VF5FS to be featured as an official game at Canada Cup 2015

Discussion in 'News' started by oneida, Jul 24, 2015.

  • by oneida, Jul 24, 2015 at 6:17 PM
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    New York isn't the only place to play VF this year - due to the devotion of the Toronto Virtua Fighter scene, VF5FS has been added to Canada Cup 2015's lineup of official games for the first time in the tournament series' history! Early bird registration is live right now, so if you register within the next 21 days you'll be entering the tournament at a discounted rate.


    VF5FS was last featured at Toryuken 4, where it had higher attendance than some of the other niche fighters like KOF and DOA. We had some missing faces at Toryuken, so here's hoping our numbers at CC2105 will be even better. To register for VF5FS at Canada Cup, follow this link.
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Discussion in 'News' started by oneida, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. og23
    I've already signed up, I'm hoping you and a few other folks decide to travel over, we love us some VF players
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  2. oneida
    I'll be there for sure!
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  3. IcKY99
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  4. Force_of_Nature
    You know I'm gunna be there! I better see some new faces too! 3D is heating up in Toronto this year!
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  5. Kamais_Ookin
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  6. IcKY99
    you out mash him with pai mofo
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  7. daRockReaper
    Ok Since it looks like I'm SOL on NYGX (Still salty about it), I'm gonna try to make it up to CC 2015. Hopefully, I can get my licence and drive up and hopefully bring back a title
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  8. VC Migs
    ill be watching
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  9. Chief_Flash
    hey hey i want to come and rape people here. can someone accomodate me? just wondering. would appreciate it.

    i believe @Jacko wants to attend as well.
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  10. Tricky
    I too would love to crash someplace if I can attend.
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  11. shadowmaster
    I might go too but i am not sure yet. I was holding out until magfest in january in my area but this is very tempting and i have to think about it in the next few weeks or so.
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  12. oneida
  13. oneida
    oh btw, $100 added to payout if we get like 4 more people
  14. daRockReaper
    Magfest is in February this year if that helps
  15. Tricky
  16. ShinobiFist
    Okay. Need to plan this trip with the East Coast cats and make it happen. Hopefully I will have my Passport by then and find someone to do my job during the busiest day of the year for the business in my area, Halloween. Once I can find someone, is a 100% on my end.
  17. shadowmaster
    what console do you play on overthere 360 or ps3. if it is PS3 then i will have to get my other stick fixed that is a PS3 stick and dual modded too. i will have time to get it fixed if i know the FS tourny there runs on PS3 specifically. it is likely i can go now if i can get the days off at this point. who is willing to help me out with a hotel when I get there.
  18. J6Commander
    It will be on ps3 and we don't use any USB hub so less trouble there too.
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  19. cobratron
    The flyer on the main site is updated with VF5FS logo.

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