[17 May 2013] BAM5 - Battle Arena Melbourne 5th Anniversary May 17-19 (Melbourne VIC)

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    Battle Arena Melbourne returns with its Fifth anniversary event - BAM5!

    One of the longest running national tournaments that attracts fighting game players from across Australia, continuing a tradition that CouchWarriors began with monthly events since 2006. BAM is set to feature approx 300 players, a huge event in the Australian FGC calendar.


    Hori VF5FS sticks, Tshirts, and costume and full game DLC!
    Quick shot: [​IMG]


    Official site with Schedule and Registration info:


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/CouchWarriors Twitter: www.twitter.com/CouchWarriors #BAM5
    Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/587593197917660/

    Features - 3 Day event! Entertainment including live chip music, interstate Exhibition matches Special guests and major prizes!

    Regional qualifiers:
    Melbourne: Shadowlogic, April 21 (THIS WEEKEND) https://www.facebook.com/events/555230214499506/?fref=ts
    Adelaide: Arena LAN Cafe, April 29 * Link TBC
    Sydney,: Ozhadou York St Battles, May 4 - http://www.ozhadou.net/ozhadou-ysb17-bam5-qualifier/

    LIVE STREAM As part of the Melbourne community we have an equipment and live streaming partnership with www.twitch.tv/ShadowlooHQ

    Special International Guest: Jonny “Humanbomb” Cheng (Hong Kong) world class Street Fighter 4 player, 2012 EVO top 5, returning 2010 BAM champion, 2011 Ozhadou champion.

    INJUSTICE: Gods Among Us prequel comic writer TOM TAYLOR will be in attendance signing comics and games, and there will be comic giveaways thanks to All Star Comics

    Music performance: In partnership with Sound Bytes, Chiptunes musician Pselodux will open BAM5 Friday night entertainment with a blistering spacerock set, bringing together the chiptunes and competitive gaming scenes in a festival of gaming

    The event has the largest lineup of titles reflecting the strong emphasis on inclusivity and community growth that is CouchWarriors hallmark, with Casual play well accommodated.

    NewGamePlus.TV will be on hand for player interviews and coverage

    Official tournaments include:
    Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition v2012
    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
    The King of Fighters XIII
    Street Fighter X Tekken
    Tekken Tag Tournament 2
    Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
    Dead or Alive 5
    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
    Super Smash Bros Brawl
    Super Smash Bros Melee
    Injustice: Gods Among Us Launch tournament

    Special Events
    Exhibition matches (TBC)
    Pselodux Live Chipmusic set
    Tom Taylor Injustice Signing
    Mortal Kombat Exhibition
    DIY tournaments and more to be announced.

    Major Sponsors and Prizes - visit the site for announcements and details.
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BAM5 - Battle Arena Melbourne 5th Anniversary May 17-19
Start Date: 17 May 2013 06:00 PM
End Date: 20 May 2013 06:00 AM
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

CQ, Event Room 2
123 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Posted By: Berzerk

Confirmed Attendees: 4
You can not RSVP for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
The following users have RSVP'd "Yes": 4


Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by Berzerk, Apr 18, 2013.

  • BAM5 - Battle Arena Melbourne 5th Anniversary May 17-19
    Start Date: 17 May 2013 06:00 PM
    End Date: 20 May 2013 06:00 AM
    Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

    CQ, Event Room 2
    123 Queen Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

    Posted By: Berzerk

    Confirmed Attendees: 4
    You can not RSVP for this event...

    This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
    The following users have RSVP'd "Yes": 4
    1. Berzerk
      Results: Top 8

      Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
      1. AlexMD (VIC)
      2. Chill (NSW)
      3. Myke (NSW)
      4. CM (VIC)
      5. Callum (VIC)
      5. Berzerk (VIC)
      7. Mademan (NSW)
      7. Gab (VIC)

      Full bracket:
      Pool A http://couchwarriors.challonge.com/bam5vf5poola
      Pool B http://couchwarriors.challonge.com/bamvf5poolb

      Stream Archive
      (Some sections of the archive appear to be missing currently)
    2. MadeManG74
      All booked and ready to go, registered for VF, DOA5 and KOFXIII!
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    3. Myke
      Haven't booked anything yet, but I'm very likely to be there and will try to do my best to go down Friday night for the exhibitions!
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    4. Berzerk
      I think there's a qantas sale on at the mo but bargain airline sales might be expired right now
    5. Chill
      Keep us posted if you need accommodation, I've got a 4 bunk room booked but have one bed spare, am currently looking for another roomie.
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    6. Berzerk
      You can't miss it Myke - I'm treating you as confirmed, so get confirmed already :)

      Serious talk - that 5v5 for VF is going to happen!
    7. Chill
    8. El_Twelve
      I'll be coming along to register on the day. :D
    9. Chill
      Stream starts at 6pm AEST. At 8.15pm AEST there will be an exhibition match for VF being a 5 on 5, VIC vs NSW match.

      Victoria vs New South Wales, State vs State, Mate vs Mate! - Which state will come out on top and which player will fire the first warning shot in the fight to become BAM 2013 champion!?

    10. Chill
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    11. Chill
      Well the BAM plague finally caught up with me late last night and I haven't slept much so if any of this is incoherant then I apologise in advance!

      Firstly thanks to Berzerk and all the other organisers for a great event. Being an organiser comes with its trials and tribulations and sometimes its hard to appreciate the effort that goes into running an event like this in a seamless fashion. Hats off to all you guys.

      Congratulations to Alex on winning the tournament - Your play is so strong and you fought like a national champion should - I don't know what else to say, well done!

      To all the VF crew, I was really happy that we could all meet up again and that everyone was yet again so welcoming. It's a sign of the respect that everyone has for each other that we can come together and bypass the egos and cut-throat competition that can sometimes come with tournaments. To me that is much more important than any sense of becoming 'the best player'.

      But I was also happy to see the level of Melbourne players, and without excluding anyone else, both Callum and CM were a revelation to me - You guys have progessed so much since I last saw you play, fantastic.

      Oh and Friday was such a great night out, haven't laughed that hard in ages.

      OK I think I've sprayed enough :). Until next time gentleman!
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    12. ClarenceMage
    13. Myke
      Congrats to AlexMD and Chill for finishing first and second place, respectively. The hard work you put in and your concentration when it mattered clearly paid off! You both thoroughly deserved making to the grand final. Again, well done!

      Congrats also to Chill for holding it down for NSW during the team exhibition. Callum's Jean, the first player for Team Victoria, was making tidy work for most of the NSW team who looked everywhere for answers, but came up empty each time. That is, until NSW's fourth player, Chill, stepped in. Slowly, but surely, Chill made his way through the entire Vic team, and claim victory for NSW! As anchor for the team, I'd like to think that my repeated threats of, "Don't make me come up there!" had something to do with it, but the reality is Chill was on point and was levelling up with each opponent!

      Huge shout out to all my other VF brothers that threw it down this past weekend at BAM. Memorable highlights included chilling with everyone during dinner, and drinks. Madness and hilarity ensues whenever we got together, regardless of the situation. Looking forward to catching up with you all again!

      Massive thanks to Berzerk and all the Couch Warriors crew for organising yet another successful event, and congratulations on your 5th anniversary! Looking back, I can still remember the first ever BAM, it really is amazing to see what you guys have accomplished and you should be proud. The FGC has only gotten bigger, better and stronger because of guys like you, so bravo! Here's to the next 5 years, and beyond!
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    14. erdraug
      Thank you for the stream. It would be very interesting to hear AlexMD's motivation for switching to Lei-Fei in the finals.
    15. AlexMD
      Chill likes to play from mid range using a lot of 3p,1p,FC3p and 3p~4,p+k sabaki. Jacky's mid punch inashi will beat the 3p and FC3p but will lose to the 1p (because It's an elbow) and the sabaki (because It's slow enough to catch you after the active frames off the inashi if you tried to inashi 3p)

      Lei Fei sabaki and 46p+k are both double handed punches so even if you try and sabaki 3p and he does 3p~4 p+k because It's a double handed punch it will hit him out of the sabaki frames.

      Switching to crane stance at mid range would have been a good idea as well if used sparingly enough to not get hit with 66k.

      Also Sydney doesn't have a Lei Fei player :p, I didn't play Lei for quite a while so It was more than a bit shaky but those are the reasons why I chose him.
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    16. AlexMD
      Thanks to all the guys from Sydney that came down for BAM this year, we had an even split between Melbourne and Sydney in top 8 and in top 4!.

      Chill, congrats on the team tourney win!, you really made a splash at BAM.I don't think people really knew how strong you are in the lead up to the tourney, but I've been telling everyone to learn the Shun match up since I saw you at EB expo.

      I thought you should have placed much higher at OHN judging by the quality of your play. I hope you smash Melvin next time you meet him at YSB! ;)

      Myke, always great to catch up with you, I really enjoy hearing your "war stories" from the US and Japan. Australia is really lucky to have someone with as much insight into the game and community. Good news!, I found the website of the DOA girl bbchibi you got a picture with, http://bbchibi.deviantart.com/

      Mademan, you're such a friendly guy It's always great to see you. please don't play injustice anymore It makes me sad.

      Nima, I'm gonna be burnt out for a month but when I come back I'd love to get some online matches with you,

      This will have to be a 2 part post because I have to get some sleep now, but I'll butter Melbourne boys in part 2 :p
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    17. El_Twelve
      Thanks to Couchwarriors for a great weekend! Was a blast being able to meet up with everyone. Wish I'd been able to play more casuals though. I only managed to play Myke out of all the interstaters.

      Alex, I noticed you use a lot more delayed attacks and strings now compared to the last time I played you. It's making you even more dangerous. Congrats on the well deserved win.

      Also great games by everyone else. Berzerk once again got knocked into losers by me but came back to take me out of the tourney. I think we've been going almost one-for-one for the past few years now. Myke, you're always fun to watch and play with, and thanks for the advice on abare. Kris, I still hate that Lei Fei uppercut, but watching Chill's fight with you has given me some ideas!! Hope I'll be able to play the rest of you next event. At least I had fun pulling about 3 or 4 ridiculous looking shenanigans over the weekend. :D

      Hope Tian and I were passable on commentary. I had a listen and it didn't sound amazing, but wasn't unbearably bad either thankfully.

      Also, watching the replay of myself playing Pai in DOA, I wonder why the heck I don't play so aggressive in VF?! Gonna work on that aggression for next time.
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    18. ROBDAWGG619
      Congrats to Alex for winning last week, to the YSB crew from Sydney as always is was a pleasure catching up with you guys and special shoutout to Cal and Blake (Chill) for the vast improvement since OHN they have put in. I would also like to make a special mention to Myke who explained the go with the Sydney CBD not having many left hand turns in the CBD but saying "a left hand turn is a right hand turn after chucking a U-turn" best quote of the weekend. The other big mention was Toto and MadeMan just being really awesome blokes and kicking it with them and having awesome convos with them throughout the weekend and having casuals with them. Hopefully within the near future I have the internet again and re-subscribe to xbox live and jump online for some casuals not just with the melbourne crew but also with the Sydney crew as well. As always the BIGGGEST and most AWESOME shoutout of them all goes to CouchWarriors and el presidente Daniel (Berzerk!) for such an awesome run tourney and one the best ones I have been to and had such a great vibe to it. Until next we all catch up, hope eveyone keeps fighting on and keeps well. Cheers ROBDAWGG
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    19. AlexMD
      Well the BAM plague finally caught up with me, I feel a bit bad writing more on the Melbourne guys, but I I was sick as a dog when I wrote part one :p

      Daniel, You've always been the champion of VF along with Myke in my eyes, I know all the effort you've put into getting VF into these kinds of events. I hope it's given you as much satisfaction as it has me in seeing the growth of the scene in the last 5 years. You did a fantastic job this year as Couchwarriors president and it was amazing to see you juggle so much and yet still make time for everybody.All the little touches you introduced from the cosplay to getting Tom Taylor down show how much want the community to grow and expand. I'm so glad it's you at the helm because I know you don't have an agenda and will do your best for EVERYONE in the community.

      Gab, When I arrived on Friday you were the first person I saw and you were already busy working away to make sure the event ran smoothly. I know you wish you had more time to put into VF and DOA but your selflessness in doing commentary and running pools is a rare thing in a competitive environment where a lot of people would put their tournament performance above everything else. The fact that you put so much pride into playing well and learning the intricacies of the games you play makes it all the more impressive that you sacrifice your time in helping out.

      CM, Good job on your placing!, you play with a lot of confidence and that goes a long way, now all you need is a bit more time to learn the match ups. I know you were a bit down about not knowing the Shun match up during the team tourney, but cracking top 4 in BAM this year with such a high level of competition is something to be proud of.;)

      Callum, Great work on most improved you really deserved it. Every time I go to Shadowlogic I notice you've got a new setup or your spacing has improved drastically. I first noticed the quality of your play at the last BAM when you were playing CM and parried a bunch of his lunge punches. Hope you continue to improve throughout the year!.

      Kenny and Tian, You guys did great on commentary. Kenny, I didn't think your voice sounded strange at all, just excited which is what we want.Your El Blaze mask was hilarious as always, I kinda wish you did commentary with it ;).I know you don't get as much time to play as you'd like but you've been an important part of this community for many years and It's always great to see you. Tian one day I hope to have a flashkick as hype as you, a flashkick that will echo through the ages, YEAHHHH!!!!!

      John, sorry we had to play each other so early in the tournament again. Thanks for showing up and playing, It means a lot that you enter even though you don't play as much as the other guys. I bumped into Jeff and tried to get him to learn VF again but he says it's too hard, how sad.

      Robdawg, You're a real cool dude, always friendly to everyone around. Keep repping Kage, he's tough to learn but so much flash. Hope you had a good time at the event, didn't get to see you much cause I was stressing over VF and DOA.
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