[17 Nov 2012] VF Circuit PS3 League November Major (Online PSN)

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by akai, Nov 2, 2012.

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VF Circuit PS3 League November Major
Online PSN
Confirmed Attendees: 20
Posted By: akai
Start Date: 17 Nov 2012 06:00 AM
End Date: 17 Nov 2012 10:00 PM
Time Zone: America/Chicago -06:00 CST
The following users have RSVP'd "Maybe":
  1. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    PS3 League Divisions Start Times - Saturday, November 17th (Exception being Japan - on Sunday)
    Japan - Sunday, 8:00 PM Japan Time
    Russia - Saturday, 6:00 PM Moscow Time
    Europe - Saturday, 7:30 PM London time
    Eastern North America (CST, EST, AST Timezones) - Saturday, 7:30 PM EST (New York time)
    Western North America (MST, PST Timezones) - Saturday, 7:30 PM PST (California time)

    Countdown timer for sign-up deadline

    More information will be provided before the event begins. This is the second to last Majors (where people are given different amount of points based on placement)

    VFDC organized online League - VF Circuit Forum Section or VF Circuit Blog

    Some important notes about the Majors:
    1. No Character Switching (when you RSVP or post in the thread to sign up, state the single character you will be using).
    2. First Portion of the Major will be a Round Robin (2 matches against each player). If needed, there may also be Wild Card Round Robin bracket (1 match against each person).
    3. Final Portion of the Major is Single Elimination. (2 out of 3).
    4. In the Majors, the number of points given (used to award the Mad Catz prize at the end of the season) is based on your placement.
    5. To make the Majors run smoothy, participants need to update their results immediately into the challonge bracket.

    For those already signed up for the VF Circuit (gave me their location, email address, etc info) - Please post a reply in this thread (or by the RSVP setting), PM me, or reply to the VF Circuit email if you will be participating in the Saturday, November 17th event. Remember that you need to state the character you will be using also. Deadline to register is November 15th 6 AM CST (UTC -6). Nothing is guaranteed for those wanting to participate when deadline ends.

    For those that have not signed up for the VF Circuit (gave me their location, email address, etc) please follow the registration directions from the VF Circuit Registration Thread before signing up for the individual events.
  2. Genzen

    Genzen Well-Known Member

    I'll play - Jacky.
  3. DigitlSamurai

    DigitlSamurai Well-Known Member

    DgtlSamurai KOF
    I'll enter as Jacky.
  4. supergolden

    supergolden Well-Known Member

    I'm in as Blaze

    SNAKE BOSS Well-Known Member

    Sign me up I be using Lau but you already know that.
  6. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    I'll be Kage :ninja:
  7. Genzen

    Genzen Well-Known Member

    Too many people in our bracket, Exzety. Sorry, there's no space for you.
    ExzetyXat1 likes this.
  8. volosatenko

    volosatenko New Member

    Brad Burns
  9. Cometsu

    Cometsu New Member

  10. Shinobi

    Shinobi Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    Lion, as always.
    Tocuh likes this.
  11. Devli

    Devli New Member

    play as Taka
  12. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    Like VF? Play online? Want to do something together as a community? Then these events are for you! We are close to the finish line for this season. Updated the countdown timer page.

    Countdown timer for sign-up deadline

    Edit: Nothing is guaranteed for those that sign-up after deadline
  13. Terachi

    Terachi New Member

    I'm in as Brad
  14. Unicorn

    Unicorn Well-Known Masher Content Manager Wolf Bronze Supporter

    unicorn cz
  15. ToyDingo

    ToyDingo Well-Known Member

    Sadly, I'm a "maybe" for this. Got some things to take care of on Sat...
  16. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    Dingo no problem. DomAug and Toydingo - when you find out your schedule, let me know asap.

    Deadline to sign-up has ended (nothing is guaranteed for late signees). RSVP - has been disabled.
  17. Elite

    Elite Well-Known Member

    I'll play. Using Kage.
  18. Sosed999

    Sosed999 Member

    Jet Bryant78
    play as Jacky
  19. Bilal

    Bilal Well-Known Member

  20. ToyDingo

    ToyDingo Well-Known Member

    Akai, I am for certain a "No" for this one.

    You kids have fun...

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