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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown: Pai

Usage statistics are based strictly on confirmed event results.

Top Rank: Min Value: Date: to
Date Event Players Rank Player Characters Earnings1 Points User
2018-May-20 OVER 100 VF Arena Round Robin Tournament 14 11th Rodnutz 219 Rodnutz Rodnutz
2017-Feb-18 No Matter The Cost 30 9th shadow master 1125 shadowmaster shadowmaster
2017-Feb-18 No Matter The Cost 30 17th Silepai 45 siLEpai siLEpai
2015-Aug-16 NYGX 31 17th SHADOWMASTER 47 shadowmaster shadowmaster
2014-Aug-16 NYG 9 21 9th Shadow 788 shadowmaster shadowmaster
2013-Aug-10 NYG8 26 13th Shadow 488 shadowmaster shadowmaster
2013-Apr-20 Sega Cup 97 2nd GentlemanThief 8750 Lucky_GT Lucky_GT
2013-Feb-24 Winter Brawl 7 - Virtua Fighter 5 FS 20 9th ShadowMaster 750 shadowmaster shadowmaster
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