[24 Aug 2018] NYG 13 (Brooklyn, NY)

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By Harpooneer on Apr 9, 2018 at 1:30 AM
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    VF NYG13 info.jpg
    2018 promises to be a good year for VF due to the inclusion of FS in Yakuza 6, and the NYC / East Coast scene in particular with the return of Hayato’s arcade looking stronger than ever. Thanks to the efforts of the old-school arcade community at iFixMachine, VF will have a strong arcade representation at this year’s NYG. This includes a genuine arcade cabinet with Sega’s Lindbergh running VF5R and FS, along with head-to-head Versus City cabinets running VF4 Evo and Final Tuned, and potentially VF3 if the interest is high! The resources available to us at this year’s event are better than ever. This means we can offer a more exciting and fun environment for casual hanging out and playing, and we can also step up this year’s tournament to provide a competitive environment.

    Event Schedules:
    Friday, August 24 - Hanging out, casuals.
    Saturday, August 25 - Final Showdown Tournament, Double Elimination. Tournament begins at 5:00
    Sunday, August 26 - Hanging out, Runbacks and Revenge Exhibitions

    The Venue:
    iFixMachine is reborn as a true arcade, with cabinets for head-to-head, single-player, and vertical scrolling shoot-em-ups. There is also plenty of love for console games. $10 per day gets you all the gaming action you want.

    The Tournament:
    $5 Entry fee. Pot split will be as follows:
    1st Place - 70%
    2nd Place - 20%
    3rd Place - 10%
    There will be a matcherino in place to provide pot bonuses, and I will personally be contributing $250 as a guaranteed pot bonus.

    The tournament will take place on Saturday, August 11. The game will be Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, and detailed rules can be found below. Due to projected numbers, we will be starting the tournament at 5:00.
    YOU CAN PRE-REGISTER with Challonge here.
    Brackets and Calling Matches:

    If you are registered for the tournament, you will be placed on a challonge bracket which will be posted before the tournament begins. Our first priority in seeding will be that people from the same region don’t play each other in round 1, but that may not be possible in all cases.

    If you are called and are unavailable for your match, we will attempt to resolve other matches in the same round before disqualifying you. If 2 matches occur before you are available, you will be disqualified. If you want to leave the venue for food or other reasons, please consult an organizer to see if there will be enough time. It is your responsibility to be there for your match.

    Rules for Matches, Character Select, P1/P2, Stage Select:

    Normal Bracket: 2 / 3. Losers, winners, and grand finals are all 3 / 5.

    The Tournament is Double Elimination

    If two players cannot agree on player 1 / player 2 side, they will flip a coin for it.

    After sitting down and going to character select, both players must configure buttons before picking a character. The first stage selection will be random.

    After each game in singles, winner should ask loser if they want to change stage or character (NOT both).

    Pausing during a match is a 1 round loss. If either player is Shun Di, the loss will be drink neutral (i.e. Shun will neither gain, nor lose, drink points). The player that did not pause can choose not to take the round.

    If there is a malfunction of equipment, a break in the game can occur where the player finds a replacement. If the break occurs, or causes the game to pause, a round can be taken by the other player. These rules also apply to button checks.

    Reporting Rules Being Broken:

    If the match you are playing is not being streamed, rule violations should be reported to organizers by the players in a match. If a winner changes character / stage, do not begin the game and stop part way to report, report the violation before starting the game (you may pause to do this). If someone in your match pauses, winner can choose to take the round without direct response from an organizer.

    Thank you to the artist, @RaiT092, for this event's art, and thank you to @oneida for commissioning it.
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NYG 13
Start Date: 24 Aug 2018 06:00 PM
End Date: 27 Aug 2018 12:00 AM
Time Zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT

128 32nd St ste 114
Brooklyn, NY 11232

Posted By: Harpooneer

Confirmed Attendees: 11
You can not RSVP for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
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Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by Harpooneer, Apr 9, 2018.

  • NYG 13
    Start Date: 24 Aug 2018 06:00 PM
    End Date: 27 Aug 2018 12:00 AM
    Time Zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT

    128 32nd St ste 114
    Brooklyn, NY 11232

    Posted By: Harpooneer

    Confirmed Attendees: 11
    You can not RSVP for this event...

    This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
    The following users have RSVP'd "Maybe":
    1. MadeManG74
      Awesome stuff! When I get home I'll share everywhere I can!

      If I can humbly make a suggestion, I feel VF works much better as FT3 the whole tournament, considering its such a fast paced game I think it makes for a better tournament Any consideration to do that this time around?
    2. Harpooneer
      We can consider it. In the past our "Stream everything" mentality along with the number of entrants and double elim has made 3 out of 5 pretty rough to schedule for. If this year works out better with pre-registrations and scheduling concerns we can maybe do it. If something like that were to change, I'd make sure we did it well in advance of the actual tournament, though, so stay tuned on that.
      MadeManG74 likes this.
    3. Rare_Entity
      I'm definitely going this year. I just finished booking my hotel room and train tickets.

      @Tricky , last year you challenged me to a grudge match. At the time I accepted but then I ended up not attending NYG for various reasons. I'm still wiling to give you that match if you wish.

      PS. @Harpooneer Will the FS tournament be played on X-Box 360?
      oneida, ShinyBrentford and Tricky like this.
    4. Tricky
      I want that Blaze ass yes. Also it will be on 360. You should come to a monthly and we can get it in before NYG too.
    5. Harpooneer
      Yeah, we're going to be running XBOX still, that seems to be what most people have. I'm still working on planning but we should have a time for exhibitions where you guys can duke it out.
    6. MadeManG74
      @Harpooneer @VFhayato think you'll be able to put up a registration link soon? Now that Evo hit cap and CEO is done, I think we should start pushing NYG!
    7. VFhayato
    8. Harpooneer
      Matcherino confirmed for prizes. Even better, I'm bringing back Rising Cigar! Impress me the most and you get a cigar!
      Also, if you send a detail list of all your character custom pieces (including which base costume you use) to me I'll try and put it on the stream machine.
      Hey guys, I just found out that I will not have a place to stay on the weekend of the 24-26. But I do have a place to stay from the 13-23. So I was wondering if it will be possible to have NYG 13 on the weekend of the 18th-20? If it does not mess up anyone's travel plans for NYG. I do not want the date to be changed because of me unless it does not effect anyone else's travel plans. Post here if it does. If it does not then it is up to the NYC crew. If you guys can talk it over and let me know asap, so I can start planning. I like NYG and VF and would like to be there. If it is to much trouble then maybe next time and if it is not then you know I will be bringing a 4th place prize. Let me know. Thanks.
    10. MadeManG74
      Have you got a link for matcherino?
    11. Harpooneer
      I don't have a link yet. We will have it guaranteed for the event, but I'm not sure how early you can make one. I'll look into it.
      Sorry, I don't think we can change it now because of people probably travelling. Ask around and see if anybody will go in on a room with you. I'll keep an eye out myself as well, and let you know if I see anyone looking for people to share with or if anyone has free space.
    12. MadeManG74
      Also can @GoDokunoDan upload that trailer to YT so I can better share it? With his permission, obviously
    13. daRockReaper
      Does anyone have any room in their house or hotel for me to crash in for the weekend? I'm looking at busses now and splitting a room would probably seal it for me
      MadeManG74 and oneida like this.
    14. MadeManG74
      Maybe you and @SNAKE BOSS can split a room?
      SNAKE BOSS and Harpooneer like this.
    15. SNAKE BOSS
      It's all good. Seems like I will not be making it to this year's NYG. I tried but do not have a place to stay from the 24th to 26th. It's all good though, you guys have fun and somebody bring a 4th place prize if you can. To keep the tradition going. Now about next month's vf monthly tournament. I might be in Brooklyn on the 15th of September. So if you guys make the next VF monthly on September 15 then I can come by. Just letting you know before hand before you schedule it. So yea let me know about the 15th of next month and there is still a chance that I might make it to NYG 13. A slim chance though.
      Harpooneer likes this.
    16. Harpooneer
      @SNAKE BOSS I didn't make the event yet for September, but I will talk to Haya about it. I want you to come to that for sure if you can't make it to NYG.
      VFhayato and SNAKE BOSS like this.
    17. Tricky
      So who all can make this one?
    18. Harpooneer
      People better be coming! We're going to have a matcherino for pot size, and we'll be streaming the tournament on Arturo's channel so it's going to have a big viewer base.
      Tricky and VFhayato like this.
    19. MadeManG74
      What channel is that? The info graphic is wrong if it's not ifixmachine, but I take it that channel will be hosting anyway?

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