Virtua Fighter dot com

Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
1st Jihoon 1650 Jihoon Jihoon
2nd Chill 1444 Chill Chill
3rd OzH | MadeMan 1238 MadeManG74 MadeManG74
4th OZH | pxc 1031 Pixie Pixie
5th OzH | Genxa 825 Genxa Genxa
5th [Dylan 825 DeeJayBee DeeJayBee
7th Hugo 619 hewgoe hewgoe
7th TSF | Goat 619 TSFGoat TSFGoat
9th ON | | Taj Garou 413 TAJgarou TAJgarou
9th DaV-GoD 413 DaV-GoD DaV-GoD
9th TSF | Murix 413 Murix Murix
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