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    most of us know that two giant swings with wolf leaves a single hit point remaining..however i recently noticed it applies to other characters as well, too.

    with kage i did: TFT knee PPK slide = 107 points. TFT knee PK slide = 93 points. 107+93 = 200, right? wrong. do both those combos in a row, and a single hit point remains.

    that's kind of a complicated way of finding that out..you can simply do any combination of throws or combos and moves that add up to exactly 200 at the end. there will ALWAYS be 1 point remaining.

    just do any 50 point throw four times with any character if you want to see it the easiest way.

    what the does this all mean? fucked if i know. however i've always thought there was an ultra minor level of handicapping in VF3 beyond what we know (this little known fact: the player with 50 points or more less than the other can have priority over the other player if all other priority requirements are still equal) to keep the game going and give a small, small chance for the losing player. i've long argued that i've seen the game allow the player who is losing very, very badly and when time is running out to get up quicker than he normally should (i've seen people avoid stuff like akira's df+P after a df+P+G. and, no, it was not entered late..i was the akira player). but it happens rarely..

    who knows for sure..
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    GLC Well-Known Member

    There is a handicap for the players who loses badly. Take a look at this (it's a translation from japanese, dunno if Gamest):


    1. Rising Attacks always has first priority
    2. The attack with the greater damage wins
    3. If same damage, then air attacks wins
    4. If the difference between the opponents' life bar is 50 or over,
    then the player with the smaller life bar has priority.

    5. The move with the quicker detection, then execution time hits.
    6. If it's still a tie, then both players get knocked down.

    Originally posted to RGVA by Jirawat Uttayaya (The Peaking Duck)
  3. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    Erm... could you explain the 3rd one ? What do are they trying to say by "If same damage, air attacks win" ? Are they trying to say that like, if this move (say knee) does 30 points, and erm... a jumping kick also does 30 points, then the jumping kick hits instead of the knee ? *Confused look*

  4. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    Yes, jumping/hopping kicks have priority over "normal" attacks. Keep in mind that they have to connect simultaneously (as much as their coverage stat allows). Also remember that those 7 points are concerning OB; though I don't think they changed the game mechanics just for TB.
  5. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    Ah... then this also corresponds with number 6 in the list right ? (That is if my train of thought is correct of course.....) Let me take an analogy here...... assuming that say erm.... Jacky's dropkick does 30 damage, but with an execution of 20 frames, and erm... recovery of 15 frames, VS Erm... the standard d,U+K, which also does 30 damage, execution of 15, and recovery of 15, then the d,U+K which has a "quicker detection time" hits ?

    Hmm..... if I'm correct, then my technical theory is not as bad as I thought. /images/icons/tongue.gif But just in case.... /images/icons/wink.gif BTW, that's a really nice tidbit of information GLC. Thanks for the info too. /images/icons/smile.gif

  6. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    No, you're misunderstanding it... I meant if two moves' coverage times (remember, move stat is execution -> coverage (when hit/block is deteced) -> recovery) meet, you go through the list. If you can drop the first 6 points, both players get knocked down... I can't explain this accurately because of my not-too-great English so ppl get confused; hope now you know what I meant.
  7. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    Oh what the heck...... I'll just stick to my current not so great understanding of technicalities form of gameplay. /images/icons/laugh.gif Nonetheless, thanks for clearing it up. You can explain all the intricate details to me if we EVER meet in real life. /images/icons/laugh.gif


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