2017 Pre-Beat Tribe Cup and VF3tb tournaments THIS WEEKEND! (9/15)

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    This weekend will be a particularly busy one for VF fans! Not only do we have the best of the west facing off in the 2017 OzHadou Nationals in Australia, but we also have, not one, not two, but THREE major Virtua Fighter tournaments in Japan as well!

    Taking place today (Friday, 9/15) at 9pm JST (8am EST) will be the VF3tb singles (1v1) tournament at the world famous Game Center Mikado arcade in Tokyo. Catch the worlds best veterans battling it out in the most entertaining matches of this classic title!

    On Saturday (9/16) at 5pm JST, the VF3tb 2v2 team tournament will be taking place once again at Game Center Mikado. VF3tb legends Chibita and Gorilla Kagesuke will be teaming up in Voltron-like fashion, making what will likely be the favorite pairing to win that tournament!

    Information on whether there is a stream or not for these tournaments is a bit iffy, but according to this web listing, the tournaments will likely be shown at the following sites:

    EDIT: Here's confirmation!

    And don't forget the excellent Mikado YouTube page, where all of the previous VF3tb vods have been uploaded!


    And finally, to cap off a great weekend will be the big one; the long-awaited 2017 Pre-Beat Tribe Cup 5v5 Team Tournament! This will be a particularly important tournament, as since VF5FS majors in Japan have become quite rare recently, and the last Pre-Beat Tribe tournament had taken place over a year ago. Players in Japan have been training and preparing for months for this tournament, and you will be guaranteed to see impressive matches and dramatic plays!

    It will take place Sunday (9/17) at 10am JST (Saturday, 9/16 at 9pm EST, for us westerners), and will be an all-day touranment! The tournament will take place at Game Newton Ooyama and will (likely) be streamed at the follwing sites:

    Looks like it will be a great weekend for us VF fans to celebrate!

    Video Archives
    Video archives of the 2017 Pre-Beat Tribe Cup are now available via Jinzo Ningen's YouTube channel.

    Preliminary Rounds
    20170917 PRE BEAT-TRIBE CUP 【予選ラウンド】

    Playoff Finals
    20170917 PRE BEAT-TRIBE CUP 【プレーオフ~決勝トーナメント】 Part 2

    Thanks to @Dhaval Katbamna for submitting these to the VFDC Media library.
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Discussion in 'News' started by BLACKSTAR, Sep 15, 2017.

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