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爆焔神 (Gouraijin) & 轟雷神 (Bakuenshin) Ranking Battles
Featuring Chinpan, Yatsuki, Joseph, Koedo, Shiwa, Puuta and Esupi

SET of Virtua Fighter events taking place in Tokyo on the 3rd weekend of July:
Railway Series (7/15)
Tenkaichi Butokai (7/16)
2016 Pre Beat-Tribe Cup (7/17).
As part of the 20th Anniversary celebration, we take a look back at of all things Virtua Fighter. From its inception in Japanese arcades back in 1993, major events, console ports, off-shoot releases, publications and media, all the way through to the present day, relive (or discover!) some key moments and milestones in Virtua Fighter's proud and illustrious history.​
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