[18 & 19 Jan 2019] Los Angeles Gathering: Homestay (Redondo Beach, California)

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By adamYUKI on Oct 21, 2018 at 2:14 AM
  1. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    (Artwork above courtesy of @emperorshadox. He was super generous with his time and did an incredible job!)

    Hi guys, I'd like to introduce LAG: HOMESTAY | FINAL SHOWDOWN @ REDONDO BEACH

    It was so inspiring getting slaughtered by Homestay during Evo 2018, that I invited him to come play and hang with us. He will come with his wife and they both will do a little sightseeing, but he is looking forward to playing Final Showdown with us.

    It would be nice to have a sister event to NYG here on the west coast, where we invite Japanese players, get to know them a bit, and level up our game. (We used to do this with early NYGs during the VF4 era.)

    • Start: Friday, January 18th, 2019
    • End: Saturday, January 19th, 2019


    Residence Inn Redondo Beach
    2420 Marine Avenue
    Redondo Beach, CA 90278
    • 10 rooms (each with 2 queen beds) blocked at a negotiated rate of $139 + tax per night
    • Conference room for casual and tourney play on Jan 18th & 19th - with access until 11pm each night
    • Use this link to book your rooms:
    • Please reach out to one another here if you would like to share rooms and split costs
    • Amenities: Bar-B-Q and/or picnic area, complimentary hot breakfast, convenience store, vending machines, outdoor pool + whirlpool, cash machine / ATM
    • Manhattan Beach - 3 miles west of hotel
    The hotel is really really nice! Feel free to check it out! :)








    • Jan 17th Thursday: Casuals in hotel rooms, picnic and hanging out at the beach --> lounge & drink!
    • Jan 18th Friday: Team tourney & casuals --> lounge & drink!
    • Jan 19th Saturday: Singles tourney & casuals --> group dinner & lounge & drink!
    We have the meeting space on the Friday and Saturday - until 11pm or so. That's a lot of play time for:

    • Double Elimination 2/3
    • 3/5 Winners/Losers Finals
    • 3/5 Grand Finals (2 sets for Losers)


    • Double Elimination 2/3
    • 3/5 Winners/Losers Finals

    • Full access to weekend's events: $30
    • Tourney entry fees: $5

    By the way, a rogues gallery of VF killers is expected to show up:
    My other homies from NYC VF (@cruzlink2, @Harpooneer, @Tricky, etc.) have also expressed excitement, so I hope they come. With their & Dropkick Events' help, we will stream this, of course.

    1st place - TBA
    2nd place - TBA
    3rd Place - TBA
    Raffle - TBA

    • TBA
    • TBA


    If you would like to donate some money to help with the organization of this event, please send your contribution via PayPal to paypal.me/AdnanR

    Money earned from donations will go towards:
    • Prizes
    • Even organization
    • Those who need help with covering some travel costs
    • Overall experience of the event
    • Group Dinner

    I love this game. I'd like to do my little part to keep it going, "by force, if necessary" as my boy @cobratron said to me. Let's do this!

    "The Cheeks Are Tight!"
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Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by adamYUKI, Oct 21, 2018.

    1. Rodnutz
      SWEET.... The event seems to be shaping up very nicely and I am really looking forward to attending. My wife and son plan to tag along so for all those coming, prepare to meet little Konjou Akira 2.0 hahaha. He can't hold a controller yet, but that day will eventually come and when it does I'm going to tech him to kick all of your pathetic asses.

      All jokes asides, I know this event might be a financial burden to many of you, so all I will say is this, sometimes you just gotta treat yourself to something nice. We all waste money on tons of things each day, week or month that after the money is spent, often leaves us feeling empty like it was completely wasted. Well, here is a chance to spend some of your hard earned cash on something you care about 1000% and in the process create a beautiful memory that will last you a life time.

      This event is not about whether you are a good player or bad player. It's about giving yourself the chance to finally meet and put faces to your fellow VF brethren. And who knows, perhaps even create some REAL life long friendships. I know I have created many in the many years I have been playing this game. So, don't be lazy, stop making excuses, tell your GF or wife to STFU and you'll give her the next check after you get back, pack your bags, get on a plane or jump in your car and get the fuck in. Come chill and have a good time with the community of people who share one of your deep passions. Take advantage of this rare chance to meet one of the original VF OGs and the opportunity to get your ass kicked from every angle possible by him, all the while laughing and having a good time because you know deep down in your soul you made the right choice. I guarantee you will leave happy knowing the money you spent was all worth it and as you travel back home you will be taking nothing but unforgettable joy with you.

      See y'all there!!!
    2. Dennis0201
      I'm in!!
      please bear with a rusty guy~ :)
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    3. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      Yeah!!! The only bad player is Tim if he decides/grow a big enough pair to come! Lol
    4. Montage
      Hello all! Montage from Dropkick here.

      I've been a bit out of commission on this project for a little while due to a very busy season at work, but I'm back with two pieces of good news!

      1. I've created a Facebook page for the event here! Use it to invite friends who may not have seen the event here or on twitter!

      2. You can now pre-pay for the event's registration and tournament fees through PayPal on the smash.gg page here! As stated in the original post, this is a non-profit event, and all funds generated will go straight into the prize pool or covering costs of the event itself.

      I'm so excited for this event, and will do all I can to ensure it runs smoothly. Please feel free to hit me up on twitter at @MonatgeFGC if you have any questions or want to talk anything event-related!
    5. adamYUKI
      Thanks so much for your help Alex! Really couldn't have done this without your assistance.

      @MadeManG74 - thank you for always pushing this at every opportunity.
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    6. KADAJ757
      Honestly, I wouldn't mind if the tournament was on PS3 because I want to use my Qanba Dragon stick.
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    7. adamYUKI
      PS3 will be the the tournament system. We are encouraging people to bring any system they want for casuals. @Montage might be able to provide a CRT or two if people want to play older games on non-HDMI monitors! :holla:
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    8. adamYUKI
      Guys - in about a week, the rooms held under VFDC group with the negotiated rate will be released. The rate goes up from $139 to $159 per night!

      Book ASAP!
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    9. KADAJ757
      I talked with @Jason Elbow earlier today. Just waiting for him so we can split the cost. Hopefully, it won't be too late.
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    10. Kruza
      Which day is deadline before room rate increase?

    11. Kruza
      Is there anyone still looking for a hotel roommate? Let me know in this thread or by private messaging, and we can work things out.

      Question for @adamYUKI So the current group hotel room group rate consists of three nights (17th-19th), and then everyone must check out early afternoon of the 20th? Please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

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    12. adamYUKI
      Hi Kruza! Yes, the group rate is for those three nights. If you'd like to stay a day or two later, I can get that discounted rate for you. Just let me know. :)
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    13. adamYUKI
      Anyone have any ideas for some non-VF activities during the evenings, primarily? I am making reservations at a couple of cool restaurants overlooking the beach, and thinking about hookah lounge & bar for Friday and/or Saturday nights.

      If you want to do something specific, please let me know so that I can help arrange it.
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    14. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      kruza you may wanna get in touch with Kadaj.
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    15. Kruza
      @adamYUKI - I do plan on staying an extra day (leave on 21st), but this factor may depend on whether I can find a roommate.

      As for non-VF stuff, I'm still into billiards/pool, though I haven't played in a very long time. Hopefully these beach restaurants serve some good beer!

      @Jason Elbow - I sent a message to KADAJ757, so I hope he responds as soon as possible. Anyway, good matches the other day!

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    16. shadowmaster
      I sent him a pm about rooming with him. I just need to know if someone is looking for a roommate to make it easier for me when the time comes to get there. Are you still looking for a roommate kruza. I am up for that
    17. Kruza
      @shadowmaster - Okay, let's do it! Details are in the PM I sent you.

    18. KilgoreTheFish
      I plan on bringing a small sony trinitron CRT with PS2 and DC setups for VF4EVO and VF3TB
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    19. Rodnutz
      THE KONJOU FAMILY IS CONFIRMED!!! See y'all soon.
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    20. Chief_Flash
      Looks like LAG is shaping up to be one hell of an event! It could be a better turn out than NMTC! Hey @adamYUKI where dem trailers at? Who's streaming this event? :holla:
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