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Discussion in 'Console' started by Feck, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    I see a lot of people asking for a list of all the items for the special win poses so me and my brother have compiled a list of all the ones we've found in the console port.

    To manually trigger a winpose, during the replay hold the command listed until the replay is over.

    Note: Doesn't work for Online versus. Online, winposes are triggered randomly


    - Dancing Cross Spear (back) ([8][G])
    - Ladder (back) ([8][G])
    - Hakkyoku Sword (back) ([8][G])
    - Bow Of Penetration (back) ([8][G])
    - Floating Ball ([6][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Longsword (back) ([8][G])
    - Twirling Hoop (back) ([8][G])
    - Hop-Aboard Panda (back) ([8][G])
    - Stacking Bamboo Basket (back) ([8][G])
    - Floating Ball ([6][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Willow Leaf Saber (back) ([8][G])
    - Cutie Pai Doll (back) ([8][G])
    - Meat Cleavers (Waist) ([6][G])
    - Dragon Gong (back) ([8][G])
    - Floating ball ([2][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Iron Axe (body back) ([8][G])
    - Piko Hammer (legs back) ([6][G])
    - Microphone Stand (body back) ([8][G])
    - Football (legs back) ([6][G])
    - Floating ball ([2][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Trophy Fish (back) ([8][G])
    - Saber (Waist) ([6][G])
    - Trident (back) ([8][G])
    - Giganto Helmet (Forehead) ([2][G])
    - Floating ball ([4][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Improved Throwing Star (back) ([8][G])
    - Twin Shinobi Swords (back) ([8][G])
    - Metal Basin (back) ([8][G])
    - Ninja Kite (back) ([8][G])
    - Floating ball ([6][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Flying Broom (back) ([8][G])
    - Tennis Racket (back) ([8][G])
    - Giant Syringe (back) ([8][G])
    - Tension Blaster (Shins) ([6][G])
    - Floating ball ([2][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Milk (Waist) ([8][G])
    - Pickaxe (back) ([6][G])
    - Dual Pistols (Waist) ([8][G])
    - Sci-Fi Goggles (Face) ([2][G])
    - Floating Ball ([4][G])
    - Flag (back) ([6][G])


    - Hero Mask (Face) ([8][G])
    - Oak Staff (back) ([6][G])
    - Sepak Takraw Ball (back) ([6][G])
    - Cat Logo Locomotive (back) ([6][G])


    - Beach Flag (Waist) ([8][G])
    - BMX Bike (back) ([6][G])
    - Linking Dual Swords (back) ([6][G])
    - Pet Dog (back) ([6][G])
    - Floating ball ([2][G])
    - Flag (back) ([6][G])


    - Dancing Naginata (back)([8][G])
    - Cute Stage Mic (Waist) ([6][G])
    - Aoi's Photo Album (back)([8][G])
    - Japanese Parasol (back)([8][G])
    - Floating ball ([2][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Steel Fan (back)([8][G])
    - Bamboo Stilts (back)([8][G])
    - Staff (back)([8][G])
    - Metal Briefcase (back)([8][G])
    - Floating ball ([6][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Sharpshooter Rifle (back)([8][G])
    - Barbell (back)([8][G])
    - Throwing Knives (Waist) ([6][G])
    - Handcuffs (Waist) ([6][G])
    - Floating ball ([2][G])
    - Flag (back)([8][G])


    - Toy trumpet (waist)([8][G])
    - Thorny Rose (Chest)([6][G])
    - Bottle and Shaker (Waist)([8][G])
    - Mobile Phone (Waist)([8][G])
    - Floating ball ([4][G])
    - Flag (back)([2][G])


    - Metal Pipe (back)([8][G])
    - Cute Doll (back)([8][G])
    - Rusty Saw (back)([8][G])
    - Shamisen (back)([8][G])
    - Floating ball ([6][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Monkey Staff (back)([8][G])
    - Recorder (Waist) ([6][G])
    - Double Melon Hammers (back)([8][G])
    - Magic Wand (Waist) ([6][G])
    - Floating ball ([2][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])

    El Blaze

    - Head-Mounted Boomerang (Forehead) ([8][G])
    - Folding Chair (back)([6][G])
    - Cannon (back)([6][G])
    - Maracas (Waist) ([2][G])
    - Floating ball ([4][G])
    - Flag (back)([6][G])


    - Bow (back)([8][G])
    - Spiked Ogre Club (back)([8][G])
    - Rice Bales (back)([8][G])
    - Chanko Nabe Hot Pot (back)([8][G])
    - Floating ball ([6][G])
    - Flag (back) ([8][G])


    - Glass Bottle (Waist) ([8][G])
    - Kiku-Ichimonji Sword (back)([6][G])
    - Tonfas (Waist) ([8][G])
    - Stone Lantern (back)([6][G])
    - Floating ball ([2][G])
    - Flag (back) ([6][G])

    Note: Only 3pts flags have a win pose.

    Thanks to Ash_Kaiser for grabbing Wolf's item names and Voracious Me for grabbing the rest [​IMG]

    Mod edit: Thanks to DRE for complete direction trigger listing.
  2. Sashaz

    Sashaz Well-Known Member

    I have seen lau do a sword play dance.
  3. Aidan

    Aidan Well-Known Member

    xX SETTRA Xx
    Heard that as well, but I doesnt work for me. I read somewhere that every item has a certain direction bound to it to trigger the Winpose.
    But it wont work either way for me, its wierd.
  4. SenseiSD

    SenseiSD Active Member

    Arrigato Feck for pointing that out!
  5. White_Worm

    White_Worm Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the text on some of the items (flags, floating balls, nametags) can be customized? It sure looks like they can, but I haven't found it. Or are we stuck with "Awaiting Challengers" on every single flag?
  6. Shag

    Shag Well-Known Member


    I'm the one that pointed this out in Shoutbox I think.

    In the arcade you did [8][+][G] to activate item win pose. I noticed it also worked when I played at UFGT. It worked for me as well when I played on PS3 the day of release.

    It could be button specific, I have my [G] on the square button on PS3.

    I haven't tested the X360 version yet.
  7. White_Worm

    White_Worm Well-Known Member

    I did some experimenting and figured it out.

    You hold a direction and [G]

    Hold the command during the replay. There doesn't seem to be a particular rhyme or reason to the direction, other than [8] is almost always one that triggers an item. Sometimes you need to try a different direction for different items. You can press start while holding the command and the pose will still trigger.
  8. Van_fan

    Van_fan Member

    If 8+G doesn't work, try 6+G. So far those have always worked for me.
  9. GR7

    GR7 New Member

    So after Testing i found out that The Activation is triggered differently according to where the Item is equipped, (Waist, Back, etc.).

    LowerBody = G+Up
    UpperBody = G+Right
    Head(Ball, etc) = G+Left
    Face = G+Down

    The triggers appear only to work offline. If you guys see it work otherwise please let me know
  10. White_Worm

    White_Worm Well-Known Member

    That was what I thought at first, however testing with multiple characters reveals this to be incorrect. I think the direction is actually tied to the item itself. On my El Blaze up triggered my head item, but on my Wolf it triggered my back item.
  11. SoulKatana

    SoulKatana Well-Known Member

    thx for the list feck!
    good job!
  12. Sharizord

    Sharizord Active Member

    Stumbled across this.
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  13. Chestnut_Bowl

    Chestnut_Bowl Member

    Great find!

    Also, at least for me, Guard+Right activates the waist-bound item, and Guard+Up activates the back-bound item.
  14. Tocuh

    Tocuh Well-Known Member

    And I thought that they deleted the win poses… Good to know, will try later on [​IMG] Maybe we can add the trigger to the item list?
  15. SoulKatana

    SoulKatana Well-Known Member

    THX sharizord, thats EXACTLY what i was looking for!!
    good find!!

    short question: what happens if my character does a item pose and my opponend doesn't have the pack...?
    will he see another pose or doesn't work my item pose?
  16. TetsuyaHikari

    TetsuyaHikari Active Member

    The item win pose does seem to certainly be random. I know 2+G activates the ball you can kick and make confetti come out of. I've done that one countless times as Eileen.

    It doesn't always work online though. I also tested her recorder and magic wand with 6+G and it works, but it doesn't always seem to work online. I know for a fact I pushed it after a fight with a friend last night, who I know has all of the DLC, but when I fought some random guy in Ranked and tried it again, it didn't work.

    It could very well be dependent on the other person's DLC.
  17. Morikage

    Morikage Member

    I've been testing item win poses for a while yesterday, and I'm 99.9% sure, that's the reason;)
  18. jijilip

    jijilip Active Member

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Shun

    - Hero Mask (Face)
    - Oak Staff
    - Sepak Takraw Ball
    - Cat Logo Locomotive</div></div>

    i cant get the oak Staff to do shit. anyone know? edit: found it, its 2G.

    i know the takraw ball is 6G, and im pretty sure the locomotive is 8G. havent tried the mask yet.

    anyone found any others for Shun? i want to do something with the kitty.

    ok, so watching the video above. looks like the only other one is for the Shun flag. unless other characters have a flag too.

    i guess the metal ball is generic and everyone can use it?

    i thought the talking bottles did something, but i think they just chatter away all the time anyways.
  19. SoulKatana

    SoulKatana Well-Known Member

    PERV! [​IMG]
  20. jijilip

    jijilip Active Member

    a German would think that. :p

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