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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown: Lion

Usage statistics are based strictly on confirmed event results.

Top Rank: Min Value: Date: to
Date Event Players Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
2021-May-30 EU VF Circuit 2021: May 12 2nd MarlyJay 1313 MarlyJay MarlyJay
2021-Mar-28 EU VF Circuit 2021: March 11 3rd MarlyJay 1031 MarlyJay MarlyJay
2021-Feb-21 Hotdogs and Sake Club 7 - Retirbution! 5 1st domaug 625 DomAug DomAug
2021-Jan-10 EU VF Circuit 2021 #1 New Year, New Winner 11 5th MarlyJay 688 MarlyJay MarlyJay
2020-Dec-12 H&S Club - Virtua Fighter 5 FS Parsec 12/11/20 12 5th domaug 750 DomAug DomAug
2020-Dec-05 H&S Club - Virtua Fighter 5 FS Parsec 12/4/20 9 5th domaug 563 DomAug DomAug
2020-Oct-18 PS3 VF5FS Bi-Weekly #15 9 2nd domaug 984 DomAug DomAug
2020-Sep-20 PS3 VF5FS Bi-Weekly #13 7 5th domaug 438 DomAug DomAug
2020-Sep-06 VF Takeover Bi-Weekly: Go Back to School! 18 3rd Jason_Elbow 1500 Jason Elbow Jason Elbow
2020-Aug-23 PS3 VF5FS Bi-Weekly #11 12 3rd domaug 1125 DomAug DomAug
2020-Aug-02 PS3 VF5FS Bi-Weekly #9 10 7th domaug 469 DomAug DomAug
2020-Jul-05 PS3 VF5FS Bi-Weekly #7 4 4th domaug 313 DomAug DomAug
2020-Jun-07 VF5FS Online Bi-weekly #5 PS3 10 7th domaug 469 DomAug DomAug
2019-Sep-21 OzHadou Nationals 16 - Victory Road XXXV 16 9th ON | Taj Garou 600 TAJgarou TAJgarou
2019-Mar-02 York Street Battles #67 - Victory Road XXXII 7 3rd Eddie Kage 788 Eddie Eddie
2019-Jan-20 LAG: HOMESTAY | FINAL SHOWDOWN @ REDONDO BEACH - VF5 Singles 29 25th Jason Elbow 44 Jason Elbow Jason Elbow
2019-Jan-12 Victory Road XXX - York Street Battles #65 12 3rd Eddie Kage 1350 Eddie Eddie
2018-Nov-18 NYC VF November Tournament Monthly #6 8 5th VF_Trailers 600 nanashi nanashi
2018-Aug-03 Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Side Tourney @ EVO 2018 60 13th Jason Elbow 625 Jason Elbow Jason Elbow
2018-May-20 OVER 100 VF Arena Round Robin Tournament 14 8th Jason Elbow 438 Jason Elbow Jason Elbow
2017-Feb-18 No Matter The Cost 30 25th Jason Elbow AKT 45 Jason Elbow Jason Elbow
2013-Aug-03 Sega Cup Europe 53 2nd Ash 6956 Ash (Atsushi) Ash (Atsushi)
2013-Aug-03 Sega Cup Europe 53 7th Chibitox 2981 Chibitox Chibitox
2013-Aug-03 Sega Cup Europe 53 17th Rayne 80 Rayne Rayne
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