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[26 Sep 2014] THE ART OF FIGHTING 2014 (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Discussion in 'Tournaments and Events' started by King E-Dawg, Jun 11, 2014.

Start Date: 26 Sep 2014 07:00 PM
End Date: 29 Sep 2014 07:00 PM
Time Zone: America/Denver -06:00 MDT

Metropolis Comic Art Gallery
1102 Mountain Rd. NW, Suite 202
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Posted By: King E-Dawg

Confirmed Attendees: 0
You can not RSVP for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
  1. King E-Dawg

    King E-Dawg Member

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  2. King E-Dawg

    King E-Dawg Member


    -The "TBD Arc System Works Game" has been decided: BLAZBLUE: CHRONO PHANTASMA has been officially added to the lineup.

    -The poll for the 8th and final game in our tournament lineup will be open until August 13th at midnight. Click here to vote now!

    -We are excited to announce our first special guest player... BROKENTIER'S ARMANDO "ANGELIC" MEJIA!!!


    Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Angelic is best known for his unorthodox but highly effective use of Shuma Gorath in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. THE ART OF FIGHTING is honored to host Armando and other AZ players. Be sure to follow him on Twitter: @AZAngelic

    -The complete list of artists featured in our art gallery show & sale is now available here.

    -Our first official sponsor is Albuquerque's very own GAMERS ANONYMOUS! A staple of the 505's gaming community for over a decade, Gamers Anonymous is a locally-owned retro gaming emporium with locations in East and West Albuquerque. This year at AOF, they'll be hosting a table with some classic fighting games, free for all to enjoy! Be sure to check them out:


    -We have several other MAJOR announcements coming soon, so follow us for the latest:

    Official: nmism.com/aof
    @aofabq | #aofftk
  3. King E-Dawg

    King E-Dawg Member


    THE ART OF FIGHTING is honored to welcome two very special guests to the show:

    From Northern California and Team EG, ECT 2014 Street Fighter IV Champion RICKY ORTIZ

    ...AND from Los Angeles, CA and Team EG, EVO 2014 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Champion JUSTIN WONG!!!

    These two legendary competitors will join Brokentier's Armando "Angelic" Mejia here in September for three days of hype, all for one important cause.



    FRIDAY, 9/26:
    7:00 PM - Gallery opening

    SATURDAY, 9/27:
    10:00 AM - Registration
    11:00 AM - Prelims begin; USFIV/KI/IGAU
    12:00 PM - PM
    01:00 PM - TTT2
    02:30 PM - UMvC3/BB/8th Game
    ~7:00-8:00 PM - Exhibition matches

    SUNDAY, 9/28:
    12:00 PM - Finals begin


    1 GAME: $10
    2 GAMES: $20
    3-4 GAMES: $30 (play 3, get 1 free)
    5 GAMES: $40 ($10 discount)
    6 GAMES: $50 ($10 discount)
    7 GAMES: $55 ($15 discount)
    8 GAMES: $60 ($20 discount)
  4. King E-Dawg

    King E-Dawg Member


    THE VOTES ARE IN!!! And what a battle folks! We received nearly 400 votes, and while none of the others were quite able to catch up to the top 2, it was a close match between The King of Fighters XIII and Skullgirls Encore until the very end! So now, we are pleased to announce that the community's choice for the final game at THE ART OF FIGHTING 2014, with an incredible 160 votes (41.03%), is...


    Thanks to all who voted! With this, we are excited to announce a sponsor who will be presenting the event this year... the makers of Skullgirls Encore, AUTUMN GAMES AND LAB ZERO GAMES!!! Autumn and Lab Zero have been a pillar of support for this year's event and our cause. Look for art from Skullgirls artist ALEX AHAD and more, plus, Skullgirls Encore top finishers can look forward to some awesome prizes provided by our sponsors. Please like, follow, and share!

  5. King E-Dawg

    King E-Dawg Member

  6. King E-Dawg

    King E-Dawg Member


    If you are planning to attend AOF 2014, please pre-register! It's free and we need to get an accurate idea of attendance.

    Follow this link and submit the form!

  7. King E-Dawg

    King E-Dawg Member

    Trailer up now!!!

  8. ShinyBrentford

    ShinyBrentford Well-Known Member

    LOL at that Soul Edge music. Nice to see some VF love. update us when it's up on Stream.

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