Comments on Profile Post by BLACKSTAR

  1. cruzlink2
    Shit yea.
    Sep 19, 2016
  2. oneida
    in a heartbeat
    Sep 19, 2016
  3. DigitlSamurai
    I would if I could.
    Sep 19, 2016
  4. VFhayato
    Lets go bstar! stop playing with your weenie at home!
    Sep 19, 2016
  5. BBountyHuntyr
    Sep 19, 2016
  6. Blitzball Champ
    Blitzball Champ
    Of course! VF Arena is good, but RAW was SUPERIOR!
    Sep 19, 2016
  7. ToyDingo
    Do it...was always entertaining to watch
    Sep 20, 2016
  8. adamYUKI
    I'm in. Let's do this.
    Sep 20, 2016
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  9. Tha_FeauchA
    F you, and RAW. Lol, I'm just bull shytin XD I probably would play, maybe. I'd get on the mic/phone/skype and try to commentate n whatnot whicha, too. I've noticed you're usually always doing it by yourself. If it's like that again, I'd hop on whicha if I can.
    Sep 21, 2016
  10. jimi Claymore
    jimi Claymore
    count on me, i'm up for some VF RAW
    Sep 22, 2016
  11. Tricky
    The monkey kung-fu is in the house.
    Sep 26, 2016