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Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
1st RZR | Fuudo 10000
2nd GentlemanThief 8750 Lucky_GT Lucky_GT
3rd RZR|Itabashi Zangief 7500
4th Choufu K·K Sarah 6250
5th Tricky 5000 Tricky Tricky
5th EMP|Rodnutz 5000 Rodnutz Rodnutz
7th Rocket 3750 Rocket Rocket
7th Renzo 3750 Renzo Renzo
9th AyuFanb0y 2500 AyuFanb0y AyuFanb0y
9th EMP|Denkai 2500 _Denkai_ _Denkai_
9th LA Akira 2500 L_A L_A
9th Myke623 2500 Myke Myke
13th AdamYuuki 1250 adamYUKI adamYUKI
13th myth_boy6 1250 MilesA. MilesA.
13th ChiefFlash 1250 Chief_Flash Chief_Flash
17th RadicalReactor 100 RadicalReactor RadicalReactor
17th ShinyBrentford 100 ShinyBrentford ShinyBrentford
17th I Am Shidosha 100 Shidosha Shidosha
17th Shag 100 Shag Shag
17th Waverusher Kobi 100 Kobi Kobi
17th hseiken 100 hseiken1 hseiken1
17th Zass 100 Zass Zass
17th Dennis0201 100 Dennis0201 Dennis0201
25th CrazyDude 100 banok banok
25th Brisal73 100 Brisal73 Brisal73
25th Mike B 100
25th R_Panda 100 R_Panda R_Panda
25th Airegin 100 Airegin Airegin
25th Penguin Trois 100
25th Chanchai 100 Chanchai Chanchai
25th rickstah 100
33rd 00000000 100 00000000 00000000
33rd Cros 100
33rd AzureWanderings 100 AzureWanderings AzureWanderings
33rd EG Floe 100
33rd Shouta 100
33rd Nejisama90 100
33rd EG Jwonggg 100
33rd Phanatik 100 phanatik phanatik
33rd MotorCityJacky 100 MotorCityJacky MotorCityJacky
33rd B:L 100
33rd DRE Fei 100 DRE DRE
33rd Kamais_Ookin 100 Kamais_Ookin Kamais_Ookin
33rd floodnhard 100 floodnhard floodnhard
33rd PD 100
33rd JINXHAND 100
49th Dark Aizen 100
49th Galz 100
49th Hawktopus 100
49th oneida 100
49th Soaktrates 100
49th Pikocat 100
49th ShinobiFist 100
49th THE_WALL 100
49th Dipstick 100
49th MLP 715 100
49th GodokuNoDan 100
49th blk_brotha 100
49th Krye NL 100
49th PhantomFHarlock 100
49th Cruzlink 100
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