutch Invasion of Stockholm

    WCG 2008
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  7. Fulan

    Fulan Well-Known Member

    Good stuff Kamaage, awesome that your willing to pitch this on our behalf.

    My message: I started playing VF only when it came out for 360, around the same time that Krye/Wouter started. Before that I only played games casually. Then VF opened up the world the fighting games community for me and I started playing hardcore. I still regard it as my favorite game series, but without the latest version the the already small community got even smaller and I didn't see the point anymore.

    If VF5R is released on console I would definitely play hardcore again, like I did in the beginning. It's the best fighting game out there right now and it frustrates me that I can't play it.
  8. MP

    MP Well-Known Member

    Ive been playing Virtua Fighter since VF2 on the Sega Saturn and have been a great fan ever since. with the release of VF5 on the XBOX 360
    I had the opportunity to play great players and eventually get to meet them at tournaments and gatherings which where truly rewarding experiences.

    Now with no news regarding VF5R the western community is slowly getting smaller,
    its possible that their will be no more Interest in VF and no gatherings, tournaments or players
    outside of japan which would be a sad state of affairs for everyone who enjoys your VF series so much.

    With fighting games becoming more popular, this would be an ideal time to release VF5R onto console,
    and revive the Western VF scene and bring in lots of new players and interest into both the fighting game scene and SEGA products.

    Lewis, UK
  9. Emerald_Wolf

    Emerald_Wolf Well-Known Member

    Great stuff Kamaage.

    I been playin' Virtua Fighter since I was 6 years old. I'm 20 now and VF has always been my #1 fighting franchise. I've played every VF from 1 to 5 and even Fighters Megamix. I had a Sega Genesis, a Sega Saturn, and still got a Sega Dreamcast. I was gonna buy a PS3 just for VF5 but when it came out on the 360 I walked all the way to Gamestop at 8:00 pm in below freezing weather just to buy it and I got there 5 minutes before it closed. It's pretty disappointin' cuz I don't see any reason to play VF5 when VF5R's been out so long.

    I don't care if VF5R costs $100, I'm buyin' dat.

    Keenan, United States
  10. FrakimusGrime

    FrakimusGrime Well-Known Member

    My messege to Sega:

    I've been playing Virtua Fighter since Virtua Fighter 4. Immediately i was completely turned on by the gameplay and in depth of this work of art of a 3d fighter. Before i played virtua fighter. I mostly played tekken for my 3d fighting fix. All of this changed when i managed to play virtua fighter 4 and evolution. I stopped playing tekken has my main source of 3d fighting pleasure and switched to virtua fighter.

    Tekken felt dumbed downed and bland with its poor sidestep system. goofy physics, and characters. You and namco are major rivals. You would actually let namco release tekken6 in mainstream western gaming communities without a response.? The Sega i knew wouldn't allow a cheap carbon copy of your fighter to dominate in competitive fighting game communities by making one of your major franchises japan only.

    Now is a perfect time to release vf5r in the rest of the world because fighting games are making a huge comeback in the gaming world. If you really want to save money on the console port. just make the game downloadablle content on PSN and Xbox live.

    Thank you

    -Eric from New York
  11. xmy

    xmy Member

    Beijing VFer from vfchina.net

    I think the VF5 console did not reach a big sale figures because at that time 2007, there are not so much PS3 and 360 consoles sold as now. But now, millions of people bought PS3 or 360 in North America, look the sales of TEKKEN 6, SEGA has really big opportunity to earn huge profit. It is no doubt that VF5R has incredible quality than all other fighting games,SEGA should has confident to prove this to all of the world. and WE ARE THE SUPPORTERS.
  12. Tormentosa

    Tormentosa Active Member

    Sorry for my English, guys

    Well, two points:

    1.- what about to create a thread ONLY for our personal messages to SEGA, and keep this one for discussion about this effort?? With that off topics, maybe can be chaotic to pick up the "good ones" mesagges.

    2.- My message: I'm not an old player in Virtua Fighter series, I have played VF1, Vf4, and at the moment, VF5 on Xbox 360. But the thing is that since VF5, I can't play another fighting game without comparing with VF. Every day I HAVE TO see VF5R videos on Youtube, zoome, etc, and I envy the guys who are playing It...
    On my country, I'm pretty sure that you can't play even VF5 in Arcades, so only remains consoles option.
    SEGA, you have THE BEST FIGHTING GAME at the moment, no doubt of it!!!
    Just let us play it, please!!!
    Iván Rodríguez , from Spain.

    P.D for you, VFDC. You can edit my message to correct mistakes, or grammar.
    Thank You all, specially Kamaage.
  13. MissYuna

    MissYuna New Member

    I have been an avid fan of the Virtua Fighter franchise since its very first installment. I have purchased consoles based on Virtua Fighter's presence alone. I bought a Saturn for Virtua Fighter 2, a Dreamcast for Virtua Fighter 3, a PlayStation 2 for Virtua Fighter 4, and both a PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360 for Virtua Fighter 5. The amazing netcode on the 360 showed me what I believed then(as now) to be the future of the franchise. I'd like to see more of that future. Virtua Fighter 5R marks the pinnacle of seventeen years of development. It is the deepest, most polished fighting game in history. As an American consumer and a diehard fan since the age of six, I would give anything and pay any price to see a console release for this stellar game that's captured my heart from the moment I saw it, and I know for a fact that I am not alone in my devotion.

    --Maria Angseth, United States of America
  14. CRASHEM8000

    CRASHEM8000 Well-Known Member

    I'm not that big of a deal, personally, but I care a lot about VF. It's been my favorite gaming series of ALL TIME in my ENTIRE life. I still remember the day VF1 came out; I was only 2, and my entire family waited in line at Dave & Buster's to play it!

    Since then, I can safely say that I've bought and owned every VF game (VF Quest not included) to date, as well as any other Sega fighters related to the series. All of this 5R stuff is very heartbreaking for me, and for the rest of the world; I've had people who've never touched a fighting game in their lives become full-fledged Virtua Fighters just because of 5R, and it's disappointing that we, being of the small, backwater variety, can't travel to Japan to play it and experience it, that we have to sit over here with 5 Online with no opponents, wondering when- and if- we'll ever get to live to try the best fighting game that's ever been released; and I know that an uncountable amount of others second me on that notion.

    We're all willing to do what it takes, just so long as we can be graced with a console release. Hell, we'll IMPORT if we have to, just as long as we can get VF5R on consoles.

    -- Phillip Parrish, USA
  15. Truesonic2k

    Truesonic2k Well-Known Member

    Errr wow alot of drama here. I agree that anything is better than nothing so here is my contribution to the R effort.

    When I was a child living in Japan I used to go to roller rinks, bowling alleys etc. and one arcade game always stood out to me from the others. My favorite arcade was the original Virtua Fighter, no other arcade had the bright and colorful 3D polygon characters that had caught my attention like VF had. I remember playing Jeffry and Kage having no idea what I was doing but the colors were so vibrant and it was the first 3D Fighter I had ever seen so it was so appealing. Once I moved from Japan it wouldn't be many years later I happened to venture into a small local arcade and saw a Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution cabinet.

    Once again it was the graphics that drew me to the game. Never before had I seen such a graphic display in a fighter before. I started playing it and really wished I had it back at home so I wouldn't have to travel such a far distance to play it. Arcades were dieing out where I lived so having the game to play at home would have been a dream.

    A few more years later I go into a Best Buy and look into cheap discount games and see Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution. I bought it and began playing immediately. I began to learn Lion and Jeffry and went through quest mode and fell in love with the game all over again, this time it was the superior fighting game engine that made me look at fighting games from a whole new perspective. I had never went through so much to learn a game before but Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution was what really brought me into fighters. I bought Virtua Fighter 5 the first day and I even pre ordered it. Nothing would make me happier than to have Virtua Fighter 5R to play. I always wanted to play as Taka-Arashi since VF3.
  16. Jargen88

    Jargen88 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the support Kamaage. I will commit what i can to make this happen.

    My Message to SEGA: Hello SEGA, I am a huge fighting game fan and have been playing The Virtua Fighter series for a while now. I have been a fighting game fan ever since I bought Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3. I really appreciate the hard work you put into your games and would love to see the next installment of the series. I really like the look of the new character Jean and I also love that you brought back Taka Arashi. Every aspect of the gameplay is so fluid and technical and that is what makes it unique from all the other games I have tried. As a Virtua Fighter fan, I ask of you a favor for your fans overseas. Please bring Virtua Fighter 5 Revolution to consoles. Thank you for your time you took to read this.

    Sincerely Aaron Sorge, Alberta Canada
  17. DaiAndOh

    DaiAndOh Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your efforts!

    To SEGA: Unlike many people, I do not have a long history of Virtua Fighter. I got interested in VF5 when my roomate had it for Xbox 360 and I got to try it. I was blown away, always being a 2D lover. However, as I had a PS3, I found I couldn't even practice the latest version. Recently, VF5R was announced so I thought that I'd get to play it when that version came out on console. As we know, that still hasn't happened into ver. C...

    I want to commit myself and others to a VF scene, but it can't happen without the release in this country. Not only would I and many fighting game players around here support it, but even quite a few people who don't regularly play would even pick up the game (and I noticed this too when some friends of mine who didn't play fighting games picked up VF4 evo when it was new).

    Please consider the console market SEGA. The other 3D offerings can't compare at all, I've tried.

    Andrew G. - Brooklyn, NY. USA
  18. SuperPanda

    SuperPanda Well-Known Member

    Here's mine:

    TO SEGA: If you release VF5R for the PS3 and Xbox360, with online, I promise to quit Tekken.

  19. Leonard_McCoy

    Leonard_McCoy Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to chip in and support the effort to get another VF on the consoles. Kamaage, thanks for reinvigorating this effort.

    To cut a long story short: my enthusiasm for the game series is best to be seen from what I've been doing on my Virtua Fighter blog. (Image is clickable as well.)
    [​IMG] @ Goh Notes (http://gohnotes.wordpress.com/) by Leonard McCoy
  20. zakira

    zakira Well-Known Member

    THANX Kamaage for all the effort you are doing.

    Here is my message to SEGA:

    I still remember the day my eyes laid on the first VF and was blown by its graphics. Since then and I have been a loyal fan of the series. 17 years of playing VF now. I bought a SEGA SATURN just to be able to play VF1 and VF2. Whenever there is a discussion between my friends about the best fighter out there (wither they like it or not) no one can deny that VF is the one on top of every fighter.

    Now I'm at the age of 28 and married I don't really have much time to spend in the Arcades practicing the game (And that goes for most of my friends). I prefer having the game in a home console to practice and then go in weekends to the arcades for a true competition.

    Suzuki Yu-san defined what a true fighting game should be like. And I hope this legacy will continue on by supporting the community who is supporting it. Releasing VF5R on console will help keeping this loyal community. Not to mention releasing it with all the great features that VF4evo had on the PS2 will bring new players to the VF scene. Not only for VF5R but for every upcoming VF game.

    So SEGA please support the people who supported you by listening to our suggestions and releasing every upcoming VF including VF5R on console.

    Location: Japan

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