VF Arena #42 - Thanksgiving Eve Throwdown

VF Arena #42 - Thanksgiving Eve Throwdown
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  1. Blitzball Champ
    Thanks for watching and the thorough breakdown!
    Nov 28, 2016
  2. erdraug
    @5:51: BBchamp: "Working those jabs I see". DS 4P+K is indeed only -2 on block so keeping the pressure with a quick jab is a legit option for vane.
    @12:53 (just one example, seen it multiple times) OS KPP blocked > 6PK. Jkenobi: Vane is at a significant frame advantage here so you can use something better than a simple elbow. If you are not confident of your ability to buffer perfectly one of Vane's damaging OS CH floaters (ie. HCF+K or 66K), you can still try 3P. Of course, you are afraid your opponent might be aware of the frame trap you can still use P+KK which does more damage than 6PK and doesn't let you at minus bazillion if you don't hitcheck it (and if you DO hitcheck, well, you have the possibility to replace the K with a delayed P instead).
    @13:06 (just one example, seen it twice up until now) OS 66KK > 2KPsomething that whiffs. Jkenobi: As far as I know that never works; the only easy-mode combo here is 6_PPK. The max damage one is 6_P > 3_KK but honestly I would recommend sticking to the easy one, the 4 extra damage are typically not worth the chance of dropping the combo.
    @13:16 (just one example, seen it multiple times) Jkenobi: I like how you do OS 6P+K > jab > PK+K; it does more damage than the easymode PPK. This shows that you've put time training combos =^_^=. Have you tried KPP?
    @18:50 (just one example, seen it multiple times) OS 9P > PP6PPK. Jkenobi: Althought the combo is indeed better than GodokuNoSensei's signature PPP3K, as you can see in this particular instance the 6P does not connect (although here it doesn't matter since you got your ring out anyway). If you find the bread and butter jab > 2P+K > P+KP combo too complicated, I would still recommend using 6KKPP instead of the jabstring; it's more reliable and does more damage.
    @19:24 BBchamp: indeed OS PPPP sideblocked is a frame trap. You can to interrupt her with a crouching attach after PPP.
    Nov 28, 2016
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