Virtua Fighter dot com

Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
1st BBounty 2550 BBountyHuntyr BBountyHuntyr
2nd Tricky9000K 2231 Tricky Tricky
3rd SDS OverFiend 1913 SDS_Overfiend1 SDS_Overfiend1
4th Jacko 1594 Jacko Jacko
5th Oneida 1275 oneida oneida
5th Og23 1275 og23 og23
7th Blackbeltspartan 956 SNAKE BOSS SNAKE BOSS
7th Terracrush 956 Terracrush Terracrush
9th Raziel6660 638 raziel666 raziel666
9th AkiraZero 638 AkiraZero AkiraZero
9th Cruzlink2 638 cruzlink2 cruzlink2
9th Hayato 638 VFhayato VFhayato
13th KadaJ757 319 KADAJ757 KADAJ757
13th BlackGeneral 319 BlackGeneral BlackGeneral
13th triple g 319
13th Harpooneer 319 Harpooneer Harpooneer
17th Godoku nodan 26
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