Comments on Profile Post by Harpooneer

  1. Jason Elbow
    Jason Elbow
    What like art work?
    Oct 25, 2018
  2. MadeManG74
    Just make Vanessa into a Xmas elf in the custom terminal, slap it on a xmas background. Instant ratings.
    Oct 25, 2018
  3. Harpooneer
    Nice. I was thinking of naming it "war on Christmas" but it might be too meme dream.
    Oct 26, 2018
  4. Jacko
    "How the Goh Stole Christmas"
    Oct 26, 2018
  5. Jacko
    And have a still image of a Goh landing CH 6K with the caption "Merry Christmas"
    Oct 26, 2018
  6. ShinyBrentford
    Goh item win pose with the little doll might work well with @Jacko post about grinchy goh.
    Oct 26, 2018
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