Sega asking fans what series/characters they wish to see revived

Discussion in 'News' started by def, Nov 14, 2016.

  • by def, Nov 14, 2016 at 12:03 PM
  • def

    def Well-Known Member
    I chose Virtua Fighter and Sarah Bryant.

    Hopefully choosing Virtua Fighter will help the series get more demand.

    How to fill in the survey
    Q1: Choose the game title
    : バーチャファイター (Virtua Fighter)


    Q2: Select the character from your chosen game title
    : サラ・ブライアント (Sarah Bryant)


    Q3: Which title would you like to see SEGA resurrect?
    : バーチャファイター (Virtua Fighter)
    You must type (copy/paste) this in


    Q4: Select your gender
    : options are Male, Female or Other


    Q5: Select your age group
    Answer: as appropriate


    Results of the survey will be presented during the live 48-hour SEGA Face broadcast on Sunday, 20 November 2016.
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Discussion in 'News' started by def, Nov 14, 2016.

  1. Jide
    Beat me to @Myke
    Can you make this a news page brother!
  2. def
    yeah agreed
  3. oneida
    Moved thread to front page.

    VF is バーチャファイター
    Sarah Bryant is サラ・ブライアント
  4. Myke
    Original post updated with dummy-proof instructions.
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  5. def
    I wonder why Sarah was listed and not others like Akira?
  6. Myke
    I wondered about that too. Maybe this question is more of a "test" to weed out spam/robot replies. So if you answer Game X in Q1, then you must choose the character from Game X in Q2, otherwise your response won't be valid?
  7. ToyDingo
    I'm happy to see Sega reaching out to the community on stuff like this. I just hope we see something from it. I remember filling out a survey from Sega like this a few months back, but it seemed very mobile oriented.

    Also, seeing as how this is in Japanese, I'm guessing Sega was meaning to only poll it's Japanese fans. Their taste are usually quite different from the West.

    Hopefully something VF related comes from this...
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  8. LittleGiffy
    Welp with SFV missing it's sales goal I'm going to say our chances of seeing a VF6 this gen is approximately 3,720 to 1....
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    you're probably right, unfortunately, but what actual smart businesses (obviously not Sega) are supposed to do is capitalize on their competition's failures by releasing a better product (VF6) and taking their competition's (Capcom's) customers.

    Pretty sure that's business 101, but i'm sure Sega of Japan execs failed and skipped those classes in college.
  10. Dhaval Katbamna
    Seeing as the concept of advertisement is foreign to them, i wouldnt doubt it.

    "Anoooooooooooooooooooooooo... US advertising?" -Sega
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  11. Mold_Monkey93
    You're 40, B*? I saw Dave Chappelle the other day too. You mofos don't age. Thought you was easily early to mid 30s last I saw you but I suppose that isnt to far off.
    Nah, bruh, im 32. Where u get that from, u trying to age me that quick? lol
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  13. Dragonps
    How do I write "Jacky Bryant" in Japanese? Is it ジャッキー?
  14. def
    I've seen the translation on a Virua Fighter Wiki.
    EDIT: Jacky Bryant (ジャッキー・ブライアント, Jakkī Buraianto)
  15. RawrCookie
    Thank you for bringing this and translating it @def! like you said Hopefully choosing Virtua Fighter will help the series get more demand just let's hope , i followed your steps (y)
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  16. Mold_Monkey93
    Lol na... I thought those were your choices on the surveys, no? It has age group, "40" selected.
  17. Myke
    That was me :ninja:

    Maybe you missed the post where I wrote:
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