Comments on Profile Post by leftylizard

  1. MakiLeSushi
    Idk how will be our connexion but let s try =)
    Dec 23, 2016
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  2. Terracrush
    You mean you're going challenge players but if you have an issue you're going to jump out the ring and rage. Nice strat
    Dec 23, 2016
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  3. Jason Elbow
    Jason Elbow
    Keep it up Vanessa Shawty!!!!
    Dec 24, 2016
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  4. Cmoney
    U know the king is up for a fight. I love making you hold that guard button for dear life lol.
    Dec 25, 2016
  5. Jason Elbow
    Jason Elbow
    Dont forgot about me fuckboy Cmoney! We aint through bitch.
    Dec 25, 2016
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