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VF5FS- The WEIAND taken to the Cleaners! (Pai vs Jeffry Gameplay)

VF5FS- The WEIAND taken to the Cleaners! (Pai vs Jeffry Gameplay)
  1. leftylizard
    Love videos where poeple who act like asses get exposed. Weiand is one salty mf. He use to send me messages (rude)whether he won or lost.
    Mar 29, 2019
  2. Stl_Tim
    Actually the weiand is a very cool guy and I’m happy that he loves vf. Your videos at first were a great contribution to the community and I commend for your hard work.

    Having said that, weiand is a cool fun loving vfr that in my time knowing him has never seriously berated anyone, but more poked fun to add to the wwf style of online gaming.

    I can understand you making videos about people who have wronged you or live in this stupid society of eternal shaming to gain wtf spitting points vs each other, but this shit your doing now is uncool imho.

    People love vf for all reasons, so with little community left perhaps it’s better to stay positive and encourage rather than push what we have left away? Great example was JCblack. We had no clue why he played the way he did and assumed the worst, but after meeting and talking with him he loved vf for the Art, how fucking cool!

    Look at game newton society as a great example of what navf should strive to be.
    I’ve been there and it’s not in any way shape or means what we live in online currently.

    Finally, weiand isn’t or will never be my lapdog. That’s just stupid talk and please refrain from that kind of garbage.
    Just weiand a great example of a cool vfr that I myself should grow up and learn from.
    Mar 25, 2019
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