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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Yes it was. I'll never forget CIDKID's reactions. heh heh

    I think Oioron might have pics of my reactions too.

    But after viewing all that grossness, the one thing that stuck in my mind going to bed that night was seeing the half naked chick getting into the pool. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked.gif
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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Here are the reaction pics.

    Day 4
  3. VFhayato

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    wow monty those pictures are sexy,i have to say i like your cam much better!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    I just got home, I'm gonna do a real writeup later but I really wanted to thank konjou for the place to stay, thanks for putting up with me dude. you're a great host!

    Adam, thanks for an awesome event, good stuff dude. and thanks for the awesome meals!

    shinobifist, thanks for showing me the city dude. wouldnt have been able to do that without you.

    more later, im gonna get some sleep now.
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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7, NY

    Add me up fulan! on live! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif Your goh is crazy! i like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    those are some great pics. yea that sunday early morning got kind of crazy (at that time i was up for about 20hrs and think most people had been up for a long time too), but i couldn't stop laughing alot of great stories and some funny faces after watching some sick shit lol, good times. i like the last pic, nice way to end NYG7 . thanks for sharing the photos. i will post my photos this week sometime for all to see.
  7. Air Jacky

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Auvii - it was great to meet you i always enjoyed our matches online. i love playing your jacky, you showed me things that i didnt know about, which helps my game out. it was a bummer you couldnt stay longer but was just glad you came for the time you did. i hope to see you at the next one.
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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Dang, sounds like yall had a helluva time, woulda been cool to have been there. I gotta make the next one for sure.
  9. Air Jacky

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Hey Jake
    damn right you need to make the next one. i think you would have had a blast. plus it has been a long time since i have seen you. it would be awesome to play you again face to face. just like the circus days. ahhh good times. hope you can make it to the next one. lets get some matches online soon. i will add you to my live friends list.
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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Absolutely awesome gathering! There isn't much I can say about how cool this event was that hasn't been said already except for: you really had to be there.
    If you love VF, if you love meeting other VF players, if you love watching some really good LIVE matches and watching some of the best U.S. VF players going at it or just sitting and talking... then, you had to be there!
    (not trying to rub it in for the people who couldn't make it, but this event was a lot better than write-ups/pics and stories can ever say)

    That said, time for part 1 of my shout-outs:
    AdamYuki: You know you at the top of everybody's list for a lot of reasons but, honestly, this event could not have gone as smooth as it did if you weren't a part of it. My attitude is "fuck da haters" when it comes to not giving people the props they deserve and I tip my hat to you bro, truly a class act. How many people can do what you do and STILL stay humble? Not that many. You go from nasty (in the game) to classy (outside the game) effortlessly.
    I really appreciate you as a host and as a player but the more I talk to you, the more I appreciate your friendship. I look forward to cooling with you and some fine NY mamacitas someday /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

    KonjouAkira: Another class act. Your humility and respect for the game are unmatched in my book. If every VF player was like you, I'm sure that they U.S. scene would level up so much quicker not just for the time and devotion that you have for improving but for your love of meeting new people and sharing helpful advice also. We didn't get to interact much in Cali but I'm glad that I got to talk to you a lot more this time around. I got to see firsthand why you're so praised as a player and as a person. Another class act.
    Edit: It was awesome to see your reaction to some of those horrible vids we watched and it was even funnier when me and DaBadSeed chased you around for that last slice of pizza, hahaha! It was like you was waving a piece of meat in front of some hungry wolves, hahahaha! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

    Shag: I swear I get a feeling like we're related somehow, lol. From the very first time that I met you I thought "this guy looks like my cousin" XD You're a really cool guy to hang out with, drink with and play VF with and I will always appreciate your hospitality and attitude towards new members of the community. Thanks to all of you who came out of pocket for the shirts, from what Konjou said, you were the main one and I can't express enough gratitude for all that you do for the VF community. Keep up that great sense of humor. Even when my humor is at it's most subtle, I can always count on you to get most of my jokes /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif "It's a celebration, bitches!!!"

    SDS Overfiend: Wasup fam!? Damn it was good to meet you bro!
    It was truly a pleasure, we do have a lot in common and I could see you me and Shag at a fam reunion, lol. It def felt like a fam reunion with so many good people there, lol. Keep up your great sense of humor and your really good attitude towards the game. It's so cool to meet people as competitive but still cool as you are. You're a great addition to the community and I'm glad that more and more fight game fans like yourself are crossing over to VF. You already know we gotta chill when I move to NY next year. Making new friends like you makes events like this more than worth the effort.

    ShinobiFist: a.k.a Frankie, a.k.a D.J. Balboa, a.k.a. The Latin Assassin, a.k.a. Super Platano, a.k.a. The Karate Skid, a.k.a. The Hebrew Hammer, a.k.a. The Punani Tickler, a.k.a.... hahahaa!
    Wasup fam, it was great to finally meet you too. Truly a loco that I can see myself hunting with, nawmean? Anybody who loves Shaw Brothers flicks, Wu-Tang and women is like fam to me. I look forward to kicking it with you when I move back to the Boogie. Esa locaaa! Juno wasup.

    That's all for part 1 of my shout-outs, that's all I have time for right now, too much work here at my job. Tomorrow I will try to do part 2 of my shout-outs, too long for just one post.
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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Guys, I never made a real post here because I didn't know where to begin. I had a great time with you all and it was exactly what I was hoping: Lots of free play and socializing. I didn't play or speak to everyone since there were so many of you (and I was only there for 1 day), but I hope to at the next gathering. I am heading to the Philly one in December assuming VF stays on the agenda there, so hopefully I'll see more of everyone then, and I'm going to try to be even more social. Also, a huge thanks goes to everyone who worked so hard to make it as badass as it was.
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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Gona do my epic shoutout post on Thursday probably. Just wanting to let those who were there and responsible for it that I had a blast, flat out. I'm so amazed at how awesome our community really is. Saturday alone was worth the trip to me, but the whole weekend was great.

    Like others, I'll write the rest later.
  13. tonyfamilia

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Shoutouts, part 2:

    Air Jacky: It was a pleasure to meet you and after having met you I look forward to our online fights even more. It's always cool to meet a VF vet like yourself that's is competitive but still cool and just a fun guy to be around. We didn't get to play a whole lot or even get a long convo going but I did learn from you. I'm too whimsical when I fight and one of the things that I learned from you was to keep doing what works. You have a great attitude and a great sense of humor. Thanks for the matches and I look forward to playing you more online.

    DarkGift: Cool guy with cool attitude. Thanks to you and Oioron taking pics, I will always have something to look at to remind me of this awesome event. It's too bad that this was your last VF event for a while but it's really cool that you're going to The Philipines. That's one of the places on my top 10 list that I want to visit before I die. Good luck out there and hopefully you stay in touch and keep practicing while you're out there so you don't get too rusty. Have your bro ship you a copy of VF5R when (if?) it comes out /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

    DaBadSeed: We didn't get to poli or play for as long as I woulda liked to but you, SDS and CidKid were 3 of the people that a lot of people were waiting on to play. A lot of us asked where you guys were so that we could hurry up and play yall. It's cool bc Ima be in NY next year and Ima be there for a long time so we'll catch up and kick it arcade style, lol. Your love for Kung-Fu flicks is too cool. I thought me and my dad were real fans but by the sound of your collection, you got us beat XD.
    Keep doing your thing, you one of the few dudes who pulls off trash-talking really well. It ain't all insulting, it ain't all ridiculous bc you back it up. It's just entertaining as hell and what makes it even more fun is you're not even trying to be funny, you just being yourself. Gotta respect and appreciate that right there.

    KrsJin: The Dragon... the Colorado Boulder... the intellectual professional... Jim from The Office... XD
    You got a great sense of humor man and I really like to just get silly with you. It's like once we start cracking jokes back and forth it's hard to stop, lol. I feel like we would have a lot of fun working together. From the sounds of things, your co-workers are even zanier than mine and I can see myself cooling and politicking over some beers with a guy like you. I learned more from those VF talks we had on Sunday than while we played. And when you, Ladon and myself started talking about even deeper topics, I really appreciated your p.o.v.'s
    I always knew your Jacky was strong but you really surprised me with your use of Lau and Goh. I hope you do get online a little bit more now. Like we both said, lag between us isn't bad at all, plus it will give a whole new meaning to the phrase: "Fuck it! We'll do it live!!" See you on XBL /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif

    KoD: Sharing a room with you was weirder than I thought it would be. You truly are the Amish Ninja. Waking up to you staring at me creeped me out a little... ok, a lot.
    Hahaha, I joke, I keed, nah man, it was great to see you again and share some jokes back and forth. Our matches were fun as hell. I always have fun when I play you online but it was so cool to share some laughs at some of the crazy stuff we try when we fight offline. Great job on stepping your Jeffry up and not choking as bad as I did during clutch time. Looking forward to getting my ass kicked online by your son when he picks Lei-Fei XD

    ...to be continued...
  14. ShinobiFist

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Props, props, props. All around.
    Air Jacky Very humble dude right here. I keep bugging this dude the whole event, lol. It was awesome on hearing the stories form the old arcade scene back in Japan. And those pics, priceless. Your tournament experience show during team battle. I can't believe how simple and deadly your Jacky is. And this was only the only person who had my back on the whole Bon Jovi situation. I could see myself hanging out with this dude having bud and watching some football.
    Adam Yuki What can I say. Your truly a classy guy. The way you handle the whole event and taking money out of your own pocket, just to make sure we had enough sets to play on was freaking awesome. And just taking time to talk to everyone proves what type of person you are, and no once lost your cool.
    BadSeed Loudest mofo I know. This dude is Brooklyn right here. If you need a event to be LIVE, this is the man right here. The energy you bring to ANY place is crazy. We need to chill and eat some pork chops, lol.
    CidKid This dude right here seems like a quite cat, but he's not. Homeboy is just to busy with the ladies, lol. He's phone keep blowing up every two seconds, lol. The tips and training he gave me during warm ups, was really well appreciated. And show during team battle. Great coach right here.
    Cozyby This kid reminds of me back in the day, homeboy is TO funny. He's determination for the game shows he's going to be a VF'er for a long time. No matter win or lose, Cozby seems to always have a good time. Look forward to hanging out with you again. Your respond in McDonald's to the clerk was too funny "What do you want, ranch or cook? I have no idea" LOL. Awesome.
    DarkGift Oh man, One 3rd of the roaddogs that took advantage of the pool, those slackers missed out. Those Wolf matches we had were intense. I Mosdef learned alot from those sessions. If everything goes according to plan, I'll see you in Asia when I land in Hong kong. Save some girls for me over at the Philippines, lol.
    Denkai You and your Mafia smirk, lol. Nothing seems to phase you. Even when I beat you in a "Real" stage in SoCal, lol. People don't realize how chill you are when they get to know you. Your Jacky is freaky intense, but Jerky's is better /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
    Part one for now.
  15. Dango

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    I had a great time. Thanks to everyone who contributed or just came! I had an awesome time playing Akira vs everyone, and can't wait for the next gathering. I'd write something crazy, but there's too much to say! Everyone's skill level was so high, I had a blast learning more and more about VF. I feel bad for anyone who didn't attend the event!
  16. _Denkai_

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    All I have to say is this..For all those who went "went the balls" and for those who didn't "don't got any at all"
  17. seven5suited

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    yay I have balls!
  18. smb

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    that fact that you have balls just goes to show that the game is balanced /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
  19. KoD

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Your logic is faulty, his left ball could be heavier than the right one . . .
  20. Fulan

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    Re: NYG7 "GO THE BALLS OR DO GO AT ALL" Sept. 4-7,

    Aight here's my little write up.

    So yea I travelled quite a bit and I feel it was worth it, I got to see NYC and had a crapload of fun with VF after that. Best part was hanging out with the people though.

    Adam: Thanks for organizing the event and thanks to your dad for the spot and thanks for to your mom for the meals and thanks to your brother for the ride. Your sister wasn't involved but tell her Ramadan Mubarak from me. Any fam members I missed? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif Anyways I'm kinda sad we didn't really get to play but next time you won't be able to excape my beatdown, scrub. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/cool.gif

    Konjou: Thanks for giving me a place to stay and making me feel welcome dude. We didn't really play at NYG (lol, save for when you humiliated me using Goh vs me /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/mad.gif) but we did play before and after, thanks for the advice. The giveaway was an awesome thing to do also, good stuff.

    Orion: I'm kidding... Oioron /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif You're a funny ass dude to hang out with, had a lot of fun just sitting around when not playing talking about whatever. And I really dig the way you play Kage, it's just 'different' from other Kage players, good stuff. DPOD SON, that's what's up yo! *b-boy stance*

    DarkGift: That first to 15 was awesome. Especially because it didn't start out as a first to 15 but kinda grew into it during the session. Great games with a lot of 'unexpected' siuations. And aside from the games you're also real cool and a funny dude to hang out with. I'm happy I got to meet you before you went away. Good luck in the Philipines!

    Denkai: Sick *insert character.* Thanks for the bit of advice during the tourney. Nice to meet the infamous Denkai finally!

    Akmaal: Lol I have literally NO idea what the hell you're doing but it works oh so well. Cool ass dude for someone who looks like he could crush you with his pinky finger.

    Shag: Thanks for running the tourney, I would have gotten a T-Shirt if I had some money at the time, oh well. Really interesting Goh.

    YummyDango: I loved our sessions, your style is insanely fun to play against and I really appreciated the comment you gave me about my style during one of them. It was fun just bugging out during the games just laughing about whatever just happened. And everytime I reverse one of Lei's kicks Imma hear you saying 'that's sexy' in my head from now on lol.

    Chefboy: I gotta say, I thought nessa was one lame piece of crap, but you really did change my mind about that. I like your style with her. Lawrence Fishburne looking ass dude, It's NYG, not a job interview son! Outdressing all us bums.

    Flash: I don't have to say anything about your game, great wolf man. And that belt was awesome! I should have sold you that jacket for a 1000$ but I'm just too nice sometimes, hope you enjoy it dude. Mad cool finally meeting you.

    Terrybogus: For some reason we didn't play or hang out much, but just like the rest your a cool ass dude.

    Why VA crew gotta be so awesome.

    KRSJin: Sick games, awesome jacky. I really need to start ducking uner his crap. But 46K > dragon kick son! Lol, it was also real cool just hanging back when I wasn't playing and just talking bout whatever.

    Ladon: I really had NO clue what you were talking about at first lol! And it look me like 5 mins to get that coke joke hahaha. You made no sense much like your characters of choice! But I ceventually caught on, great games and real cool to meet you dude.

    TonyFamilia: I still don't agree with you on practicly anything /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif But it was fun hanging out dude, sorry I had to destroy you in the tourney son *flexes non-existent biceps*

    KoD: Shame we didn't really get to play, but you're a reall mellow dude. And the beard is even more awesome in person. I actually wanted to take a picture with you holding up a 5$ bill but I forgot lol. Thanks for letting me use your tools.

    Air Jacky: Sick jacky, I felt like such a dunce facing you haha. The stories and pictures were really awesome. I wish I could have been around for that scene way back when.

    BadSeed and SDS: Loud ass dudes, but great entertainment lol. I didn't really 'get' you dudes at first but you guys are real cool and funny to hang out with.

    Last but not least, the Roommates.

    ShinobiFist: Thanks for being my guide and aside from showing me TimesSquare and all that also showing me some real cool spots in Harlem. We didn't get to play much at NYG, that kinda sucks, but it was really cool hanging out with you and buggin' out. Next time you may have to get up out that chair and hold me back from killing dudes (just kidding Jason :D).

    VF98762394692340: One layer son, remember, ONE layer! Great Lei, really fun to play and just to hang out with aswell. But GET A STICK! Cozby knows what's up.

    Cozby: Great Lei aswell, funny ass dude. I loved the board idea. Shame we didn't really play at NYG but next time, bet. Let me know if you need help finding a proper stick.

    AkiraZero: Our games were insanely awesome, especially for a time like 7AM. Pure adrenaline. One of my funnest sessions there, good stuff!

    SliceofPai: Next time bring bodyguards to guard you at night! LOl just kidding. Awesome hanging out with you, and thanks for showing me GG, I really wanted to see/play it. But screw the pad son, get a stick, like Cozby!

    I guess that's it. I probably forgot someone but I suck at these things.

    Everyone who was there saturday night, you need help.

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